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Unusual transparent chair designed by Nendo

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The Japanese company Nendo came up with this cool idea of designing a transparent chair. It’s a very interesting piece of furniture that doesn’t need to share the same color or texture as the rest of the pieces from the room because well…it’s transparent.

The chair is made from polyurethane film which is commonly used as a packing material for precision instruments and products that are susceptible to vibration and shock. It has a very interesting feature: it;s able to return to its original state and it’s very flexible. When incorporated in a chair design it creates a very fun piece of furniture.

When used, it wraps and supports the user’s body like a hammock, giving him a very comfortable feeling. It’s definitely an interesting piece that will generate a lot of contrasting comments. It will certainly become the focal point of attention. Also because of it’s flexible nature, it can be easily packed and stored somewhere when it’s not used. This way you can save some space. Have fun and enjoy.


Hattrick Chair Design by Paolo Lillus

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If you like football, this is perfect choice for you. A chair designed with the inspiration of a ball, where the ball is hollow and provided with legs so you can sit in the middle of the hole. Of course, in addition to the attractive design and innovative seats also seem comfortable to use. With an alternative shell with leather / imitation leather and covered by leather upholstery, this hat trick is also equipped with the seat cushion so that you will be comfortable sitting on it. Four foot sections of aluminum is complete with the addition of stainless steel. High chair is 90 cm by 87 cm diameter and 43 cm seat height.

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Friendly Furniture: Second to None in Style

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Who says that by living eco-friendly you’re limiting the beauty of your home?  Eco-friendly has been replaced with eco-chic, a new movement in furniture and household design where wares are environmentally safe yet still beautiful, unique and forward-thinking in design.  You don’t have to go back to the stone ages to be a green household, with the stinky compost heap in the backyard and the hemp clothing and unwashed hair.  The learning curve on striking a balance between fashion and environmental conscientiousness has been surmounted.  There’s no better place to learn and explore about the world of eco-chic than Officehomefurnitures.com!

Inmod.com, awarded one of the “Web’s Best” online retailers of Green furniture, has a huge selection of rugs, furniture for dorms and households, lighting, tables, desks and a special section titled “Made in the china”.  Inmod prides itself on creating affordable and chic designs that are easily navigational through the website according to your needs: are you only interested in products made in the china?  Are you interested in learning a bit more about Green active engagement, check out the blog!  Do you want daily updates on new products and tips on green living, join the mailing list! Here are some of our favorite picks from the Clearance section:

Spring Dining Chair

Made of Malaysian Oak with fabric upholstery, this chair is eclectic and delightful.  It is FSC certified with eco-friendly wood and made with low VOC and HAP free finishes.

Custom-built Dining Chairs 

Big Images Of Custom-built Dining Chairs

This cute set of three triangular tables saves space in storage and is made to last!  Made with black wood veneer table tops and chrome finished metal legs, the chairs come in at three slightly different dimensions that are sure to please your household.

Made in the USA favorite products:

Eames Ply Dining Chair 

Ball Chair

Quite an investment, I know, but this is more of an art piece that will end up in a museum someday than an everyday chair.  The design is so retro, yet futuristic at the same time.  Colors and fabrics can be customized online to make your product perfect for you.  Nicknamed the “room within a room”, the Ball Chair can be outfitted with either a speaker or MP3 package.

Find at officehomefurnitures. com.