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Furniture industry under crisis danger and opportunity

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The world financial crisis causes the world the expense atrophy, the export comprehensive drop.Deeply feels this spot deeply in our country’s Furniture industry, the Furniture Industry feels the unprecedented impact fully in 2008.If Dongguan also has more than 2000 Furniture Enterprises in at the beginning of 2008 only to be left over to August minute more than 400, exports the order form sharp decline 50%, this economic crisis indeed gives the very big crisis which many furniture enterprise brings.But the strength relative strong furniture enterprise under the crisis, is maintaining the stable development.Believed this crisis only is a furniture industry reorganization, the standard process, has built the solid foundation for a future furniture industry better development.
Proverb: Has the danger to be organic.The very many furniture enterprise sells internally under this environment by the foreign trade extension.Policy supports and so on enhancement exportation recovery rate promotes which in the government with to real estate macroeconomic regulation and control impetus under, the recent Furniture Market it may be said sunny day one piece.Is visiting happy understood from the furniture market and the partial Furniture Production enterprise, the furniture sold internally the market already to be comprehensive recently returns to warmer weather, the sales volume and the same time last year compared increased 3~5 tenths at least, if carried on reduction promotion, the sales volume was the large growth, compared with the same time last year grows 50%~80%.Has not expected in this year first half year that badly, appeared the obvious return to warmer weather.
Regarding the foreign trade, our country exports to Europe and America drops very in a big way.But China has an ancient proverb: The east side not bright west side is bright.Again export big province Guangdong, in 2009 the first half year, Guangdong exports the furniture and components more than 4,400,000,000 US dollars, dropped 12% compared to the same time last year.
Among them, exports 1,520,000,000 US dollar and 1,060,000,000 US dollars separately to US and European Union, the distinction drops 26% largely and 11%.But by has the rise to Association of Southeast Asian Nations’s exportation, 3, in April exports the furniture to the Association of Southeast Asian Nations to break through 100,000,000 US dollars critical junctions continuously, the first half year accumulates to the Association of Southeast Asian Nations Exports Furniture 440,000,000 US dollars, the increased range reaches as high as 1.3 times, already close last year whole year to Association of Southeast Asian Nations’s exportation level.Among them, has surpassed 200,000,000 US dollars to the Malaysian export amount, exports furniture 150,000,000 US dollars to Singapore, the increased range swiftly and violently grows 2.3 times.
Looking from the near future, because on the international economic crisis not yet sees the bottom, was still big to the furniture profession negative influence, therefore, under the factor function, this year the furniture profession will maintain the relatively steady growth situation in every way, made the positive contribution for the national economy development.