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Yahoo’s Office with the concept of Minimalist Design

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Yahoo’s Office with the concept of Minimalist Design is the concept of a building which was designed in a minimalist may be made that gives the impression of a room full of furniture quality. Harmony and the color of the walls of the building as the most important element because it is very prominent and are directly aligned with your eye level. The dominant forms and fields will greatly support the creation of the theme of the room. What’s more the color will return to determine the proper aura of the room we want to create. Indeed the selection of colors that we want to use an expression of self-expression and mood. Selection of purple color as the wall of his room yahoo with existing accessories and as his profile.

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Small Space Design Office with a Minimalist Style

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Small Space Design Office with a minimalist style room with a minimalist concept because the narrowness of the land to set up a small room with a concept design office space we can give examples of the concept of minimalism and consuming too much land. Harmony and the color of the walls of the room as the most important element because it is very prominent and are directly aligned with your eye level. The dominant forms and fields will greatly support the creation of the theme of the room. What’s more the color will return to determine the proper aura of the room we want to create. Indeed the selection of colors that we want to use an expression of self-expression and mood. Selection of the walls a bright color with a unique parakeet floor and minimalist furniture that looks modern and minimalist your room, a room divider can work with a clear glass as her medium. Green Living with the green plants in your room look more natural and fresh and for lighting table lamps and lanterns pull into one of the alternatives for the lighting of this space.

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Modern office interior design with futuristic style by Jump Studio

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This is the engine office interior that located in London, designed by Jump Studio. The concepts of contemporary office design need to reflect the client’s personality, have modern, co-ordinated, quality materials, futuristic style, colours and finishes. The designer challenge is how to create a space that would appeal to a board range of tastes while respecting with minimalist style. Elegant and modern, available in different colour combinations, suitable for covering any kind of modern office furniture.

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Office modular furniture and office storage cabinets

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Use modular office furniture to furnish your office. Office modular furniture and office storage cabinets are the keys to demanding solutions for office furniture requirements. Modern office furniture includes modular computer desks, assembled bookcases, file cabinets, storage cabinets, and more. Home office furniture is instrumental in creating a collaborative environment with emphasis on efficiency and space management. For more info visit – Furniture home office

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Office interior with modern meeting room design

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Modern office interior and meeting room design – Talking of a general or commercial office, some guiding factors for interior decorating are freedom of movement, appearance and maximum space utilization. Moreover the design of the interior of the office was meant to develop the psychological effect from meeting scenario between the director and the subordinate, with the guest or with the colleague. This meeting room design that is ideal for meetings in the office, meeting rooms and soft design-workshop space. chair with a comfortable meeting room make you feel comfortable to discuss or meeting. In the meantime meeting space was the formal conference room where participants was in the position sat that was equal. Conference room interiors should be designed seeing the comfort level of the employee & make sure the conference room design does not allow the external sound to interfere the internal interaction. Also keep in mind to measure the room before you purchase the conference room table and the chairs.




Elegant and Creative Home Office Designs

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Home office is the new thing which has given a new change and innovation to the corporate world. Many individuals are working as bosses and transformed their role from an executive into an entrepreneur. This type of transformation has completely brought the real time difference in style.In this post we would like to present 10 elegant and creative home office designs.Furthermore, we think the designs bellow will help improve the overall design of the rooms.

comparison search for making successful and real time home office. Make sure that you undertake real time efforts to plan best and fully functional home office design. This will ensure great enhancement and make you the boss of your trade. Home offices are comfortable offices but only if you make their designs look comfortable and happening.


Saturno Unique Round Glass Office Table by Staino&Staino.

Remember, to keep your search limited to only quality home office designs, or else it will not solve any real time purpose. Your design for home office will depend upon the type of activities which you want to conduct out there in the home. Will it be only you who want to be the part of the office or is it that you want to include more people and form a team? Your specifications are very important as home offices are usually designed on particular set of specifications.


Economic and Ergonomic Qualities Office Furniture

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This Economic and Ergonomic Qualities Office Furniture is available with universal armrests or with ring-shaped armrests, logistic offers the same technical and ergonomic features. With its fresh, clear lines is suitable for use in a number of different environments and automatically adapts to each user, thus encouraging them to sit in a better, more dynamic position. The synchronised mechanism and forward tilt ensure the user is always correctly supported. The height, width and angle of the armrests is adjustable, giving continuous support to the lower arm – particularly useful for computer workstations. The backrest height is easily adjusted for optimal support. The range of movement within a large reclining angle can be locked into any position with the Stop-and-Go mechanism. Backrest resistance can be fine-tuned according to individual preference.

