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Simple glass basin bathroom furniture HTBC-B002

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Quick Details

Place of Origin: Zhejiang China (Mainland) Brand Name: Haotai Model Number: HTBC-B-002
Style: Modern Type: Vanity Combo Installation Type: Wall Mounted
Carcase Material: Stainless Steel Include Basin: Yes Include Countertop: Yes
Countertop Material: Tempered Glass Include Mirror: Yes Mirror Type: Mirrored Cabinet
Include Faucet: Yes material: Glass color: customize 



Simple glass basin bathroom furniture
Main cabinet: 450*450mm
Mirror: 600*450mm
good quality


Park Avenue 5 pc Glass Dining Set

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Park Avenue 5 pc Glass Dining Set


The Park Avenue Glass Dining Room Set is a unique and glamorous ensemble.  If you’re looking for something sleek and stylish, this glass dining set if for you.   The Park Avenue Dining Set features a 45″ round glass that is black – the glass is tinted black.  The metal chair frames and base are finished in a shiny black so that it almost has the look of high gloss lacquer.  The black vinyl seat cushions finish and complete the look of set.

The Park Avenue is shipped in 4 boxes via Home Appointment Delivery.  There is assembly required with this set – the base is completely knocked down and the chair back are one piece and the rest requires assembly.  Instructions and hardware are included.


This dinette set will be delivered to you by home delivery appointment with a freight carrier. The carrier will contact you within 4-7 days of the shipment of your order to set up a delivery appointment for a time that is convenient for you (Mon-Fri 9am-5pm).


Elegant Leather Armless Sectional Furniture

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Elegant Leather Armless Sectional Furniture by West Elm sleek synthesis of versatility and luxury design. Wooden frame, foam, pigmented leather with polished nickel pated steel legs. Features and benefits Pigmented leather is the easiest leather to care for and live with and the most suitable for everyday use due to its finishing process. Leather Armless Sectional Furniture: Coated for added protection and water repellency. sofa: 72?w x. Each: $849.00 ($50*). The Elegant Leather Armless Sectional Furniture pigmented leather has been finished with a solid pigmented coating for consistency of color and texture and transparent topcoat for added protection.

Elegant Leather Armless Sectional Furniture care under normal usage/conditions, regular dusting and vacuum cleaning in crevices or bottoms is all that is necessary. Elegant Leather Armless Sectional Furniture protective urethane coat provides added protection from stains, soiling, and fading (still avoid direct sunlight).

Elegant Leather Armless Sectional Furniture assists in water repellency and clean ability. Polished nickel-plated steel legs. Simple assembly. Elegant Leather Armless Sectional Furniture composition and construction. Kiln-dried hardwood frames, upholstered over thick padding.



Contemporary Integrated Chair & Bookshelf Designs

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The contemporary bookcase decor ideas from this furniture designs will completely rob our attention. The whole decorations of this house furniture and accessory was making as the thought of a diligent layout of integration. Though this site we will see the combination of chair and the bookcase ideas. Using wood as the main material that support this furniture being standing, through this layouts we can see the main ideas and the supporting design of this furniture. Take a look at this unique wooden chair décor and don’t be hesitate to try on. The brown color applications of this house furniture will ease us when we want to get a comfortable reading space and don’t want to be far from our book collection. The shiny look of this bookcase was come from the real color applications of this wood material itself. As the realization of effective need, the designer was kindly offer us to see these integrated chair bookcase layouts.

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Round Foam Seating in Stylish Contemporary Design

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Decorating furniture not only refers to the function but also on the model and style. And this is one ofcontemporary seating with round shape and made of very soft foam. You can feel the softness when you sit on a round foam seating, the seating surface immediately following the contour of your body and it will be comfortable at all. Furniture is not convincing as visible because it does not look like seating, round shape with little inclination to make seating is stylish and contemporary-style with colors and patterns that exist. colors on the round foam seating is a variety Such as pink, purple, blue, with a pattern of black lines forming a contemporary line that looks stylish. Seating is suitable for your home for decorated in the terrace of your home; chairs complement the living room or bedroom and living room.

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furniture and designer furniture by Clab4design

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Clab4design is a creative workshop for furniture design, where ideas are born-oriented furnishings. The craft skills acquired over decades of work in the furniture industry to measure, have helped give new life to this ambitious project. They create furniture and furnishing care in design that give ample room for expressive power of the manual. At the center of their activities with humans and their immediate surroundings. Have an awareness that environmental sustainability is an essential concept for the welfare and our future generations.

For all their achievements this respect a charge that defined “HUMAN-compliant.”
1. Maximum attention to eco-friendly products
2. Care of product quality, enhancing the craftsmanship and creativity
3. Carry only small quality products
4. Each product has its own story that inspired its creation. This is inserted into the birth certificate of the product so that whoever buys it will know and appreciate the human component.

