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Celebrity designers to write for Officehomefurnitures.com

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Articles by celebrity designers Candice Olson, Jane Seymour and Christopher Lowell will be among the items featured on officehomefurnitures.com, the National Home Furnishings Assn.’s consumer Web portal for home decorating, when it launches Oct. 15.

The designers will dispense advice on topics ranging from picking the perfect soft (Olson) to decorating inspiration (Seymour) to holiday centerpieces (Lowell).

In addition, color expert Kate Smith will discuss challenges such as creating a monochromatic tone-on-tone color scheme and finding the perfect kitchen color as part of a regular consumer-driven “Ask Kate” column.

“We feel extremely fortunate to be able to share with the consumer the design expertise of these top celebrity designers,” said Doug Kays, NHFA chairman. “Their design insights will help to draw consumers to the officehomefurnitures.com interactive Web site where they will have their home decorating questions answered and be able to explore the other features of the Web portal all the way through to the Home &office furniture design dealer locator.”

Trisha McBride Ferguson, editor of Home & office furniture design, said, “We know that consumers are researching the Web before buying, yet they likely have to go to many different sites to find their answers. We are bringing consumers all of the tools that they need, including advice from experts like these celebrity designers, together in one place.

“At Officehomefurnitures.com they can get inspired, educated, make a design plan and then find a place to shop all on one site,” Ferguson added. “And unlike other sites, officehomefurnitures.com will not be limited to just one look or budget level but will cover a wide breadth of design styles and price points for every room. We will have something for everyone.”


Israeli International Furniture Fair

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Location: Tel -Aviv Fair Grounds Tel-Aviv, Israel

The Israeli Intenational Furniture Fair features som 200 exhibitors presenting the latest trends in furniture and home design. Among the leading product categories are bedroom, dining room, living room, youth furniture, motion furniture, bathroom furniture, bedding,carpets and outdoor furniture. Come and see exciting new brands featuring Iraeli designed products not seen at any other furniture fair.

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Lounge Chair

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Cheung King’s new Dialogue lounge seating is a fun and functional solution for various applications. This innovative lounge chair design has been inspired by the design aesthetic of the 1950’s, giving it a retro look that has been freshened and modernized to work within any transitional or contemporary space. The office chair is simple and functional, with a convenient task surface integrated into the arm and a self return metal swivel base that provides extra flexibility. Its unique ergonomic design makes comfort a priority, as does the companion ottoman that encourages you to kick back your feet and relax. These seating solutions work perfectly in any environment – suitable for conference or lobby applications or even for your home.


For the 90th Anniversary of the Bauhaus’ founding, architecture and design product database Architonic is presenting a selection of approved Bauhaus product.


1. Designed by Le Corbusier.
2. A tubular bow-shaped frame holds a bed of leather or hide atop a rectilinear steel base.
3. The moveable frame adjusts along the base from upright to full recline with ease, anticipating later ergonomic furniture.
4. Upholstery choices for the Chaise Longue include cowhide with black leather headrest; Or all black leather; Or natural canvas with black, chocolate or amber leather headrest and footrest.





Impulses, a Stylish Sofa Collection

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Having a furniture set that is highly versatile, that can be used in a variety of situations and that can be shaped in many ways is exactly the idea behind the Impulse series. This elegant set contains a single large sofa, three small couches that can also be used as armchairs, a coffee table and an end table. The specifications for each product are available here.  Simple and yet very stylish, the set goes great with classy interiors and significantly upgrades the overall appearance of a room.  Keep the items together or spread them around your apartament, it is all up to your imagination or your need for accommodation. 




Functional Sofa Bed

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Now, this is the kind of smart sofa that I want in my living room.Not only that it looks great but it`s also multi functional .I bet you haven`t seen one of this yet , a sofa that converts into a bunk bed.You can even sleep peacefully in the top bed because the bunk bed comes with integrated supporting ladder and protection guard.All you have to do now is call over some friends for a sleep over. Sleep tight and don`t let the bugs bite!




Still the choice of those who may need to make a spare bed available to a guest with no or short notice, the sofa bed is typically larger than a settee (which seats two), although some designs now come in ‘chair sized’. Designs vary on sofa beds from those that simply slide or those where the backs fold down. Some sofa beds are extremely heavy and often are complicated to operate. Having enough internal space to hold bedding, store pillows and hold the mattress/spring combination often make these beds heavy and unwieldy. The sofa bed today however can even be purchased as a completely inflatable unit! Sofa beds come in a variety of prices, styles and comfort levels. If you know you’re going to need additional space for a guest it is strongly recommended that you go the extra mile and buy the higher quality sofa bed as it will last longer than some of the less expensive models. On the other hand if you’re only going to use this bed very rarely, a less expensive model may be equally appropriate.


Dinning Chair Make Ferfect House

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There were first conceived as a chair for both domestic living areas as well as public spaces where visual restraint is of prime importance, such as museums. Discussion with architects, dealers and other users, however, revealed many other additional uses. They can be stacked inconspicuously and quite naturally in an office, ready for an improvised meeting, and many architects now see them as a comfortable alternative to the classics for use in cafes, halls or waiting areas.


