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Prince Chair Design in Butterfly Accent

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From far and seen at first glance you might think this chair is shaped like a butterfly. Backrest look like butterfly wings and there is a varied pattern and also symmetrical right and left. Legs tilt pedestal centered in the middle because the chair seat is in the middle. Material is using steel powder-coated frames in two colors namely white and black. While the seating using neoprene rubber to maximize the comfort. Height is 800mm, width 1000mm and depth 800mm. This chair named prince because in the first designer to design a chair in a competition for a seat prince. And the result today, this design provides inspiration for an innovative design for outdoor decorative.

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Super-chair By Mr. Impossible arrives

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A new sitting home Kartell, comes Mr. Impossible A super-chair a shell that appears to float in the air. Signed Philippe Starck, Mr. Impossible was presented in Milan, March 6 last, at the Kartell flagstore to celebrate twenty years of collaboration between Starck and Kartell. A perfect combination of design and plastic materials for productions are always original, colorful and lively that emphasize and enhance the expressive qualities of polymers as well as their versatility.

The fragile and evanescent appearance is belied by the strength obtained by using a new technique of welding between the seat and frame.

The big challenge, almost impossible, won by Kartell through which it could obtain, through a highly sophisticated technical procedure, the welding of two shells oval: the transparent structure and the seat, as opaque and translucent, are, in fact, leaning on each other in an indestructible, ensuring a seamless fusion of two areas for a truly amazing visual effect.

The legs and the trunk empty transparent circular support leaving the seat to be suspended from the ground and giving it an absolute lightness and harmony.

All this creates colorful and transparencies that are pleasing and elegant combination of the keyword Kartell-Starck.

Mr.Impossibile, sitting by the harmonious lines drawn by the great Philippe Starck, Has literally conquered the jury that awarded the Good Design Award for Furniture.


Beautiful Piece of Furniture – Evitavonni Blue Chair

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The Evitavonni Blue Chair is a piece of furniture with a brilliant color of blue that makes the chair an inevitable focal point for any room. The design is suitable for contemporary interiors and is truly iconic, the quilted effect with interspersed buttons playing with the norms of more traditional furniture. The chair looks good, and I’m pretty sure that it will cost some money but you have a good looking piece of furniture that can last a lifetime. Finally to make everything look even better the chair comes equipped with a comfortable matching footstool.Via

evitavonni blue chair