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9 Closet Ideas for Modern Homes

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bathroom closet ideas









The closet plays an important role in every household. Some are built-in while the others are detached. When moving into a new house I always take into consideration the closet as an important thing next to the bathroom and water supply. I don?t have a portable closet with us that?s why I want every new home to have a built-in closet within. When you desire for a detachable closet, you can browse online for a design or you can visit any furniture store in your place and look for the design that will fit your home. Built-in closets are more comfortable and a space saver as well.  

bathroom closet ideas








bathroom closet ideas

bathroom closet ideas









Cocoon Chair by C.K Design

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   Eames Ply Dining Chair      

       Dining must be enjoyed especially the foods that are served. However, having a fine dining does not only deals with the food, but rather with the things used in dining that includes the utensils and the furniture used. To provide us with the right furniture, C.K  Design has created the Cocoon dining chair. It has a wide backrest that will surely give you the comfort you needed the most. In addition, its aesthetically design base looks very gorgeous and sleek. However, it makes me wonder why it is being called as the Cocoon chair. For me, the chair looks like half of the globe, which is stunningly beautiful.

Chrome Dining Room Chairs 

Swivel Dining Chair 


Beautifully Designed Coffee Table

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 Square Glass Coffee Tables

Form and function are paired in this beautifully designed coffee table, an ideal place for resting your beverages, your magazines and your feet.

Dolce Dark Walnut Coffee Table

The wood veneer tabletop extends out over the solid wood legs, and the legs flare, adding good looks to this simply styled coffee table. A drawer for storing the remote, coasters and more completes the table.

* Add an Elegant Touch to Any Room with this Classic Coffee Table
* Dark Walnut Wood Veneered Finish
* Includes 1 Small Drawer, Stylish Flared Legs
* Some Assembly Required
* Part of the Dolce Collection ; Pair with Coordinating Dolce End, Console Tables and Dolce Wine Tower (Sold Separately)
* Overall Dimensions: 39.25L x 19.63W x 17.75H “


Contemporary style furniture in officehomefurnitures.com

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Contemporary Style Wenge Finish Dining Chairs

Set of 2 Contemporary Style Wenge Finish Dining Chairs This is a brand new set of 2 wenge finish contemporary style dining chairs with dark brown fabric covered cushion seats. This set of two chairs is constructed in quality solid woods and comes in a contemporary design to match the beauty of your dining room decor.

Contemporary Style Wenge Finish Dining Chairs










Marbella Headboard Mocha Bedroom

Marbella headboard contemporary bedroom with headboard.

* Update a contemporary bedroom with this headboard
* Part of the Marbella Bedroom Collection(items sold separately)
* Made of wood and wood composite with a dark brown laminate finish
* Platform bed sold separately
* 36Lx66W”


Contemporary Dining Chairs from C.K – the Andoo chair

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Modern House Designs on Trendir

Contemporary Dining Chairs from C.K – the Andoo chair


Dining chairs are absolutely covetable, not only an absolute necessity, when they look as good as the Andoo contemporary dining chairs from C.K. This award-winning contemporary dining chair is stripped down to the bare elements – leather and wood interplay with each other to make a stark statement of design. Clarity of thinking is evident in the minimalist design which serves to emphasise the quality of the materials. Smooth, touchable leather against gorgeous grained wood, nothing more, nothing less. The timeless integral value of the Walter Knoll dining chair is realised through sophisticated precision. A simple chair with strong sensual impact, the Andoo contemporary dining chair is presented by C.K

Ebonized Dining Room Chairs 

Cheap Black Dining Room Chair 

Fancy Dining Chair 


Wooden Bedroom Decoration Ideas

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 Adult Bedroom Sets

The are some picture of best bedroom design from French company “La maison coloniale”, They give you a wonderful opportunity to furnish your bedroom using traditions of different countries. Your room could look such a real Indonesian place with “Impressions of Indonesia” collection of furniture.

Indonesian Style Contemporary Bedroom

Mostly that furniture is made in Indonesia of teak by craftsmen, special for “La maison coloniale”, so it is always unique. There is an ancient touch in each bedroom designed with “Impressions of Indonesia”. Colors are natural and relaxing, you won’t see any dark and contrast elements. The most interesting thing in these bedroom designs is using national decorating, such as idols, large fans and unusual shaped vases. Check out the collection on C.K website.


Great Luxury Modern Bathroom by Cheung King

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Great Luxury Modern Bathroom by cheungking, The cheungking  from Hoesch with modern minimalist design, combine simple forms into innovative designs for an engaging bathroom.




