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Shell Chair the Smile Chair Design

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Shell chair is often called the seat of artistic design. This site is designed with triangular legs so as it keeps decorative viewed from any side. Shell chair is also often referred to as the smile chair for seating that has a curved shape typical smile. Shell in seating designed for the purpose of draw attention to the curved shape like wings in the middle. It’s like a chair smiling. The shape and artistic design are not separated from the role material. Materials made of wood veneer formed and pressed in the middle so as to form curved. On one side of wood oiled oak, ash or walnut with black lacquered. And for the seating could use a cloth or leather.

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Vita Seating Collections Design by Thos.Moser

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Vita seating collection with dynamic design can complement your interior collections. Vita Seating is probably more liked by those of you who have the choice of art in interior decoration. Thos.Moser design of this collection can enhance your living room.

Vita seating collection design is a chair with wood and soft foam. Detailed design of wood as the legs and backrest is very smooth and coated with shiny paint. Curved legs in Vita seating collection can be a unique accessory for the furniture of the room.

Creative design does not dampen the function of the chair and table. Although sometimes looks a bit fragile for large capacity, but the actual structure of vita Seating is powerful design.

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Netsurfer Designer Computer Workstation Divan

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Let’s be honest here, computer desks and workstations are, on the whole, hardly the most inspiring of items and even though many computer manufactures have long since moved away from the insipid beige boxes of old, computer desks seem to have progressed little in the design stakes – but that’s not something that can be said of this cool Netsurfer Computer Divan from Valvomo.

Acting to place you firmly in the driving seat as you surf the web or work on the computer, the Netsurfer features a reclining chair with integral keyboard table with arm rests though, whilst we are totally smitten with the overall design it would have been nice to see the monitor housed on a separate ledge rather than merely being placed on the computer base unit (thus allowing you to adjust the screens distance and tilt with ease).