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Dining room furniture

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Dining room furniture is required everywhere whether in hotels, restaurants, offices and in homes. Good dining furniture adds to the looks of dining room as well as placed in proper way it solves the different purposes like seating, eating, and serving. Selection of the best dining room furniture assumes paramount importance. It¡¯s special in the sense as it¡¯s the only place where every family member sits together in a home and moreover, it is also the first room that a visitor sees. Best choice dining room furniture to enjoy good food and pleasant conversation with family and friends. Mainly dining room furniture includes dining table, dining chairs, side tables, stools but you can arrange some other accessories also to your dining hall to make it more attractive. Here is some common dining room furniture that completes a dining room.
Dining Table: While choosing dining room furniture, you want to be sure that you are buying a table that will fit well into your dining room and give you the flexibility and space sufficient for your special meals. The obvious factors to consider for dining table are the size of your family and the size of your dining room. For smaller families a table with small size will be enough while not for larger ones. Moreover choice also differs in color, design, shapes etc.
Dining Chairs: Another main part of dining room furniture is chairs. You can use chairs that are comfortable while sitting on dining table. Dining chairs are available in every style like wooden, leather covered, antique, and metal made to choose from. Further you can choose Dining room chairs with or without arms.
Side Boards: Apart from the basic table and chairs, dining room furniture also includes the side boards used to store the crockery and some decoration pieces. But make sure that it suits the area of your dining hall, not making it more congested to look uneven. Side boards may be made up proper wooden or glass can be used in it to make it more stylish.
Stools: Some families like to add stools and benches to dining room furniture. Stools provide a flexible way to move from here to there. While purchasing stools you must match that with furnishings already used in dining room furniture.

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Marble and Glass Dining Table

posted by Home & Office Furniture Desgin

Athens - Marble and Glass Dining Table Only
Athens – Marble and Glass Dining Table

Invite the ancient Greece in your home with the Athens marble and glass dining table.
This dining table combine wonderfully modern and ancient style for a peaceful and trendy dining area! 
Technical characteristics
Athens Marble and Glass Dining Table  

  • Made up with a marble bloc leg
  • 12 mm tempered glass 
  • Available in black or ivory marble
  • Glass top available in black or clear for black marble
  • Glass top available in clear for the ivory marble
  • Dimensions: l160cm x h90cm x L75cm

All our products comply with the current UK fire and safty regulations All are delivered flat packed for home assembly
View this product at our London Showroom,290-296 Hoe Street Walthamstow London E17 9QD.

Opening hours are Monday to Saturday 10am to 6pm,Sunday 12 noon to 5pm.

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How to design bedroom furniture

posted by Home & Office Furniture Desgin

The brief design style, the clean facile outward appearance modelling, is a board style furniture big characteristic.But looks over the domestic and foreign furniture market, walks this style route enterprise it may be said innumerably, therefore how rushes out in the more and more homogenization competition belongs to own world to come, has become the question which each big brand business needs to ponder positively.

Here has one to come from the furniture to produce big province Guangdong, also quite has the oral traditions furniture brand, by its origination shallow walnut series product, lets the consumer feel belongs to their characteristic and the superiority.Today will search for the room to hand down imperial power from generation to generation evaluates special commissioner to lie to their set of shallow Hu series the home, will do the evaluation news, will be interested the consumer might as well will have a look.
Take builds comfortable comfortable lives at home the space as the design and the production driving force, achieves the balance between the selection and the design, delays the adaptation the style, builds Gao Duan for the customer the life quality.The lead original design, develops the shallow walnut series furniture, by the rigorous craft quality coordination fashion innovation design, the product outshines others, eagerly anticipates the domestic and foreign markets.Bedroom furniture, walked is the Italy modernistic, the line is succinct, is sprightly, has manifested the pragmatism.When design considered the line and the functionality unification, savors with the individuality union, with ease created one kind happy natural to live at home the environment.

