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living room funiture coffee tables

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living room furniture coffee table

Quick Details

Type: Living Room Furniture Specific Use: Living Room Set General Use: Home Furniture
Material: Wood Wood Style: Solid Wood Wood Type: Mahogany
Appearance: Antique Folded: No Place of Origin: Guangdong China (Mainland)
Brand Name: JINYASHUN Model Number: YA-068T service: OEM,ODM
Function: Living Room Sets MOQ: 100 pcs Color: color can be choosen


living room funiture coffee tables
1.competitive price
2.good quality
3.punctual delivery time


All types of Wardrobe

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All types of Wardrobe



Quick Details

Type: Bedroom Furniture Specific Use: Wardrobe General Use: Home Furniture
Material: Fabric Appearance: Modern Folded: Yes
Size: 165*50*100cm Place of Origin: Zhejiang China (Mainland) Brand Name: JPLUS or OEM
Model Number: JP-K13167A paking: 1pc/color box Commodity: Non-woven fabric wardrobe
Tube: 16mm Color: blue,brown,off-white and so on OEM: yes
Feature: Eco-Friendly&Foldable Product type: Bedroom Wardrobe Wire Frame: 16/19mm wire tube
Cover: Non-woven fabric or PEVA Door Style: T-zipper door


Detailed Product Description:
1.Modern folding Wardrobe
3.cover cloth: PEVA
4.tube dia.:16mm


American Luo Bake Furniture

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American Luo Bake Furniture1

Products description
1.American Luo Bake Furniture
2. Material: solid wood frame and E1Mdf
3. Professional Design From Danmark Designer
4. Advantages: Durable Economical & Enviromental
5. Professional and strict QC on each producing processes. Experienced Team for technology research

Our advantages:

1.Top brand quality saving 50% plus
2.Fastest delivery, saving more storage cost at your end
3.Strong R&D capabilities, comforming to various markets demands
4.European and American double standard ,
5.3years quality warranty
6.Passed CE SGS ISO Certification


How to organize the teenagers bedroom designs

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If you have teenagers at home, organizing your teen’s bedroom can lead to disputes. A blend of the will, the style and organizational solutions are needed. To prevent unwanted fights about teenage bedroom designs. Teen bedroom design should be well-organized look less chaotic, even if some items in place. Here are three tips to help your teen decorate and organize their bedrooms.

Decorate teenagers bedroom

After the room cleaned and organized, it’s time for your teen’s personality adds to the bedroom. Paints a simple quick way to change the mood of the room to work. Is your teen to help you create a new paint color?. Stick with a neutral versions of the colors they choose. For example, if your teen likes pink, choose pink soothing neutral. Avoid bright colors or bold. This is the area where your teenager will learn and relax.

The purpose of the session your decorations is to create a space that your teen proud. Having a place for everything makes it easier to keep clean. Do not have specific area for the things make it easier to allow things on the floor. If your teen is doing a quick clean, it’s simple. There is no confused about where to stuff. Use the tips of the bedroom for your teen to save time and avoid unnecessary arguments about the cleanliness of the store.(From darsheel.com)

Bedroom Design,Home Design,Bedroom Decoration


Israeli International Furniture Fair

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Location: Tel -Aviv Fair Grounds Tel-Aviv, Israel

The Israeli Intenational Furniture Fair features som 200 exhibitors presenting the latest trends in furniture and home design. Among the leading product categories are bedroom, dining room, living room, youth furniture, motion furniture, bathroom furniture, bedding,carpets and outdoor furniture. Come and see exciting new brands featuring Iraeli designed products not seen at any other furniture fair.

Additional information:



Wooden Bedroom Decoration Ideas

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 Adult Bedroom Sets

The are some picture of best bedroom design from French company “La maison coloniale”, They give you a wonderful opportunity to furnish your bedroom using traditions of different countries. Your room could look such a real Indonesian place with “Impressions of Indonesia” collection of furniture.