The designer has always produced creations of exemplary purity and clarity, and in partnership with a manufacturer for the first time, he was able to combine this style with a multitude of factors, including ergonomics, safety, and the heavy demands of the public. The moment you sit down 0n, you realise the technical refinement. The rigidly designed shell ‘gives’ comfortably in the seat and back areas, and moulds the contours of the body. When you lean backwards, the top part of the back section yields to match your body, and the built-in spring mechanism provides counter-pressure, allowing the backrest to return to the original position. With its apparently simple design and styling, this chair is the epitome of the “less is more” concept.

cheap-black-dining-room-chair.jpgREAD MORE …


Keep One Wine Cabinate In Your House

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Why display your wine in your apartment closet when you can instead take over your apartment with this Wagon Wheel Wine Cabinate? This will certainly get your guests talking at the party if nothing else.The Wagon Wheel Wine Cabinet is made from “genuine antique wagon wheel frames” and can hold up to 10 bottles of vino. The front door also opens for storage of more items as well as to serve as a table. Get your pioneer spirit on as you gulp down some two buck chuck.


The Deluxe wine cabinet is shown in oak with two can lights and clear glass. It has two adjustable glass shelves and a utility drawer inside. We can add a lock set to this unit. Available in oak, quartersawn oak or cherry. Comes standard with the black rope moulding around the top.



Kitchen Cabinet Styles

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Kitchen cabinets come in a variety of styles, from traditional to Old World to contemporary and turn any kitchen into a professional chef’s dream kitchen. Any of these Kitchen Cabinet Styles will be the family hub for gathering and entertaining. Please take a look for some design picture below to find the style that suits your kitchen best.

Traditional Kitchen Cabinet Styles Design by C.K


The custom white cabinets and ornate vent hood establish this kitchen’s Old World charm, while modern stools and stainless steel appliances keep the space from looking stodgy.

Old World Kitchen Cabinet Styles Design by C.K


In this kitchen, the finish on the birch cabinets appears handpainted, which allows a hint of the natural wood grain to peek through the soft gray tone. Intricate moldings and corbels give the cabinets a high-end furniture look.

Arts and Crafts Kitchen Cabinet Styles Design by C.K


The simple door details, rustic hardware and open shelves give this kitchen an updated Craftsman feel. Two-toned doors in burgundy and gray have the quality of individual furniture pieces, another feature of the Arts and Crafts period.

Romantic Kitchen Cabinet Styles Design by C.K


Bring romance into the kitchen with white or richly stained cabinets adorned with decorative accents like ornamental molding. The floral accent along the bottom of the raised cabinet and the crown molding at the top of the ceiling-height hutch typify romantic style. Romantic style is ultra-feminine, so don’t be afraid to make your kitchen a Valentine to the style. Go for beautiful, rich pinks on the walls, add dramatic curtains and bring in refined features from the garden, like the topiaries in the windowsill.

Modern Kitchen Cabinet Styles Design by C.K

Modern style is a warmed-up version of contemporary, which keeps the clean lines, but pulls in more color and texture and uses softer materials. The cabinets in this kitchen, with their unadorned doors, chrome hardware and flush setting, show their contemporary parentage. But the glossy gray color is all modern.

Southwestern Kitchen Cabinet Styles Design by C.K


This Mexican-style kitchen features blue ceramic pulls on some of the painted cream cabinets. They pick up the tile color, while the decorative ceramic pulls on others add authentic detail.

Country Kitchen Cabinet Styles Design by C.K

Country kitchens are casual, comfortable spaces with colors inspired by nature. The cabinets in this kitchen pick up on that style with their light-but-earthy color and easy-going open shelves. The toile fabric curtain replacing the under-sink cabinets gives the room the feel of an English country cottage. Got a cramped kitchen? Remove cabinet doors so items are easily accessible. Make sure to keep dishes, teas and glasses organized so the kitchen looks orderly.

Simply Spanish Kitchen Cabinet Styles Design by C.K


In a Tuscan kitchen, cabinets anchor the space with their sun-warmed tones. This style tends toward traditional lines with ornate embellishments. In this kitchen, the curves in the hardware, barstools and chandelier enhance traditional lines of the cabinets.

Contemporary Kitchen Cabinet Styles Design by C.K


This small, galley-style kitchen epitomizes the sleek, chic contemporary look. The custom flush cabinets, with minimalist doors on top and simple oversize, chrome pulls on bottom are hallmarks of contemporary style. Paint cabinets a neutral color to match the walls; this makes a small kitchen feel bigger.

Transitional Kitchen Cabinet Styles


Transitional kitchens blend the best of traditional and modern to create comfortable, livable spaces. The color and the style of the cabinets give a nod to traditional flair, while the sleek appearance of the built-in appliances gives the room a seamless, contemporary look.


Wall System Design for Contemporary Living Room

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There are some of the selection of contemporary living room furniture that not only looks great, but is extremely functional and versatile. Wall System Design is absolutely Great and must be give your space a contemporary feel and personalized touch with a variety of furniture options. Whether you’re looking for a casual and laid back look, sleek and stylish, or modern and cutting-edge. They offers a wide variety of urban living room furniture to suit your taste. Check for some following Wall System design that I collect for you such as Wall System White Lacquer, Wall System Walnut Veneer, Wall System with Sliding Door-Black Stained Oak Veneer, Wall System with Magazine Shelves-Black Stained Oak Veneer, Wall System with Top and Base Cabinet, and also Wall System Long Models-Black Stained Oak Veneer.



Bedroom Design

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Let’s talk a little about bedroom designs, of all the rooms in your house, your bedroom  is the last space you would visit before you retire to take a good night sleep. It is where your body lies in deep solitude as it relaxes and rejuvenates the lost energy for the day. Hence, it is important to come up with a relaxing mood when conceptualizing bedroom design decorating ideas, here are a few pictures with bedroom design that will help you to make an idea of how you want to style your bedroom. For more inspiration visit the bedroom section on our website, and see more bedroom designs.