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Typical office furniture is gray, drab, and uncomfortable. Seeing row after row of cubicles, all paired with the same black office chair and occupied by the same bored looking colleague sitting at the same modern desk design, day after day, can really get to you. From desks to chairs, these unusually creative office furnitures could help you perk up your office – or at least give you something interesting to look at while you’re pretending that you’re not reading WebUrbanist at work.

At first glance, the Trey Chair seems to be an ordinary office chair. But when you look closer, you notice that it’s two distinct pieces that can come apart and be used separately. The seat becomes a low rocker, perfect for playing video games or doing homework, while the wheeled base becomes a tiny table or comfy ottoman. This has to be one of the best multi-functional chairs we’ve seen. You can go from working at a desk to working low to the ground with a laptop table in no time flat.

How many times have you needed to read up on a subject for work or school, but just couldn’t find a quiet place to do it? The Bookinist, from German designer Nils Holger Moormann, solves that problem in a very neat way. The Bookinist is basically a portable chair that just happens to have a ton of book storage space built in. It can hold about 80 paperback books, plus it has a hidden compartment for storing reading essentials – which, according to the picture, apparently include a magnifying glass and some paint stirring sticks. The attached reading lamp makes it easy to study even in low light. This awesomely unique chair would be at home in nearly any room.

Although the Flagship Vision One chair could conceivably be used for work, it is obviously meant to be the greatest gaming chair ever. Made with a genuine Porsche seat and featuring ample surfaces for all of your gear, the V1 is the ultimate in working/gaming comfort. And if your job just happens to be playing video games, even better.

Dr. James Levine of the Mayo Clinic has done extensive research on the effects of low-speed walking while working. In his estimation, workers can lose 57 pounds in a year if they do nothing else but walk at 1-2 miles per hour while working on their computer. While it would obviously take a little time to get used to walking and typing, this seems like a sensible and simple way to keep in shape. The treadmill workstation from Steelcase comes in a stationary design or an adjustable one that lets you go from walking to sitting with just a few adjustments. Or, if you’re adventurous and handy with a saw, try making your own.

If you’ve ever worked in an office, you know how it can grind down your soul. The constant noise, the lack of personal space, and the frequent interruptions found in most offices are enough to make some of us hide in a bathroom stall just to get a little time away. If you can convince your boss to let you get this excellent piece of furniture, your privacy (and perhaps your dignity) will be restored. The House on the Table, from design studio Design Mong, is quite literally a house on a table. It’s like a cave that fits on top of your desk and gives you your own little fort inside your office. Imagine how fun it would be to hold a meeting in this tiny playhouse office.

If you happen to have large piles of cash just waiting to be spent, the DC6 Cowling Desk from MotoArt would be an outstanding addition to your office. In its former life it housed an aircraft engine. Now it can look fashionable and shiny, holding your computer as you toil away all day.

It looks sort of like a weird steampunk dentist chair, but the Nethrone is in fact an adjustable work station that allows users to adjust the tilt of the chair and monitor. The end result is sort of like a customizable cradle that provides a relaxing work environment…if you can keep yourself from falling asleep in it, that is.

While it most likely won’t fit into your office, the Conference Bike is a fun way to take the office outside. Pile your Party-Planning Committee members on and take a ride around the park while the debate over the color of the napkins rages on. The Conference Bike is a trike on which seven people sit and pedal while one steers. We can imagine that in some offices, choosing one person to steer would require a whole new committee.

Finally, another impressive offering from the mind of Nils Holger Moormann: the Lese + Lebe (or Read + Live). There are almost too many cool things about this piece of furniture to list them all. The back is a bookcase, while the front features a couch, fold-down tables, pull-out footrests, storage drawers, and even some cute lamps. The tables look to be just about the right size for perching your laptop on. The whole thing is on wheels, making it a breeze to move from one room to another when your family or coworkers in one room get to be a bit too much.


Most of us will spend approximately one-third of our lives in the bedroom. Some say the bedroom is the most important room in the house since it’s where we go to recharge after a long day. These funky and unexpected bedroom designs, furnitures and specific furniture and bed designs could add some visual interest to your room, help you sleep better, or just maximize your available space.

Convertible Sofa Bunk Bed

(image via: BonBon)

This sofa bed/bunk bed combo seems like it was dreamed up by a designer who grew up watching the Transformers cartoon. The seemingly innocuous sofa goes from mild-mannered sitting place to totally awesome bunk bed in mere seconds. More than meets the eye, indeed. For studio apartments or small guest rooms, this is an essential piece of furniture.

