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Lastest Design Popupar Comfortable Modern leather bed

posted by Office Designer

lasrest design popular comfortable mordern

Quick Details

Type: Bedroom Furniture Specific Use: Home Bed General Use: Home Furniture
Material: Genuine Leather Appearance: Modern Style: Soft Bed
Folded: No Inflatable: No Size: King
Place of Origin: China (Mainland) Brand Name: Langmuir Model Number: B004
colour: white, black


Modern leather bed
1, Nice Modern design bed
2, excellent bed workmanship
3, competitive price


The stylish Harper leather sectional sofa

posted by Home & Office Furniture Desgin

The Harper sectional is one of the most stylish and chic pieces of furniture I’ve seen lately. This sectional sofa is a modern piece of furniture and it was handcrafted of maple. The frame also features a hand-applied coffee-bean finish. In order to make it even more elegant and also for a chic contrast of colors, the sofa has been upholstered using white leather.

The shape of the sectional is rather simple. It’s the diamond-tufted back that makes this piece stand out. As for the dimensions, the Harper sectional sofa measures 100.5″L x 129″W. the sofa is produced in the USA by Old Hickory Tannery. The company was founded more than 30 years ago and it’s still a family business, owned and operated in Hickory, North Carolina. The company originally focused on fine leather upholstery but with time it started to be equally known for its fabric-covered creations. The Harper sofa is a fine example of leather furniture.

With such a simple and yet such a gracious and stylish design, the Harper sofa would integrate very beautifully into a spacious living room, one with a modern décor but not necessarily. The sectional would look equally good in a more traditional home, as long as it looks good in the décor.


Coin Sofa Chair

posted by Home & Office Furniture Desgin
Introduction: This creative indoor and outdoor furniture, indoor coin constructed sofa, chairs hanging everywhere shelter’s to see their creative Competition, to show their unique charm.
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Coins in the sofa watching the temptation of money

Coin Sofa Chair

Money for any one person has irresistible charm, because it can make your life becomes very beautiful. But money itself does not make you feel more happy, but how much money you have.

Coin chair

Artist Johnny Swing from another creative way to have the money, he designed this building to show off with a coin on the sofa, to coin gives an artistic temperament, the charm of money received from the art of sublimation.

Coin chair

Coins are irresistible, so money is also very attractive sofa presumably Oh!


Creative style bookshelves

posted by Home & Office Furniture Desgin
Introduction: Reading is a pleasant thing, but when the book store to become troubled, you had to resort to a bookcase. Flexible shelves can be placed in any space, whether it is made to order or buy products, there are many shelves of purchase considerations, see the following case, it should give you some tips.
Keywords: Household Products and bookcase style decorative home accessories home decorating modern minimalist style of the study
For space: a corner of the living room or bedroom, a small reading area

Design Focus: Even if you have a special study, and laying the purchase of a large bookcase was full to the brim, you also need a small shelf for storing books and magazines daily to see. It can be placed in the living room corner, the corner of the bedroom can also be, as long as it a wall, you can create a reading area for you. Staggered back to the formation of the level of shape space, just right for a variety of books and magazine format.

For space: the walls of corridors or partitions

Design Focus: Who says only smooth vertical and horizontal shelves, so “soft” bookshelf in my room is absolutely eye-catching. Control arm mounting location is best achieved when the height of lift. Should not be placed too many books, leaving an appropriate gap in order to reflect its Smart.

For space: a small or moderate size of the study units

Design Focus: No matter how much the area has a library, use forever will feel less a few square meters, if the shelf is also incorporating both features, all the better. The design is to provide a shelf lockers, and its door with a push-push design, not undermine the overall beauty. In the absence of back, can see the white wall directly in the visual area to expand a small space.

For space: a large area of ​​the TV backdrop, Shelves can be used as a TV backdrop to expand

Design Focus: The shelves will be fixed to the TV background wall, place the books in place while also liked the CD, but not too full of it, part of the blank highlights the fact that its personality. The level of different internal storage format is that it is different from the ordinary characteristics of the shelf, you can place objects according to different heights.


A Tale of Two Houses for Home Office from The Suite Life

posted by Home & Office Furniture Desgin

The office at A Tale of Two Houses can ?be shuttered from the living room/private portion ?by closing a movable decorative wall system, with an upstairs bedroom and bathroom where clients can stay overnight.Fleischmann wanted two A Tale of Two Houses for the price of one at your home office. Ever the demanding client, Fleischmann and company needed a solution that was both flexible and open for the working and private areas, but could also serve as a forum for entertaining clients and casual meetings. Everything you need to know about A Tale of Two Houses from The Suite Life of Zack & Cody. Add on a pool ( and a pool house) and a separate guest house, all heated by gas. His needs as half of the advertising agency Fleischmann & Kirsch meant much of his time was spent in front of a computer and could be done from a your home office furniture. When Ulrich Fleischmann approached architect Maki Kuwayama, of Unit A Architecture in Stuttgart, Germany, to design A Tale of Two Houses at to home equity rates and office space, he was looking for a deal.

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Living Room Interior Design Ideas

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Kitchen and Living Room Interior Decorating Ideas

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While you live in small home or apartment, interior organization is a must have skills to create your small space look larger. Here’s an interior decorating ideas of “living and cooking” , you can see the several unique ideas about interiors that combine the two and how to integrate a kitchen in a living room. This living room and kitchen was create for a family of four, with spacious rooms, large access to the kitchen and the possibility to keep an eye on the children while having coffee for example. We hope you like this decorating idea and agree that is a perfect combination for small home.



Wall System Design for Contemporary Living Room

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There are some of the selection of contemporary living room furniture that not only looks great, but is extremely functional and versatile. Wall System Design is absolutely Great and must be give your space a contemporary feel and personalized touch with a variety of furniture options. Whether you’re looking for a casual and laid back look, sleek and stylish, or modern and cutting-edge. They offers a wide variety of urban living room furniture to suit your taste. Check for some following Wall System design that I collect for you such as Wall System White Lacquer, Wall System Walnut Veneer, Wall System with Sliding Door-Black Stained Oak Veneer, Wall System with Magazine Shelves-Black Stained Oak Veneer, Wall System with Top and Base Cabinet, and also Wall System Long Models-Black Stained Oak Veneer.