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Unusual transparent chair designed by Nendo

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The Japanese company Nendo came up with this cool idea of designing a transparent chair. It’s a very interesting piece of furniture that doesn’t need to share the same color or texture as the rest of the pieces from the room because well…it’s transparent.

The chair is made from polyurethane film which is commonly used as a packing material for precision instruments and products that are susceptible to vibration and shock. It has a very interesting feature: it;s able to return to its original state and it’s very flexible. When incorporated in a chair design it creates a very fun piece of furniture.

When used, it wraps and supports the user’s body like a hammock, giving him a very comfortable feeling. It’s definitely an interesting piece that will generate a lot of contrasting comments. It will certainly become the focal point of attention. Also because of it’s flexible nature, it can be easily packed and stored somewhere when it’s not used. This way you can save some space. Have fun and enjoy.


Innovative Cocoon Chair Designs that use as Bed Set

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Innovative house furniture decorations were becomes the main idea of these bedding decorations. We can see clearly that the designer was wanted to bring a new performance of bedding decorations here. Furthermore, we will get unusual ideas when we were apply on since this furniture can be portable furniture and can be mobile bedding ideas. the portable bedding decorations in this furniture will completely rob our attention since the designer was accommodate those who love to travel and getting close with the nature. Through this integrated bedding furniture chair decor we can both relax and relax take a rest here. The cocoon system of this bed will give us a comfortable space for relax and enjoy the sleeping activity. The practical cocoon chair layouts can be apply on since the ideas of this bed was simple and functional furthermore, the cocoon system was help us to get a deep warm atmosphere when we were use this chair bed design. As the complete inspirations, pay more attention through these modern bedding stuff designsin the simple cocoon chair ideas. Via Les M

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Shell Chair the Smile Chair Design

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Shell chair is often called the seat of artistic design. This site is designed with triangular legs so as it keeps decorative viewed from any side. Shell chair is also often referred to as the smile chair for seating that has a curved shape typical smile. Shell in seating designed for the purpose of draw attention to the curved shape like wings in the middle. It’s like a chair smiling. The shape and artistic design are not separated from the role material. Materials made of wood veneer formed and pressed in the middle so as to form curved. On one side of wood oiled oak, ash or walnut with black lacquered. And for the seating could use a cloth or leather.

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Super-chair By Mr. Impossible arrives

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A new sitting home Kartell, comes Mr. Impossible A super-chair a shell that appears to float in the air. Signed Philippe Starck, Mr. Impossible was presented in Milan, March 6 last, at the Kartell flagstore to celebrate twenty years of collaboration between Starck and Kartell. A perfect combination of design and plastic materials for productions are always original, colorful and lively that emphasize and enhance the expressive qualities of polymers as well as their versatility.

The fragile and evanescent appearance is belied by the strength obtained by using a new technique of welding between the seat and frame.

The big challenge, almost impossible, won by Kartell through which it could obtain, through a highly sophisticated technical procedure, the welding of two shells oval: the transparent structure and the seat, as opaque and translucent, are, in fact, leaning on each other in an indestructible, ensuring a seamless fusion of two areas for a truly amazing visual effect.

The legs and the trunk empty transparent circular support leaving the seat to be suspended from the ground and giving it an absolute lightness and harmony.

All this creates colorful and transparencies that are pleasing and elegant combination of the keyword Kartell-Starck.

Mr.Impossibile, sitting by the harmonious lines drawn by the great Philippe Starck, Has literally conquered the jury that awarded the Good Design Award for Furniture.


The Bomb – Cool and Funky Chair Design by Adrenalina

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This one is an amazing and unique design of a chair. Adrenalina Company Italia was released this chair design for you.  The bomb is a cool and funky chair design suitable for both rooms decorated in a relaxing place else. The color pink tends feminism but funky style makes this chair deserves to anyone. Designs like the ninja weapons such as accessories or bracelet with a sharp-pointed on each side. Although a little makes the uniqueness of its design, but this chair is made of thick foam that looked very comfortable to sit. The bomb, cool and funky chair design using pointy legs made of iron that is automatically strongly support the weight.



Rosie White-Walnut Lounge Chair Design

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This is from club lounge collection for living room, dining room, and kitchen decoration. The best quality can be found in this chair, with a captivating and simple design makes your room look stylish. This lounge chair uses material stainless steel, faux leather seats, and walnut-veneered backrest. Rosie is the white-walnut color combination’s Available in white with red backs. Frame lounge chair is made of stainless steel with synthetic leather-covered foam but still comfortable to use.

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Birch Furniture – Ode Birch Chairs

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The poetic forms of the birch furniture by Jolyon Yates may indeed inspire verses of admiration. Contemporary, organic Ode chairs; this stunning furniture is handcrafted in Northumberland, England. The chairs are stripped back to their essential, flowing lines, and interpreted into natural birch laminate forms. Shown here are chairs including the charming Leaf stool, the easy-going Savannah rocker and the tranquil Ocean rocker. Like a piece of art or sculpture, the Ode chair will add style and grace to any home, urban or rural. Finished in satin lacquer, the beauty of the grained birch wood is a gift of nature. Contact Jolyon Yates to find out more about their Ode furniture collection.




V Chairs

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V Chairs

Verikon Furniture has created 2 somewhat unique chairs – theShelleyand theLobster. In some way it draws it inspiration from the Famous “Ægget by Arne Jacobsen”, but it is still so different that they are unique in their own rights.

The designers are currently making a footstool and a sidetable to go with the chairs. And, they will be available in selected stores by mid-march




Curved Upholstered Chair

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A contemporary take on seating, with a curvaceous silhouette. Upholstered in smooth, supple top-grain leather or durable, stain-resistant soft velvet fabric. Detailed with subtle button tufting.
Curved Upholstered Chair

• 21″w x 21.5″d x 36″h; 19″h seat

• Durable wood construction

• Padded sloped arms

• Solid wood legs with a chocolate stain

• Spot clean

• Simple assembly

• Imported

Curved Upholstered Chair - 1


Top grain leather is light corrected oil-pull up leather in which the color is first dyed to the raw hides, once this occurs the hides go through a dry milling and buffing process and are then finally sprayed with pigment/finished to create a tonal effect.

CARE: Velvet

Dust and vacuum often.

CARE: Leather

Weekly: use a clean, soft, lint free cloth slightly dampened with distilled water, wipe area gently.


Meltdown Chair

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Designer Tom Price has created this chair by heating and pressing a seat-shaped former into a ball of polypropylene rope.

The rope begins to liquify as it comes into contact with the heated former and, as it cools, it sets in the shape of a seat creating a contrast in form and texture to the remaining rope. No additional material has been added to make the seat – it is all made from melted rope.

Why stop at rope? Why not just pile together some garbage and make a seat out of that? Or melt down an existing chair? Or your grandma? The possibilities are endless!