Funny Bedroom Table

Designed with security-conscious Londoners in mind, the Self-Defense Table provides a way to defend yourself and fight back if you are ever confronted in your home. The tabletop becomes a shield, and the support becomes a bludgeoning object. If you have to have a self-defense weapon in your home, this table seems like a safe and functional choice.

Mouse Trap Bed

This fascinating bed is perfect for everyone who’s ever wondered why they just can’t hold on to a partner. Simply place some rose petals and gourmet chocolates on top, wait for your target to take the bait, and pull the rope. Don’t forget to drill some air holes in the box. Unfortunately, this design isn’t available in stores. It was part of alternative design event Come Up To My Room held at Gladstone Hotel in Toronto.

Computer Bed Stand

This laptop desk could be your dream come true or your worst nightmare. Of course, it makes using your laptop in bed much easier and less stressful on your back. But once you have a comfortable way to surf the web, hold your drink, and lie down all at once, you may find yourself spending a lot more time in bed.

Art Bed

For those truly tiny bedrooms that have no extra space at all, this space-saving fetal position bed has a minuscule footprint. Don’t count on having any overnight companions, though. You’ll have a hard enough time staying in it yourself. As of now, this concept is not being produced for sale. You have to imagine that there are at least a few people out there who would be brave enough to try it.

Transforming Bed Desk

In smaller homes where space is at a premium, cleverly designed morphing furniture is the best way to maximize the space you have. This amazing desk/bed is a perfect example of how to maintain the functionality of two pieces of furniture while only needing room for one piece. You don’t even have to move your gear from the desk surface before folding the bed out.

Egg Shaped Bed

People with sleep problems often try everything they can think of to get a good night’s sleep. Sleeping pills, warm milk, meditation, strenuous exercise…but what if the problem is your bed? The Lomme Bed is designed to provide you with the most naturally peaceful sleep of your life. It integrates soft lighting and soothing sounds with a comfy sleeping surface. Even the egg-like shape of the bed invokes a sense of security and comfort.

weird bedroom furniture fractal drawers

Do you need a place to store your infinitely self-similar pieces of clothing? The Fractal 23 can solve that problem, delight your inner math nerd, and look cool all at the same time. The 23 drawers in the Fractal 23 are arranged in such a clever way that it’s possible to store a large amount of stuff in them, yet when the drawers are closed you’re left with a smallish cube. Don’t try putting these fractals inside the Klein bottle house, though. We suspect that would create some sort of mathematical paradox that would eventually destroy the world. Continue on to see even stranger urban furniture designs and more beds and bedrooms.


5 Unusually Inventive Kitchen Furniture Concepts: Part Five in an Eight-Part

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unusual kitchen furniture design concepts

(Check out our complete collection of 90 Creative Urban Furniture Designs.)

When you think of interesting design in the home, the kitchen typically isn’t the first room that springs to mind. It may be the heart of the home, but it’s also one of the most utilitarian places in most houses when it comes to selecting furnitures to fit into it. After all, what new can be done with counter tops, shelves, and those huge appliances? From hidden kitchen designs to modern-but-comfy kitchens, here are some great kitchen design ideas.

For the right designer, the kitchen is an ideal place to play around with old ideas and create new ones. These kitchen design concepts break the rules and come off looking super cool.

unusual kitchen furniture aion 

This unique kitchen concept by Antoine Lebrun is much more than meets the eye. When closed, it looks like a kitchen planter with lots of nice greenery growing on top. But when it’s open, it reveals a workspace, cooking surface, and sink. This kitchen comes with the coolest secret ever: those plants on top provide natural soap to clean the workspace, sink, and dishes whenever the top is closed. Don’t plan on owning it anytime soon, though; Lebrun designed the kitchen for Fagor Brandt as an idea of what will be possible for kitchens in ten years.

unusual kitchen furniture alight kitchen

The ALight Kitchen was designed with the intention of making the kitchen a more sustainable place. The unit houses a smart oven which reads the barcodes from pre-packaged foods (packed only in sheet metal, of course) to cook the food efficiently. The integrated dining table features hollow reversible plates and a flatware holder. And best of all, the built-in dishwasher recycles wash water to cut down on water consumption.

unusual kitchen furniture fevzi karaman modular kitchen

unusual kitchen furniture fevzi karaman modular kitchen

When you’ve got a tiny kitchen, having a work center that does double duty can make the space seem larger while keeping all of the functionality of a full-size kitchen. The modular kitchen by Fevzi Karaman is a clever design that houses everything you need in a compact space. A sink, recycling bin, cooking surface, stove, storage and more all fit under the moving tabletop. When closed, you have a nice breakfast bar island. When open, you’ve got a cozy table for two.

