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Bedroom Furniture Feng Shui

posted by Home & Office Furniture Desgin

Feng Shui & Bedroom Furniture

It is pretty simple to apply the principles of feng shui to your bedroom furniture. While feng shui is an ancient practice and requires knowledge and skill to master, you can rearrange some items on your own to achieve the basic idea. In modern times, feng shui has deviated somewhat from its origins. While it was originally concerned with locating ideal places for homes and agriculture, it is now mainly utilized to optimize the placement of furniture. This can be done anywhere throughout the home, but the bedroom is where most people begin. Here are some of the basic principles for feng shui-ing your bedroom furniture.

The first step is to understand the concept of feng shui. By utilizing laws from the earth and the universe, feng shui is believed to bring about positive energy. This is a very simplistic interpretation, but to many westerners this is far as their understanding goes. When applied to bedroom furniture, there is the belief that if you arrange your furniture in a certain way, then you can maximize the positive energy flowing throughout the room. There is no set method for feng shui, as many practitioners have different styles and rules they follow.

It is also possible to take the common perception of feng shui and apply it to your bedroom furniture. Many people think that feng shui is as simple as arranging your furniture in a balanced and symmetrical way. You can easily do this on your own without a feng shui practitioner. Try to get an idea of the shape and direction of your bedroom. Drawing it to scale on paper may help. Then, arrange your furniture to correspond to the angles and lengths of the walls. While it is debatable that this will have an effect on the energy in your room or getting good fortune through Feng Shui, you will be able to notice the added symmetry and visual balance.

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Feng Shui Your Office

posted by Home & Office Furniture Desgin

Feng Shui is all about the environment around us bringing peace, happiness and harmony into our lives; this also applies to the office. A few simple alterations can help improve your business and enhance your career prospects.

Here are some tips which will keep the energy flowing in your workplace:

1. Your office desk should be situated at a diagonal to the doorway or directly facing it; not with your back to it.
2. Do not have clutter in your office; desks must always be kept tidy and clutter free.
3. You should always sit so that you have a solid wall behind your back to ensure that you have support; you should never sit with a window behind you.
4. The colour blue, either in carpets or on the walls, is a relaxing and peaceful colour to work in. It also helps to increase career ambitions.
5. You should never hold back on the use of plants in the office. These help to absorb secret arrows or negative ch¡¯i and they also bring a little nature into a technical environment.
6. In your office you should never have the main door opening inwards to your table as the chi coming in will hit you in your face causing you not to have good luck; instead it will bring more obstacles and problems.