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Owning A Modern Glass Coffee Table

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What is a Modern Glass coffee table? It depends on whom you ask. While the name implies that a coffee table is made for the express purpose of serving coffee on it, or gathering around it to enjoy a good, stiff cup of coffee, most people use a coffee table for anything but. Ask ten different people and you’ll get ten different ways in which each of them uses their coffee table. Some people use the coffee table in their living room to put their feet on while they watch television. Others use the coffee table as a decorator accent in a room, often bedecked with flowerpots, floral displays or magazines. Others use the coffee table as an eating table while they watch television. Still others use the coffee table to place study supplies or as a general catchall in the living room. How often to you see an empty coffee table? Not very often. They’re usually either cluttered or spotless, depending on how many children or teenagers live in the household. A coffee table can be made of anything, really. Glass, wood, plastic, even a piece of plywood balanced on cinderblocks can serve as a coffee table. Children use a coffee table as a toy, sometimes creating a pirate ship or tank with it, while teens convert it to a platform for their game stations. Men use a coffee table to put their feet up when they get home, and women do the same.


Let Your Dining Room More Luxury!

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Hand crafted from solid acacia wood with a beautiful warm, ruddy sheen the Kubus Dining Collection features fly through jointing and cracked beam legs producing a striking dining experience. The Kubus Storage Collection comprises delightful statement pieces with subtle Asian influence and styling. This collection offers practical modern day storage solutions. As with all hand crafted, solid timber furniture, sizes can vary slightly, and some movement should be allowed for; this should not be seen as a fault.

Dining Room > Sets > STAN-American Modern Rectangle Set

This style of the dining room feels more luxury!


Respect Cheap Furniture

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German gallery Helmrinderknecht has just opened Chairs&Fireworks, a solo show of Catalan designer Martí Guixé, exhibiting three new chairs from his ongoing ‘statement chairs” cycle, alongside a small collection of pieces about the “neglected subject of fireworks.”

Pictured above is Respect Cheap Furniture:

The monobloc plastic chair is a phenomenon, which has already attracted and inspired many designers and artists and in fact contains many criteria of good design: it is cheap, democratic, robust, reasonable in technical production and convenient. But the classical monobloc chair has a very bad reputation. Following his work “Stop Discrimination of Cheap Furniture” from 2004, Guixé moves a step ahead in the defense of the monobloc chairs and postulates “Respect Cheap Furniture”. The “Respect cheap furniture” chair will be availabe in a limited editon of 50.



“Centaurus”, the third chair can be seen as a real designer chair. As designer chairs are often associated with the reputation and the person of the designer, Guixé’s “Centaurus” chair brings chair and designer as close together as possible: here the designer becomes an integral physical part of the chair; subject and object become one and build a “designer chair.” The “Centaurus” chair is available in a limited edition of 10.

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Home decaration (flash)

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How to decorate the dining room! Brightly!

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Cheung King Dining Set is an elegant modern formal dining table with dual extending leaves. It resembles the Metropole table but has extensions on each site to open up to an incredible 118”. Available in other finishes on a special order basis. Made in China in Italian Style.


Calligaris Furniture - Dining Tables - Modern Rectangular Extension Dining Table


Office Furniture Progressive Design

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This office furniture system has innovative and progressive, and revolutionary design ideas. Because this furniture can change the way people to do task, and can create multifunctional working environment. This office furniture can create zones in workspaces. It can enhance the productivity and the well-being of a company’s employees by facilitating various ways of working. There are lots of activities that can be supported by this furniture system. This modern workspace furniture system can be reconfiguring. It also supports latest technology for comfortable work. Called as parcs, this workspace system manufactured by bene.

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Exciting dining room with unique dining table

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X-leg dining table

Wood dining table that looks fantastic in dining room. You picture a dining table fashioned from gleaming wood with sturdy legs and an expansive surface and fold out leaves if necessary to add more guests to your setting. You envision a large hutch against the wall, filled with your best china, crystal, silver and linens to set exactly the right mood for your meal. Your dining chairs are both comfortable and solid, giving your guests the ability to relax a little longer in their seats as you talk the night away over dessert.Cool and unique perfectly describes the hand crafted Bowery X-leg dining table. Bold Indonesian oak construction base and smooth, expansive table-top offer seating for six with chairs, more with benches. Perfect for a dining room with limited space. Features rich dark wood frame with thick sturdy legs – the Bowery is always stable, never wobbly. Available in wenge wood finish. Indonesian oak construction.

The large Hudson square table

The large Hudson square table provides a perfect blend of modern style and simple living. The Hudson features thick table top, with routed edge and matching thick legs in a wenge finish. Table measures an impressive 59 in. L x 59 in. W x 30 in. H, comfortably seating eight people – a perfect table for an intimate dinner party. Handcrafted, solid Malaysian oak construction. Simple assembly. Imported.

