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Classic Italian Vintage Bathroom Furniture Pictures

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Complete your luxury concept house trough this classic vintage bathroom design furniture. See the details of the product and enjoy the great experience from this stuff. Along the old concept combine with the modern ideas, we will found the extra-ordinary products. First experience will show from the red classic product. See the tile of the mirror, and the gorgeous wash basin that complete with the mirror. Obviously, these vintagebath accessories collections 2010 were perfectly made for those who love in style and prestige. This stand wash basin was included with the red sexy cabinet. Come and see other collection from Regia and you will be excited. Another collection was the new vintage bath up. This realist concept was combining both classic designs with minimalist style. This stand bath up was very gorgeous cover in black and white color complete with the faucet on the edge of this. This black and white collection was complete with the other needed of thebath room. See the details of the mirror, cabinet, closets, and the hang towel. It’s very gorgeous and perfect. Come to Regia site and see how perfect these cool vintage bathroom furniture and accessories for yourluxury home.

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bathroom decorating ideas and picturesstored

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Elegant is the best word to describe this beautiful, traditional bathroom design. Architectural details give a furniture-like appearance to each vanity. To add a modern look and a very original and special look to your bathroom space, make use of color lighting. The best way to utilize colors is through recessed down lighting and up lighting. In most cases you want to see the effect, not the source. Making lights flush and non intrusive are very important when designing a modern style bathroom. Another great starting point for bathroom decorating ideas is finding the perfect tile. Tiles come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Chances are, you will find something you will fall in love with, and you can build your bathroom around that particular tile. (more…)