This office furniture features a clearly visible mechanism – an aesthetic feature with ecological advantages: all parts are either screwed or pushed together and can be easily dismantled, replaced and, in many cases, recycled. All functions and settings are clear and easy to understand. Backrest and seat shells are available in light or dark plastic (warmgrey and basic dark). Choose between two upholstery fabrics in various shades. The basis: a table with careful detailing in the rounded edges and the ducts for cables and accessories, such as lamps.

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Ergonomic Office Task Chairs

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Generation by Cheungking

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picture 32 Generation by Knoll

The elastic design of Generation offers a new level of comfort and unrestrained movement. Designed in collaboration with research-driven Formway Design, Generation is responsive and easy to use, enabling individual expression and supporting diverse work styles.  Generation’s material and design innovations facilitate its unique FlexBack, Dynamic Suspension and FlexSeat, and this revolutionary product reflects our commitment to environmental sustainability.

[Generation by Knoll]

picture 41 Generation by Knoll
The Idea

Generation is the result of Formway Design’s empirical research on how people sit  throughout the day. This research revealed that sitting is actually an amalgam of an assortment of positions. Recognizing that the basic assumption about office seating-that there is one optimal way to sit-was flawed, Formway and Knoll joined forces to create a chair that adjusts to its user. Generation does not force you to choose between freedom of movement and continuous support, but, instead, provides both, simultaneously.

picture 6 Generation by Knoll

Why Holistic Ergonomics Matters

While international ergonomic guidelines offer a baseline for office chair design, we extend our mandate to include “holistic ergonomics,” the discipline of designing products that encourage free expression, creativity and engagement in the workplace. Holistic ergonomics recognizes that there is not one right way to sit and that a chair should support as many postures as possible.  Generation responds to the way people really sit, utilizing new materials that deliver a new level of support and comfort.

picture 7 Generation by Knoll

Elastic Design Edge

Generation moves as you move. Generation takes the idea of elastic design-where a product rearranges itself in response to its user-to a new level.  Building on the inherent properties of a  material that has been used in a range of consumer and industrial applications, Generation literally flexes as you change position, responding to your movements. This high performance elastomer gives Generation’s FlexBack and Dynamic Suspension control its flexibility-there are no additional parts involved-so it is, essentially upholstery and mechanism, form and function all in one.

picture 8 Generation by Knoll

Material Innovation

Material innovation is at the core of Generation. Until now, high performance elastomer has never been used in this way in office seating, and one of its most common uses-as a hinge on dishwasher doors-gives a good indication of its features: durability and flexibility. This advanced material meets Knoll Design for the Environment Guidelines, which specify design for durability; using minimum, non-toxic recyclable and/or rapidly renewable materials. An alternate version of the Generation material in development  utilizes renewable content derived from corn.


Ergonomic Office Chair

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Tips for setting up your ergonomic workstation: Correct placement of you monitor and keyboard can reduce eye, arm, back, shoulder and neck fatigue. Improper posture caused by an inadequate chair or a chair that is improperly adjusted along with awkward hand and keyboard positions can result in early day fatigue. Long periods of repetitive work can lead to hand, neck, and back pain and ultimately injury. Ergonomics is the applied science focused on human use. Ergonomics provides an array of information critical to the design and proper use of office equipment, furniture and computer accessories.

Chair Position:

Adjust the height of your chair so your upper thighs are parallel to the floor. Adjust the back support so your back is firmly supported and angled slightly backward while your feet are fully supported on the floor or a footrest.











Keyboard Position:

The height for your keyboard and mouse, should be set so your hands, wrists and forearms are in a straight line and are level with your elbows when your arms are comfortably at your sides.

Monitor Position:

The top of the monitor screen should be even with your forehead and directly in front of you. A good rule of thumb is an arms length distance. Your eyes should look slightly dowward, approximately 15º to 30º.

If you use bifocals, lower the monitor below eye level and turn the screen upward, tilt the screen back 30º to 45º.

Remember that even if your workstation is set up properly, you can still experience muscle fatigue from being in the same position too long. Muscles are meant for movement not to hold static positions. It is important to periodically adjust your chair and change positions to help avoid fatigue. Be sure to stand and stretch your back and arms periodically.

Features of a quality ergonomic chair:

  • Steel frame construction is the foundation for the longest lasting and most durable chairs. Automotive inspired designs provide the best overall support and must be strong to pass government safety standards.

  • Firm backrest design with angle adjustment. Many chairs have backrests that “flop” around. The backrests based on automotive designs lock into position so the backrest and seat cushion become fixed. This provides solid back support.

  • Air lumbar adjustment. A triple chamber design is preferred. This design tends to be self-equalizing as it will spread the support and not feel like a ball pressing on your lower back.