Selects the furniture a cardinal principle is first must determine the style, estimated must choose that kind of style the product.The Hu series bedroom furniture, the style brief fashion, is quite capable to build the modern feeling the home environment.Perhaps is in the color relations in, the entire wrap product looks like collects has -odd, lively insufficient

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Bedroom Furniture Feng Shui

posted by Home & Office Furniture Desgin

Feng Shui & Bedroom Furniture

It is pretty simple to apply the principles of feng shui to your bedroom furniture. While feng shui is an ancient practice and requires knowledge and skill to master, you can rearrange some items on your own to achieve the basic idea. In modern times, feng shui has deviated somewhat from its origins. While it was originally concerned with locating ideal places for homes and agriculture, it is now mainly utilized to optimize the placement of furniture. This can be done anywhere throughout the home, but the bedroom is where most people begin. Here are some of the basic principles for feng shui-ing your bedroom furniture.

The first step is to understand the concept of feng shui. By utilizing laws from the earth and the universe, feng shui is believed to bring about positive energy. This is a very simplistic interpretation, but to many westerners this is far as their understanding goes. When applied to bedroom furniture, there is the belief that if you arrange your furniture in a certain way, then you can maximize the positive energy flowing throughout the room. There is no set method for feng shui, as many practitioners have different styles and rules they follow.

It is also possible to take the common perception of feng shui and apply it to your bedroom furniture. Many people think that feng shui is as simple as arranging your furniture in a balanced and symmetrical way. You can easily do this on your own without a feng shui practitioner. Try to get an idea of the shape and direction of your bedroom. Drawing it to scale on paper may help. Then, arrange your furniture to correspond to the angles and lengths of the walls. While it is debatable that this will have an effect on the energy in your room or getting good fortune through Feng Shui, you will be able to notice the added symmetry and visual balance.

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Dining Room Furniture: Make It Happen

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dining room furniture
If you’re anything like me, most of your in-home socializing takes place around food. Friends and family spend a lot of time at my home eating, drinking, and talking around the dining room table. I recently renovated the space and shelled out for brand new dining room furniture. Despite my initial fears, I didn¡¯t spend much, and the task proved more enjoyable than I thought it would be.
Before I began shopping I took measurements of my dining room. As I learned the hard way, you definitely need to make sure to have your dimensions with you when you go furniture shopping. The last time I went shopping for a dining set, I was distraught to find that my dining room furniture did not actually fit in the nook between my living room and kitchen. Now that I actually have a dining room, I knew I had more space for creativity, but I certainly wasn¡¯t going to take any risks.
As with shopping for any home furnishings, you need to know what exactly your furniture functions to do everyday. While this may seem a little obvious, there are practical considerations that often go overlooked. Sure, you¡¯re going to eat on your dining table, and your dining room furniture functions in part as d¨¦cor, but beyond that, what else? I play cards on my dining room table. A lot of hands touch the table top, and sometimes, in moments of angst, those hands don¡¯t touch gently. I knew a glass top was not for me. No, I needed something sturdy that wouldn¡¯t show fingerprints. Dark wood seemed suitable and durable for what I needed.
Aesthetically speaking, you want your dining room to be pleasing to all who enter (unless you’re sick of cooking and serving friends and you want to send a very passive message to stop coming). I personally enjoy guests, and I have a sort of Zen theme going in my home ¨C something that offsets intense poker games. I went with a minimalist look and the dining room furniture that I purchased is very contemporary in style.
Shopping for dining room furniture can be a pleasant experience. Just try to be practical and don’t rush any major decisions. The end result will be a dining room set that you can be proud of!

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Important factors of office chairs

posted by Home & Office Furniture Desgin

When buying office chairs for your employees there are many factors that should be taken into account. Those who work in an office spend around eight hours a day sat at their desk. It is therefore essential that they are sitting correctly on proper office chairs which combine comfort with ergonomic features.

The office chair should always be adjustable in height as workers come in many shapes and sizes; the size of the seat should be wide enough so that big people can sit comfortably. The backrest should give firm support to the middle and the lower part of the back. The height of the chair should be adjusted unless the backrest is high and gives complete support for the back.

Backrests which tilt, or whose angle can be adjusted are the best as they improve comfort by providing extra support for the back in a wide range of working positions

Armrests are not a necessity for most office chairs as they can restrict arm movement. If armrests are required they should be set back from the edge of the seat so the chair can be drawn closer to the desk.

