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Dining Room Furniture with an Oriental Flair

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             Dining Room Furniture with an Oriental Flair Come Together, Share and Enjoy Community, Family, Friends. In the sharing of food. What Could Be More Pleasant? In traditional Japanese country life, as was true across much of the Oriental world, the evening meal was a time to lay aside the days toil, come together as family and community, and enjoy a hearty repose. Villagers would gather together in a central home, or village house around the cooking fire. Each person would bring whatever they happened to have fresh that day to contribute to the evening meal. Someone would bring some vegetables from their garden, a family would bring the fish catch of the day, another family a batch of miso, another would contribute potatoes perhaps and so forth. All of these ingredients were placed in a large pot and allowed to cook slowly for several hours resulting in a hearty and delicious stew served over a bed of rice and enjoyed by the entire village. It was a time to come together, visit, exchange news of the day, and share in family and community. It is to this spirit that Haiku Designs has designed a unique, functional, and handsome line of dining room furniture sets, complete with chair, benches and buffets. Although updated for modern, and western style tastes, we have remained true to several important elements found in traditional Japanese lifestyle. First and Foremost. Our dining set must reflect the Japanese sense of simplicity and created to be in harmony with nature through the use of warm and soothing earth tone colors, straight and simple lines, and the minimal use of decorative designs. Each piece should be attractive enough to stand on its own but also able to appeal and compliment the entire set. The entire set will look greater than each individual piece and will function as whole. When placed in a room the Dining room furniture should create a look of beauty that is relaxing and pleasing to the senses. The Dining Room Furniture must be true to the spirit of traditional Japanese society offering plenty of room to gather together after the toils of the day (or before the toils of the day), and share in food and nourishment. The table and chair should be comfortable and functional, while at the same time creating a sense of ease, and relaxation whatever the number, whether it is for you and your special friend; you, your friend and family; or you, your friend and family and all of your neighborhood villagers. Each Dining table and related Dining table should be high quality, and reasonably price and designed for western tastes. Sitting on the floor, over a low-to-the-ground table, can be fun and interesting, but perhaps not suited for the backs of most westerners. Each of our Dining room furniture sets meets and exceeds these requirements, and offer a fresh, and contemporary look with a strong influence of Japanese style and design. We have done our work, now it is your turn. Go ahead and invite the neighbors, gather together the family, light the hearth, come together, share, and enjoy around one of our unique and beautiful dining room sets. Hiro Dining Room Set Oslo Dining Room Set Lisbon Dining Room Set


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