  • Height and angle adjustable headrest. A good design allows you to kick-back and relax your neck periodically.

  • Adjustable armrests that can be lowered or flipped up out of the way. The best designs offer a solid feel when pressure is applied. Poorly designed armrests can feel “springy” or flop back and forth. Many persons use the armrests to help themselves out of the chair. Inferior designs can move unpredictably when pushing yourself out of the chair.

  • Seat height and tilt adjustable. Nearly all manufacturers offer adjustable seats today.

What is an ergonomic chair ?

Not everybody knows exactly what ergonomic means, but it’s getting to the point where everybody knows an “ergonomic chair” is better than just some plain old chair.

So, What Is an Ergonomic Chair?

Ergonomics is the study of equipment designed with humans in mind, meant to reduce operator fatigue and discomfort. Specifically, an ergonomic chair should be highly adjustable, including not just a knob for lowering and raising the chair but adjustability in the back tilt and the height of the arm rests. An ergonomic chair should also have a sturdy frame , a great deal of support, especially in the lumbar region, and padding that has some give and supports your body without losing shape. In conclusion an ergonomic chair is a chair that provides comfort to both the seat and back to the user.

An ergonomic office chair should help increase back and neck support to help improve posture and prevent slouching. Employees frequently experience back pain because they sit in their chairs for long periods of time. This increases stress in the spine, neck, arms, shoulders, and legs as well as in various muscles. A chair that isn’t ergonomically friendly can also aggravate existing conditions.

There are many types of ergonomic chairs available for use in the office. No one type is necessarily the best, but there are some things that are very important to look for in a good ergonomic office chair. These things will allow the individual user to make the chair work well for his or her specific needs.


What features should a good ergonomic office chair possess?

Seat Height

Seat height should be easily adjustable. A pneumatic adjustment lever is the easiest way to do this. This allows the user to have his or her feet flat on the floor, with thighs horizontal and arms even with the height of the desk.

Seat width and depth

A chair seat should feel comfortable when you initially sit down, and should remain that way after you’ve been seated for a significant period of time. The seat should have enough width and depth to support any user comfortably. The depth (from front to back of the seat) needs to be enough so that the user can sit with his or her back against the backrest of the ergonomic office chair while leaving approximately 2 to 4 inches between the back of the knees and the seat of the chair. The forward or backward tilt of the seat should be adjustable.


Seat material.

The material on the seat and back of the ergonomic office chair should have enough padding to be comfortable to sit on for extended periods of time. Having a cloth fabric that breathes is preferable to a harder surface. Skip the leather. A breathable cloth fabric will be better than any harder material. Make sure that there is enough padding for it to be comfortable for long periods of time. Cloth upholstery isn’t as easy to clean as vinyl, and cloth covered foam has the potential to harbor dust mites. However, vinyl–type or leather coverings don’t breathe as easily as cloth, which may cause discomfort after prolonged sitting. Fabric is the key to a chair’s durability. Look for permeable material that breathes, like the mesh Pellicle material in Herman Miller’s Aeron chair, which conforms to the body. If you would like to find more about seating materials you can read more here.

Lumbar support.

 Lower back support in an ergonomic office chair is very important. The lumbar spine has an inward curve, and sitting for long periods without support for this curve tends to lead to slouching (which flattens the natural curve) and strains the structures in the lower spine. An ergonomic chair should have a lumbar adjustment (both height and depth) so each user can get the proper fit to support the inward curve of the lower back.


The backrest of an ergonomic office chair should be 12 to 19 inches wide. If the backrest is separate from the seat, it should be adjustable in height and angle. It should be able to support the natural curve of the spine, again with special attention paid to proper support of the lumbar region. If the office chair has the seat and backrest together as one piece, the backrest should be adjustable in forward and back angles, with a locking mechanism to secure it from going too far backward once the user has determined the appropriate angle.



Adjustable armrests are best since they allow user’s arms to rest and relax at the right height. Depending on your work style and requirements, you may not need armrests on your office chair, since they may get in your way as you move around. They should allow the user’s arms to rest comfortably and shoulders to be relaxed. The elbows and lower arms should rest lightly, and the forearm should not be on the armrest while typing.


Any conventional style or ergonomic office chair should easily rotate so the user can reach different areas of his or her desk without straining. 


Marc Justus Comandare Chair

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Marc Justus Comandare Chair » image 1

Design study and prototype based on the famous Herman Miller® Aeron Chair, inspired by modern consumerism. The design is targeted at the young digital generation, which has a reputation for living a rather sedentary and TV-filled existence. It takes the ergonomic office chair to the next level by making it a recliner-like lounger suitable for supine computing.