From these premises are born creative items like a mobile Rubik’s cube, a bag of wood called a mobile wearable snap a library assembled and disassembled in a few seconds for Nomad sentimental and existential and many other creative ideas.
The project Clab4desig was born recently, but has big ambitions. Are planning to expand their scope with the help of young designers specialize in design for furniture items that share their philosophy.
From the site you can guess that their desire is to make the laboratory an open space where talented young people to express their creativity and give them the opportunity to develop and market the most interesting ideas and prototypes.


Loft Contemporary Bookcase by Cattelan Italia

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Simple and elegant Loft Contemporary Bookcase will… More complement any room in your house. Your favorite books deserve a better treatment; they deserve a Loft Contemporary Bookcase. Arrange and rearrange your books in whatever way you please because now you have scope for innovation. Enjoy! You will be tempted to buy new books just to arrange them in your Loft Contemporary Bookcase.


  • Loft Bookcase in white or black laquered embossed MDF or walnut canaletto.Finish:
  • White Lacquered
  • Black Lacquered 
  • Walnut Canaletto Dimensions(In Inches):
  • Dimension: 79W x 13D x 67H
    Material Details :
  • Structure: Wood/Lacquered Embossed MDF
    Shipping time : 10-12 Weeks
    Made : Italy
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    Good idea design of china cheung king furniture co.,ltd

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    Incredible Room in a Box Furniture Set

    Why is transforming furniture so alluring? Does it appeal to our sense that innovation is progress, the fact that fewer materials for more uses is sustainable or simply a return to the childhood love of things that we can actively change and shape as we wish? Whatever the reason, these designs range from humorous and impractical to jaw-droppingly cool. Be sure to scroll all the way down: the best (pictured briefly above) has been saved for last and check here for more unusual urban furniture.

    Cool Transforming Sofa Chair Design

    This comfy number is not one nor two but three pieces of furniture in one: a sofa, lounger and a chair. A good deal of transforming furniture looks or feels better in one configuration or another, but this three-in-one by Roel Verhagen-Kaptein is appealing in each of its transformations.

     Awesome Japanese Folding Chair Design

    Normally we think of convertible furniture as transforming from one useful thing into something else with a practical function. These simply elegant folding chairs by Studio Dror collapse into something you might actually want to use simply for wall decoration: a simpler refined furniture solution than sticking cheap folding chairs back into the closet.

    Creative Collapsible Dining Room Table Set

    Next time you go on a picnic with some friends you may want to grab a second basket, the so-called Mealbox by Igland Design. Fourteen puzzle pieces slip out of this simple container and assemble into a table and chairs that seat six – a humorous variation on fast food.

    Ecological Bench Chair Furniture Design

    Compact, clever and portable, the Fence Chair by Alain Berteau is a simple blend of traditional picket fence vernacular and sustainable modularity. The repeated use of a single simple form allows for compact shipping and the seats can be split or joined as needed.

    Extendable Sleek Modern Shelving System

    A storable box or subtle side table by all appearances, this articulated shelving system by Bertrand Pinceman folds out into a rather nice bookcase. It is designed to work both on its side and upright.

    Extending Dining Table and Chairs Design

    Marta Antoszkeiwicz’s design is not like most transforming furniture that relies on clever bends, twists and hidden tricks to work. This simple table and chairs set relies only on sliding pieces under and out from under one another. The result, though, is impressive: chairs that go well with the table in either configuration and don’t look like extra elements.

    Kitchenette with FoldOut Chairs and Counter

    Similar in principle to a Murphy bed (which folds down from the wall when needed) this W dining room set has everything one needs to sit down to a comfortable meal and then slides back into place. Neat as this complete furniture solution sounds, though, it isn’t clear how much space is needed behind-the-scenes to make it work.

    Sofa Bed Table Chair Combined Furniture

    Yellow might not be the best color, but you have to appreciate this simply brilliant Tetris-based Chairs + Table design. Aside from the sofa, bed, and chairs-and-tables configuration these also pack up nicely to be stored. The material is designed to be soft enough to be comfortable but resilient enough to work as an eating or work surface. Also, one could imagine that, with sufficient pieces, other creative furniture constructions would be possible.

    Transformer Bed Sofa Combination Furniture

    We’re all familiar with beds that fold out from sofas, but few do so as easily and elegantly as this one by Flou. In Modernist tradition, the form of the bed is also partly visible in the form of the couch with each fold-out layer articulated individually.

    Transforming Furniture Chair to Kitchenette

    Now this one is particularly strange: a stove and kitchen workspace that doubles as a comfortable chair? An odd combination to be sure, but it is a step in an interesting direction. This kind of out-of-the-box thinking could result in furniture that not only serves a similar function to its counterpart but that would have different purposes in various rooms around a house.

    0 Modular Bedroom Furniture Design.

    2 Modular Bedroom Furniture Set

    3 Modular Bedroom Furniture Set

    4 Modular Bedroom Furniture Set

    Would you believe that everything shown in the above image can be fit into a box that is less than 3 feet by 4 feet? The creative furniture within can be carried, unpacked and rapidly assembled by just two people. It probably goes without saying but: the box itself is also reused in the final results. Check out the video below to see the boxed room in action and go here to see more awesome urban furniture!