unusual kitchen furniture michael schmidt cooklounge 

If you’ve ever lived in a little efficiency apartment, you know how hard it can be to have people over. When you do, the tiny room seems too cramped to do much of anything. Designer Michael Schmidt’s Cooklounge tries to make apartment living a little more convenient with a unique set of furniture that can be arranged as a lounge or a kitchen. The attractive sideboard opens up to reveal a kitchen that’s better equipped than most standard kitchens. An oven, stove, barbecue, dishwasher, warming plate, sink, and other fun extras are included. The adjustable-height table lets you lounge on the floor or on one of the dining/living chairs.

unusual kitchen furniture hidden kitchen june he 

The Hidden Kitchen from June He is a great example of what one can do with a tiny kitchen space. This wall of tiles houses furniture and storage areas that appear seemingly out of nowhere. A workspace pulls out, doors open up, and drawers slide out of their hiding spaces to create a kitchen that, while it’s not quite full-sized, allows more flexibility than almost any other design


Focus Suspended Modern Fireplaces by Dominique Imbert

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I have seen all of the newest modern fireplaces on the market today but some of my favorites have been around for quite a long time. The Gyrofocus was the first in a series of rotating, suspended fireplaces, and is a classic Focus design that is as relevant today as at the time of its creation by Dominique Imbert in 1968. The Gyrofocus can rotate 360º and offers exceptional heat efficiency. It features a custom made flue for ease of installation and has been exhibited in the Guggenheim Museum, in New York, The Bordeaux Modern Art Museum, and the Grenoble Modern Art Centre. Here are some of the other really unique suspended fireplaces from the Focus collection available from EuroFlues.

gyrofocus suspended modern fire place

filiofocus suspended modern fire places

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Furniture Design Award 2009

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Lui Honfay, a local Singaporean Architect and Furniture Designer wins the Grand Prize for the Furniture Design Award 2008 for his Quadra.


His wooden bench TRI, win the 2nd prize (honorable mention) , Best Use of Wood Award and American Hardwood Award


Well done and congrats!

For more information check out the official site.


Queen Platform Bed

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queen platform bedThis Queen Platform Bed, designed by an industry leader, is constructed of a sturdy veneer and is available in cherry or wenge finish. This Queen Platform Bed has a curved headboard and structure made of wooden slats. It will most definitely provide charm and comfort in your home for years to come. If you want beauty and functionality in your home, then this is the bed for you.

Jour Bed

jour bedAvailable in a Wenge or a Walnut Frame, the Jour Bed suits the needs of the modern homeowner. Offered in king or queen size, the Jour Bed offers functionality and taste as its most important characteristics. This bed evokes a unique appearance that can fit into a variety of settings. Emphasize beauty and functionality in your home with the Jour Bed. The unique combination of quality, technology and style represents the factors that can attract a diverse range of tastes in home decor.

Summer Breeze Full Mates Bed with Headboard

summer breeze full mates bed with headboardConstructed of engineered wood, this sophisticated Summer Breeze Full Mates Bed features stylized decorative mouldings and lots of storage space to highlight your bedroom decor. The white Full Mates Bed with the optional headboard has a Fresh Vanilla Cream finish and multiple storage cases, making this bed a wonderful addition to any bedroom. The bed’s oversized decorative moulding and rounded shape provide added style and sophistication.

Wilcox Sustainable Wood Bed

sustainable bedAvailable at Urban Woods, this bed and the beautiful (and sustainable) pieces that go along with it combine modern design with vintage materials. The vintage reclaimed wood is assembled in that interesting patchwork style pattern and is then surrounded by smooth wood frames. The frames are finished in natural water based stain and the vintage wood is finished in a clear low VOC

Glamour White Leather Bed

white leather bedThe Glamour White Leather Bed features an Italian top grain leather headboard and bed frame which is upholstered in fine top grain white Italian leather. The Glamour Leather Bed features a very sleek and contemporary Italian design that will look gorgeous in your bedroom and redefines the very notion of comfort and luxury. If you are looking for a bed with a white tall height headboard to add a sophisticated look and feel to your bedroom then this may be the exact modern bed to complete the loft-like feel of your space.


Mali Lounger Combo,Zero Gravity Massage Chair,Coastal Living Bed End Bench

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zero gravity massage chairSit down and relax in this outstanding Zero Gravity Massage Chair from Sanyo and you will experience a deep massage that will leave you feeling like you had a day at the spa! This Zero Gravity Massage Chair features a reclining mechanism that creates a just-fit feeling and seating comfort that reduces the load on your body by appropriately distributing your body’s weight. The Zero Gravity Massage Chair lives up to its name- you will leave this chair with a sense of weightlessness and a feeling of total body relaxatio

coastal living bed end benchCasual, carefree and diverse lifestyles of America’s coasts are the inspiration behind this Collection from Coastal Living. This Coastal Living Bed End Bench will blend functionality and sophistication into your cottage’s bedroom with its two pull out drawers for storage needs. In addition to the bed end bench’s convenient storage options, fourteen painted frame finishes and four different exquisite fabrics are available that draw inspiration from the varied landscapes of the coast.