Indonesian Style Contemporary Bedroom

Mostly that furniture is made in Indonesia of teak by craftsmen, special for “La maison coloniale”, so it is always unique. There is an ancient touch in each bedroom designed with “Impressions of Indonesia”. Colors are natural and relaxing, you won’t see any dark and contrast elements. The most interesting thing in these bedroom designs is using national decorating, such as idols, large fans and unusual shaped vases. Check out the collection on C.K website.


Modern and Contemporary Beds Inspiration

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Today I’ve decided to post a new collection of pictures with bedroom inspiration, and how modern and contemporary pieces are my favorites, this post is about modern and contemporary bedroom ideas. If you’re not sure how you want your new bedroom to look analyze these pictures, by looking at beds, chests, nightstands, media units, tv stands, dressers, … and maybe you’ll get a few ideas.

Bedroom Vanity Sets

Mahogany Bedroom Set

 Wholesale Bedroom Set



Modern minimalist bedroom design trends 2009 in various style

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Best home interior Architecture design, minimalist bedroom design trends 2009 in various style. This bedroom interior design combine minimalist design with the wall color and decoration, furniture, bed, bed cover, carpet and other things in the bedroom. The picture can be used for inspiration idea if you can decorate your bedroom. With contemporary style, our bedroom looks so elegant and luxurious to having a rest. This is modern interior Architecture design for your home. Nice interior Architectural home design.

Rockford Bedroom Furniture Set 

modern minimalist bedroom design trends 2009 contemporary style

Platform Bedroom Furniture 

modern minimalist bedroom design trends 2009 floral contemporary style


Sometime More Is More

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Interior design always swings between extremes: simple or opulent, delicate or bulky, straight or rounded. It’s been going on like that for centuries, and we’re currently in an era of “less is more.” We’ve become conditioned to prefer the pared-down, the sleek – but the bravest among us isn’t afraid to admit to the guilty pleasures inspired by the luxurious styles and decorative designs ideals rooted in the Victorian era.
Setting the Stage
Technology may have set the stage, but the bottom line for many middle class Victorians was that opulent styles became affordable. This phenomenon contributed to a renewed fascination with historical styles and designs from previous eras. The impulse to “look back” wasn’t invented by the Victorians, of course, but certainly took root in the beginning of the 19th century. English, American and French styles during those years were influenced by excavations of Pompeii and other Roman ruins. Bookcases and sideboards came to resemble temple facades, sofas took the shape of Roman chaises and, in general, furniture bulked up to resemble the massive architecture it was emulating. The Victorians changed focus from ancient civilization, but their design continued to be fueled by earlier eras.The first true Victorian style in England was Neo-Gothic design, arriving around 1830 with a heavy emphasis on the medieval era. The style is most closely associated with the architect Augustus Pugin, who with his father used Gothic motifs in designing London’s Houses of Parliament. Dark woods, pointed arches, trefoils (a shape similar to three-leaf clover) and other Gothic cathedral carvings recalled the dedication of medieval craftsman and implied moral character.
Reviving Rococo and Renaissance
From 1850 to 1870, popular taste turned to a more romantic form known as “Rococo Revival.” This furniture looked back to eighteenth century France with swirling lines, natural motifs like fruit and flowers, and dark woods like mahogany, rosewood and black walnut. Furniture had gilt and marble accents, carved leaf or fruit drawer pulls, serpentine fronts and rounded tops and corners. Parlor seating featured cabriole legs, curved backs with carved oval insets, and rich, opulent fabrics. Cabinetmaker John Henry Belter, whose highly ornamented designs set the standard and were widely (and sometimes badly) imitated, is most prominently associated with the period.The overlapping Renaissance Revival (roughly 1860-1880) offered a different set of options. Curvy cabriole legs were replaced with straight, turned or fluted legs and massive squared-off silhouettes ruled.
There was no lack of ego in this look; huge sideboards, beds and armoires that approached ceiling height were among the most extravagant pieces. Burl panels, carved crests, medallions, pediments, finials and bronze and brass accents replaced rococo carved flowers and fruit motifs. Such decorative elements took on a life of their own and were often lavishly added to poorly made furniture to give it a little more “class.”During the 1850s and ‘60s, other trends took root. Patterned wallpapers and large-design wall-to-wall carpeting were mass produced, becoming increasingly available and desirable. Window treatments became more important, more layered and architectural, more opulent. For the first time, furniture was sold in suites: matched pieces for the parlor, dining room or bedroom.