The bath and basin both use the wide oval shape for their exterior forms, but inside they offer straight lines and rectangular vessels. This contrast of curving and linear geometry creates a dynamic tension and distinctive character for the Sensamare Komplettbad. The juxtaposition of contrasting forms is mirrored in the materials of the Sensamare Komplettbad. The glossy gleaming white drawers and vessels are presented on natural wood vanities and plinths. The contrasting textures and temperatures create an engaging design that retains a sense of simplicity and warmth. Though beyond modern minimalist style the Sensamare Komplettbad offers luxury technology and spa like treatments. The open and spacious shower offers six body sprays and a large oval shower head surrounded by chromatherapy lights. Beneath your feet a large oval of luxurious doussie decking is framed by a gleaming white shower tray. Even offering folding wooden seats, the Sensamare Kamplettbad offers you comfort and luxury everyday. Available from Hoesch, the Sensamare Komplettbad is a united bathroom design from Yellow Design with an elegant minimalist style and the luxury of modern spa treatments.


Custom Design Wardrobe

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  Designer Wardrobes

   When it comes to wardrobe design, organization is the key, everything needs to have a place and there needs to be a place for everything in your Wardrobe Design. You need to determine how much storage space you need, a custom designed wardrobe can provide you with the opportunity of re-vamping the way you store your clothes and can reduce any wasted space. Remember that a big misconception is with Wardrobe Design that women have more clothes than men, this is untrue, and women have more clothes that require hanging. So determine how much hanging space you need, you don’t need too many drawers and you only need them for underwear anything else is wasting space.

Discount Wardrobes 

When it comes down to Wardrobe Design for your home, careful consideration is required, you need to take into consideration the size of the room, how much light enters the room, how many shelves, hangers and additional storage do you require. Wardrobe Design means simple things that you may not think too much about but need to be can be something as simple as the doors for your wardrobe. Just because you don’t notice your closet door, don’t be fooled into thinking that it doesn’t have an impact on the room. If you have a darker room you will want something that is light, are you matching your existing décor or are you going to mix it up.

Childrens Wardrobes 

Here is a guideline to help you measure the length of rails you require for your Wardrobe Design.

1. Clothes that entail a “lengthy” (greater than 1000mmm drop) hanging space … coats, dresses, long skirts, etc.
2. Clothes that require a “short” (less than 1000mm drop) hanging space … jackets, trousers, shirts, blouses, skirts, etc.
3. Clothes that are better stored “folded” … jumpers, sweatshirts, etc.
4. Clothes that are best stored in “drawers” … underwear, socks, tights, handkerchiefs, etc.
5. Various Items to store on “racks” … belts, ties, shoes, etc.
6. Non clothes items to sit on “shelves” … hats, books, photo albums, family papers, etc.

One common question about Wardrobe Design is whether to go with custom or pre packaged. Custom Wardrobe Design will always be a favorite so you can have it personally designed for you, but a pre packaged wardrobe can be just as effective and usually the cheaper of the two. There are so many options to look at with kits that you should not have any problems making the best use of your wardrobe space, just take the time to design the space.

When you have determined your rails and drawer space, don’t forget a space for shoes. There is exact right or wrong way when it comes to your wardrobe design, it depends on your needs, and the result should be that you exceed your storage, it should look fabulous and it should be affordable.


How to renovate old wooden doors

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To renovate old wooden doors you will need
1. Sandpaper of various grits
2. Sanding machines
• round or orbital
• palm sander
• detail sander for those hard to get places
• belt sander if it is a major job
3. an assortment of scrapers; tungsten scrapers are very good for removing paint.
4. a heat gun for paint removal
5. a plane would also be a helpful tool in this situation
6. try a few different strippers if you have to remove paint
7. mask and gloves
8. A good strong glue – Aliphatic wood glues are excellent!
9. clamps – sash clamps in particular
10. fillers for any holes – (tip: you can make your own filler with saw dust mixed with glue)

There are positives and negatives involved when you renovate old wooden doors. One negative is that they may not seal as well as some modern materials. Another is that there is a regime of maintenance necessary. They can swell in moist temperatures and become difficult to shut. The positives in my opinion outweigh the negatives. To renovate old wooden doors  adds a personal touch especially when you have  fixtures of your choice…brass fittings and embellishments, or special glass will enhance the character and add warmth.
  Five levered locks  are the best for outside as they more secure. 
Knowledge is the key to success if you wish to get it right the first time. If you purchase to renovate old wooden doors , then check for rot before buying. Tap them and check for a change in sound. If there is a variation this could indicate rot. Second hand  are rarely perfect. Holes for handles and hinges may be in wrong places but these can be fixed up!
If your project is to renovate old wooden doors, then you need to know that outside ones are generally heavier and thicker than inside ones.

