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Closet Ideas That You Can Use

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Many people feel that lots storage space make a great house. Finding the right closet ideas is critical in maximizing its potential.  The size, design and number of closets really can make a home much more comfortable and efficient.  Many times homes are designed with a minimum of storage space in an effort to increase the living space. This is a real mistake since without well designed closets much of the clothes and material that we accumulate will end up in our living spaces.   All of which makes your home look cluttered and less efficient.

If you are designing a new home you really need to make your builder and architect aware that you want quality designed storage spaces in the design.  If you are an organization freak then you can never have too much storage space. Let’s face it the best way to prevent clutter in any space is to have organized storage.  A well designed home will have as much as 20 percent of its total square footage in closet and storage. Cufflinks It is much better to have smaller uncluttered living space then to have large areas that are full of clothing, boxes and equipment that should be properly stored. A qualified architect will help you make sure your closet ideas are functional and efficient.

If you already own a home and are looking for closet ideas to maximize your storage and reduce clutter you can use one of the many online storage space websites to achieve your goal. Depending on where you live you may have to hire an architect to help in your design. Many homeowners like to build and design their own storage areas. Consulting with your local building department before you begin will save you both time and money.  The best place to search for closet ideas is on line. There are many companies that specialize in home and office storage design and construction. Many of these storage specialty companies have design software located on their websites that will assist you in your closet design.  When you are finished with your design efforts you can either purchase the company’s products and install them yourself or you can contract with them to have it installed by a professional.
The larger home improvement stores such as Lowes and Home Depot will be glad to assist you with your closet ideas in both the design and installation. In addition you will find that the cost of their products is in general lower than most storage specialty contractors and companies. Shopping around for both materials and installation can save you a substantial amount of money.
Implementing good closet ideas will make your home or business more functional and efficient. A great benefit to installing and using storage spaces correctly is that your living and working space with be much easier to clean and keep clean.  Investing in well thought out storage is a great investment in your home or business.


Custom Design Wardrobe

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  Designer Wardrobes

   When it comes to wardrobe design, organization is the key, everything needs to have a place and there needs to be a place for everything in your Wardrobe Design. You need to determine how much storage space you need, a custom designed wardrobe can provide you with the opportunity of re-vamping the way you store your clothes and can reduce any wasted space. Remember that a big misconception is with Wardrobe Design that women have more clothes than men, this is untrue, and women have more clothes that require hanging. So determine how much hanging space you need, you don’t need too many drawers and you only need them for underwear anything else is wasting space.

Discount Wardrobes 

When it comes down to Wardrobe Design for your home, careful consideration is required, you need to take into consideration the size of the room, how much light enters the room, how many shelves, hangers and additional storage do you require. Wardrobe Design means simple things that you may not think too much about but need to be can be something as simple as the doors for your wardrobe. Just because you don’t notice your closet door, don’t be fooled into thinking that it doesn’t have an impact on the room. If you have a darker room you will want something that is light, are you matching your existing décor or are you going to mix it up.

Childrens Wardrobes 

Here is a guideline to help you measure the length of rails you require for your Wardrobe Design.

1. Clothes that entail a “lengthy” (greater than 1000mmm drop) hanging space … coats, dresses, long skirts, etc.
2. Clothes that require a “short” (less than 1000mm drop) hanging space … jackets, trousers, shirts, blouses, skirts, etc.
3. Clothes that are better stored “folded” … jumpers, sweatshirts, etc.
4. Clothes that are best stored in “drawers” … underwear, socks, tights, handkerchiefs, etc.
5. Various Items to store on “racks” … belts, ties, shoes, etc.
6. Non clothes items to sit on “shelves” … hats, books, photo albums, family papers, etc.

One common question about Wardrobe Design is whether to go with custom or pre packaged. Custom Wardrobe Design will always be a favorite so you can have it personally designed for you, but a pre packaged wardrobe can be just as effective and usually the cheaper of the two. There are so many options to look at with kits that you should not have any problems making the best use of your wardrobe space, just take the time to design the space.

When you have determined your rails and drawer space, don’t forget a space for shoes. There is exact right or wrong way when it comes to your wardrobe design, it depends on your needs, and the result should be that you exceed your storage, it should look fabulous and it should be affordable.