Alternatives to Opulence.
As in current times, there was an alternative to opulence. In the 1840s, Cottage furniture surfaced as the less expensive, less formal option for working class homes, rustic getaways, and even the for the porches and solariums of the massive seaside “cottages” of communities like Newport, Rhode Island. Though simpler in design, and often crafted from less expensive woods, these pieces were anything but plain, often given light or pastel colors, then embellished with hand-painted or stenciled designs. Like gingerbread houses, this furniture sought to be conspicuously quaint, personal and intimate. These homey looks remained popular to the end of the century and beyond. They relate to the Adirondack style popularized at the turn of the century, and enjoying a strong revival today.

Cottage furniture wasn’t the only reaction to the ornate sensibilities of Victorian style. In the early 1870s, Charles Eastlake’s rejection of the overblown and excessive furniture had traveled from Great Britain to America. His call for honest furniture design resulted in more modestly scaled pieces with relatively (for the time) simple decoration such as carved geometric motifs, incised lines and modest painted accents. Golden oak replaced darker woods and for the first time, mail order furniture became available, sending a wave of Eastlake’s affordable factory-made furniture into homes across the country.  
The final 25 years of the nineteenth century kept much of what had gone before, as well as a riot of new options. In the United States, the 1876 Centennial of the American Revolution fostered a Colonial revival, a Victorian’s look back at the eighteenth century. The Aesthetic movement was influenced by the fascination with all things Japanese – delicate bamboo and wicker furniture, folding screens and fans provided relief from the darker, heavier Victorian formality, as did the exotic touches of Oriental carpets, indoor plants and silk wallpapers and lampshades. By the 1890s, the circle was complete, with the curved lines of Rococo Revival giving birth to the simplified curves of the Art Nouveau style, and the chunkier geometric elements of Gothic Revival making way first for the straightened and geometric flavors of Eastlake, and then for simpler-yet squareness of the Arts and Crafts (or Mission) movement.
    The importance of technology in furniture manufacturing as a factor in design trends cannot be overstated. Big cities like New York, Philadelphia and Boston set the trends, and small town manufacturers across the country fell into formation and began to produce the “newest looks,” taking advantage of a constantly improving set of manufacturing techniques and technologies. Routing and stamping echoed the look of hand-carving. Spool beds developed as power lathes made it possible to turn out miles of simple turnings at a fraction of what they had cost to produce in the recent past. A process developed by German inventor/designer Michael Thonet for steam bending wood was used by manufacturers across the country to produce simple, intriguing bentwood chairs, rockers and beds, laying the ground work for the twentieth century’s modernist movements.
               If we can step outside of our own realities for a moment, it’s not really hard to understand why a newly-monied nineteenth-century middle class rushed to embrace a suddenly-affordable, opulent style, even with its occasional excesses. The concept of “less is more” would have baffled them as a conceit of the wealthiest. Hard-lived lives had taught them that less was, in fact, less, and they cannot be faulted for wanting to see for themselves what it was like to have “more.” PY/CDR
Interested in seeing more traditional furniture?
Click any of the links below to see traditional styles.

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Modern and stylish residence interior design architectural

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Interior architecture design deals with the redesign of interior spaces that requires an architect during the design process. Moving structural walls and dealing with plumbing, electrical, and mechanical systems are all part of interior architecture design. Work with an interior architecture firm to turn the spaces of an existing mundane house into a well designed entertainment home. In the field of residential interior design, you can also turn the furnishings of outdated living areas into a contemporary masterpiece. Minimalist house design of a residence is the most famous home design concept.

Modern minimalist room is still be the trend in 2009 for many type of house, modern residence, one of them is real estate, the usage of minimalist room design can be apply for livingroom, bedroom, bathroom and kitchen.