Contemporary modern Bar Table


Excellent Modular office furnitures Designs from Foshan Cheung King furnitures

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Excellent Modular Office Furniture Designs from Cheung King Furnitures. These look very cool design of modular office furniture, the table, small desk and chairs with unique shapes. It can be placed in guest room of your office.

This design looks simple but have elegant style. Available in white, black, orange, red and other color. This modular office furniture just perfect for your office room or meeting room.”


Traditional Furniture Collections by Cheung King Furnitures

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thomasville traditional hills of tuscany dining furniture
The Hills of Tuscany offers a comfortable, welcoming approach to luxurious style. Here, the richness of Italian culture meets the natural majesty and relaxed character of Big Sur. Richly finished furnishings for bedroom, dining and living include a carefully edited mix of classic motifs, graceful lines and captivating textures. Upscale, but never pretentious.

Today’s fresh take on luxury living seamlessly blends the richness of the past with the relaxed sophistication and adventurous attitude of the present. It’s not about provenance and perfect pitch, but about the life facilitated by the home you shape; an environment defined not by location, but by state of mind. Begin with a carefully edited mix of classic motifs, graceful lines, captivating inlays, and rich textures. The Hills of Tuscany – a comfortable, welcoming approach to luxurious style, a reassuring springboard to living life to its fullest.

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Traditional Upholstered Furniture Cheung kingTRADITIONAL FABRIC SOFA BY HENREDON FURNITURE.jpg
In a contantly changing furniture market where cheaper and faster seem to be the plan of the times, it is refreshing to see such commitment to detail and quality from the Henredon company.Their collection of products are very diverse with something to offer for every design oriented decorator.The beauty and diversity of enduring upholstery design. Lawsons, tuxedos; multi-pillow and tight backs; complemented by correlating chairs, ottomans and studio-size sofas; dressed in an array of fashion-fresh fabrics that bring modern flair to the classics.Perfectly beautiful sofas, loveseats, chairs, sectionals; richly dressed in an array of designer fabrics and leathers in a sweeping range of colors, patterns and textures. Designs sophisticated; relaxed; contemporary; traditional; exhibiting a level of materials and craftsmanship to which others can only aspire.

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Cheung King Furniture’s use of inlay and marquetry

The inspiration for  Cheung King Furniture was started in Michigan by a Dutch immigrant craftsman, named Siebe Baker. Hollis Baker continued the furniture craftsman tradition forming the beginnings of the company in the 1920’s. Even dating that far back in history, the same hallmark theme has transcended the company which is construction of fine quality furniture made with high end woods.

inlay marquetry example
An often seen sign with Baker is the technique of inlay and marquetry.The technique of marquetry is to decorate a piece where elaborate patterns are formed by the insertion of pieces of material (such as wood, shell, or ivory) into a wood veneer that is then applied to a surface. Baker has fine examples using this technique to enhance the style of a piece.Great traditional wooden pieces abound throughout the Baker collection. These pieces are built to last a lifetime. Though the prices may be higher than other lines on the market, Baker’s pieces should remain in style long into the future.

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South Barstow Dining by Ashley

Barstow Dining Ashley

In today’s furniture market the age old saying, you get what you pay for has a definite ring of truth. One company that still focuses on making quality furniture with great design is Ashley. I especially like the depth of options they offer. From bar room to bed room, Ashley has something for every space in your home. Within each category, a wide selection makes it simple to create an outstanding décor. The line is mostly traditional however many of the items have a transitional look touching on contemporary.

The “South Barstow” dining room collection takes the idea of contemporary styling one step further. Using embossed faux laminate with cherry stained accents, your dining room can be transformed into an exceptional dining experience. Featuring bowed panels and a float glass table top, the “South Barstow” dining room collection embraces the unique contemporary style for your personal home environment.

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Isamu Noguchi’s influence on Modern Furniture

noguchi coffee table modern classic furniture.jpg
Furniture influence by Isamu Noguchi is still seen in today’s products. Born in Los Angeles in 1904, Noguchi spent the majority of his life in America and Japan. An early life experience which later lead to sculpture and furniture design began in Chigasaki, Japan in 1913 where he began an apprenticeship as a carpenter’s aid. At the early age of almost nine he began working with his hands to create things.In the summer of 1922 Isamu began an apprenticeship with sculptor Gutzon Borglum in Connecticut. In 1924 he took evening classes in sculpture at the Leonardo Da Vanci Art School. His talent was recognized early and in 1927 he won the John Simon Guggenheim Fellowship which allowed him to travel to Paris and Europe and further refine his skills.


Living Room Interior Design Ideas

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