Protect and renovate old, wooden doors:
Varnishes are great in oil or water-based but they do break down in the sunlight so oils may be a good, alternative option. Ask at a paint shop for their recommendation. Use Danish oil, tung oil or a stain to create the desired look. If you’re painting to renovate old wooden doors, preparation is essential. A primer and two top coats of enamel paint, (oil or water-based), should be used. If you want a professional finish get someone to spray the doors.

If you want to renovate old wooden doors to get the ‘natural look,’ patience is needed. A good paint stripper can save time. Steel wool is terrific for getting into hard-to-scrape places. It varies in roughness. Start with the course and finish with the fine. To remove any old paint from the frame, use a tungsten scraper, a light plane with an electric planer or a heat gun. Also belt sanders will remove a lot of paint in a short time. However, be very careful as they can leave marks. Do your finishing sanding by hand. To enhance your renovated, old, wooden doors, oil for warmth and grain emphasis, can be put on with a brush and wiped down with a cloth afterwards. A fine steel wool can also be used for a smooth finish. Varnishes always require an expensive paint brush as do enamel paints. Don’t save on brushes. You will never regret having a superior quality paint brush. If looked after it will last a long time.
On completion you will be able to say, “I love to renovate old, wooden door


Tips on Buying Contemporary Furniture

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Here on Cheung King we present mostly contemporary pieces of furniture that sometimes are quite expensive, and most people steer away from the idea of adding contemporary furniture to their home because they believe that it is out of their budget but this is not true at all, however, because contemporary furniture can be found to fit any budget, no matter how small, if you search a little. Cheung King is a source that wants to help you get that contemporary style in your home, and give your a piece of fresh inspiration every day.

 Dining Room Tables Chairs

There are many different furniture stores which offer discounts on contemporary furniture. There are some manufacturers that are particularly aiming at this market to sell their contemporary furniture so they cater to them through the pricing and furniture development. Adding the contemporary style to your home does not mean that you will have to empty your wallet but, you only have to be willing to look for the right furniture for you and your budget.

 Modern Style Office Desks

Contemporary furniture is available in any number of different pieces including tables, chairs, beds, nightstands, cabinets, and many more. Contemporary furniture makes better use of space and provides simple but sophisticated designs.Office furniture that is influenced by the contemporary style is also available at most office supply stores that you can use to create that contemporary look for your office at your business. Using contemporary office furniture in your office will give your entire office an extremely hip feel. This will be beneficial to your employees, as they will tend to feel more driven to work in a environment that they feel is hip and energetic and making sure your employees feel that your company is up to date and cutting edge can be more beneficial to everyone involved than you might imagine.

  Rockford Bedroom Furniture Set

The average person spends one third of their life in bed and so creating an inviting and comfortable bedroom maybe one of the most important things you do. Full of color and texture contemporary bedroom furniture can help you to create the warm and welcoming bedroom you desire. Most often contemporary bedroom furniture are made up of wood or metal, specifically aluminum and offers a clean, no frills look. One of the most common pieces of contemporary bedroom furniture is the platform beds which are simple in design, and also are also full of understated elegance. Without contemporary furniture, making your favorite colors pop and your bedroom warm and soothing has never been easier.  

Oval Glass Dining TableContemporary living room furniture is modern furniture of the latter half of the 20th century. There are many different types of contemporary living room furniture available, and remember that the living room furniture that you choose plays an important part in the welcome message which you give to your guests. Some of the contemporary living room furniture which are available these days, includes accent chairs, wicker coffee tables and end tables, and the normal sofas and chairs and gives the right ambience to the living room.

 Glass Center Coffee Tables

Many people believe that a cheaper price for your furniture means that it is of inferior quality, but this is not really the case most of the time. There are some very popular manufacturers who make contemporary furniture available at discounted prices. The lower prices help these manufacturers to sell more furniture, which will help in increasing their profits.

 Ashley solid ash Dining Chair

If you are looking for contemporary furniture that will fit your budget, you should start from internet, to have an idea of what you want before starting to search offline. There are a plethora of different websites that will offer you contemporary furniture at a discounted price that will fit to your budget without you ever having to leave the house. This is something which you can do at any time of the night or day. But, be sure that you consider the shipping and handling costs into the price as well as be sure that you are getting the right furniture for your particular design style and for your budget and In no time at all, you will be enjoying your contemporary furniture in your home.