Vancouver Convertible Sofa Bed

vancouver convertible sofa bedSleek, modish, and chic are all ways to describe the Vancouver Convertible Sofa Bed. Rest and relax properly with the latest European styling in sofa beds. The Vancouver Convertible Sofa Bed combines modern ingenuity with the highest quality standards. Featuring the intuitive “click-clac” system, the Vancouver Convertible Sofa Bed converts in seconds to a full-size sleeper. This convertible sofa will make your home both stylish and comfortable. Optional storage ottoman to complete the look

Red Petal Lounge Chair and Ottoman

red petal lounge chair and ottomanBe completely up to date and modern with this Red Petal Lounge Chair and Ottoman. Constructed of a velour micro-fiber with solid steel chrome swivel base and designed to resemble that of a flower petal. This thoroughly in fashion chair is ergonomic for your pleasure and also comes in black!

mali lounger comboAvailable in a sleek silver finish, the Mali Lounger Combo is the perfect furniture incorporation to any home, office, dorm and apartment. The Mali Lounger Combo is an alternative contemporary furniture piece with creative capabilities. Each side has six-positional wings that can form the Mali frame into a sofa chair and multi-positional lounger. Stylish, custom cushions and pillows available in several fashion-forward combos decorate the Mali while offering exceptional comfort. A great piece suited for all ages.


Nadine Serta Futon Dream Convertible

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nadine serta futon dream convertibleGiven that the Nadine Serta Futon Dream Convertible was created partly by furniture maker Lifestyle Solutions and bedding maker Serta, you are sure to get the best in quality, comfort and durability. Change Nadine around to any position for your comfort and be amazed by sheer relaxation, resulting in perfect symmetry that’s strikingly workable. The Nadine Serta Futon Dream Convertible transforms with slightest effort, absolutely no fuss. Serta Dream Convertibles are designed to deliver constant comfort and reliability.


Faux White Leather Bed

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 faux white leather bed

This luxurious Faux White Leather Bed expresses a unique combination of quality, technology and style that represents the recipe for creating products made for elegance and comfort. Offered in king or queen size, the frame is also available in Faux Leather Coffee. The bed has been designed with an optional under-bed storage unit for the queen size bed, and will help you to better organize your bedroom.


Reflections Sleigh Bedroom Set

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reflections sleigh bedroom set

The Reflections Sleigh Bedroom Set is made of cherry veneers and finished in an elegant Midnight Merlot finish. A refined form and soft lines are the highlights of this exceptional Bedroom Set. The unique pewter pulls off set by the stunning finish. This Sleigh bed is offered in Queen, King and California King sizes. The Armoire has three exterior drawers and two swinging doors that open super wide. A great sleigh bed and set for your traditionally decorated bedroom!

Muslin Upholstered Headboard

muslin upholstered white headboardThis great-looking headboard will accommodate a wide range of different colored and textured slipcovers so you can change the look of your entire bedroom at your whim for a fraction of the cost of buying a brand new bed. A separate headboard is a great idea for this very reason.

Blu Dot Modu-licious Bedroom Set


Available in in maple, graphite-on-oak, or walnut, classic this bedroom set has a minimalist aesthetic and plenty of storage. The bed offers six full extension drawers underneath a wood veneer frame. The large headboard and footboard showcase the natural wood grain, and a coordinating nightstand, two different dressers, two storage units, and a desk are also availabl

Wrought Iron Sleigh Bed

iron sleigh bed

The Janis Queen Size Metal Sleigh bed features strap spindles that wrap around the top rail, its a great choice for any bedroom in your home. The side legs have a gentle bend to accent the sleigh design theme. The Janis bed consists of completely welded grills and flat strap spindles. A great bed for the traditional bedroom design.

Waldorf Aged Brass Bed  

waldorf brass bed

Solid, dependable, and timeless, the Waldorf Bed exudes elegance. Four substantial posts feature ball feet and ball finials and along the center of the posts, there are raised, rounded ball curves that give the bed even more stature. The luster of the brass has a fine, smooth quality and a slightly aged appearance, which is achieved through darkening around the spun relief pieces, marking the bed as a true classic. A wonderful brass bed for the traditional bedroom.