Swivel-action chairs are able to provide flexibility; they are good for workers who need to conduct a variety of different tasks allowing them to move from one location to another.


Feng Shui Your Office

posted by Home & Office Furniture Desgin

Feng Shui is all about the environment around us bringing peace, happiness and harmony into our lives; this also applies to the office. A few simple alterations can help improve your business and enhance your career prospects.

Here are some tips which will keep the energy flowing in your workplace:

1. Your office desk should be situated at a diagonal to the doorway or directly facing it; not with your back to it.
2. Do not have clutter in your office; desks must always be kept tidy and clutter free.
3. You should always sit so that you have a solid wall behind your back to ensure that you have support; you should never sit with a window behind you.
4. The colour blue, either in carpets or on the walls, is a relaxing and peaceful colour to work in. It also helps to increase career ambitions.
5. You should never hold back on the use of plants in the office. These help to absorb secret arrows or negative ch¡¯i and they also bring a little nature into a technical environment.
6. In your office you should never have the main door opening inwards to your table as the chi coming in will hit you in your face causing you not to have good luck; instead it will bring more obstacles and problems.


Luxury and famous Italian style furniture designed and produced in Italy

posted by Home & Office Furniture Desgin

Luxury and famous Italian style furniture designed and produced in Italy
by a 40 years old successful furniture factory.
Your source for Italian style, carefully designed, produced and designed by a well established Italian company founded by a successful and experienced family: Casaluci.

Just take advantage of our unique production capability to satisfy the requirements of  the many people looking for something really special and luxurious to furnish their home.

Our company has excellent references in terms of quality, delivery and beauty.

We at Esselle International pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service and outstanding product value.

Our mission is to provide our customers with a selection of products as we strive to be your main source for home furniture.


Foshan cheung king furniture co., ltd

posted by Home & Office Furniture Desgin

Foshan cheung king furniture co., ltd was established in 2004. Our company in foshan city is located beside furniture business capital Lecong. Company by right of professional power, assorts with the principele”client’s benefit oriented, customer’s right foremost”, establishes strict quality control system and guarantees first rated furniture and perfect service. Maily export over 1000 kinds of products such as miscellaneou light industry articles,furniture ,household goods,tiles and construction related products

As a supplier of furnishing and household products, we has 5-years experience both as a producer and as an agent of purchase. It provides services of producing, purchasing, product designing, exporting, storing and transporting for customers at home and abroad.

1. Our Products:
    Wholesalers, importers, retailers and chain stores of furniture & home products,Our company wholesale and supply:Bedroom Furniture,Bathroom Furniture,Dining Table,Children Furniture,Office Furniture,Hotel Furniture,Bathroom&Toilet,Coffee Table, We sincerely hope to cooperate with customers form all over the world.Please contact us to Inquiry.Our email address is :officehomefurnitures@gmail.com

2. Well-built Network in Furniture & Accessories Sourcing  

     We are powerful at purchasing of furniture and accessories. We have contacts with more than 2000 furnishing factories and have ever made producing capacity investigation with 500 factories among them. During the past 6 years, we ware succeeded in establishing business relations with about 150 factories of furnishing products and accessories.

     Assisted by an advanced database & software system, we realize the most possible effective cost management and assure every purchasing price at reasonable level.

     We have well-trained production supervisors & QC team. They work hard to guarantee whole course of production running on track, and to ensure duly delivery & sound quality.

3. New Product Development
    According to customer’s requirement, our designers can lay out a complete product solution- with stereoscopic imitation, structure drawing, processing diagram, flow chart, packing diagram & installation instruction, etc. Also we provide technical backup and we will supervise throughout the production course, to guarantee the finished products meeting customers’ requirements.

4. Storage and Transportation
    We provide professional advice and series of exporting services: warehousing, product inspection, payment, containers loading, inland transporting, customs cleclaring, shipping, insurance, documentation, etc. we sincerely look forward to cooperation with more clients and friends and building a beautiful future together.