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Italy red home furniture HD-232

posted by Office Designer

Italy red home furniture HD-232

Quick Details

Type: Living Room Furniture,Set Specific Use: Living Room Sofa General Use: Home Furniture
Material: Genuine Leather Style: Sectional Sofa Regional Style: European Style
Appearance: Modern Inflatable: No Place of Origin: Guangdong China (Mainland)
Brand Name: MAKA SOFA Model Number: HD232 MAKA Italy leather sofa sofa color: BE62173#
single sofa size: 140*108*64/78 cm loveseat sofa size: 210*108*64/78 cm three seater sofa size: 280*108*64/78 cm



1.100% real leather sofa
2.high quality,competitive price
3.16years experience
4.color optional
5. OEM service available

Italy red home furniture HD-232  



sofa size:


one seater 140*108*64/78 cm
two seater 210*108*64/78 cm
three seater 280*108*64/78 cm

Functional dining table with supplementary tabletops

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You never know when extra guests might show up for dinner at your house. In that case you would have to find a dining table large enough for everybody. You wouldn’t want to feel embarrassed by not having one, so the best solution is to always be prepared for this kind of unpredicted situations.

So here’s the perfect table for you. Designed by Morten Georgsen, this normal size dining table has a nice surprise for you. It can be extended in order to provide extra space for extra guests. It takes less than a minute and voilà! A brand new table. It is extremely functional, not to mention that when you’re not using it you can save a lot of space. And it looks good too.

It has a lacquer coating for a longer-lasting finish and the lacquer is water-based in order to diminish the impact on the environment. A surprising piece of furniture that allows you to be ready for any situation that involves food.This functional dining table it’s available for 2395$.


Mobile bookshelf established by heart the same screen

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REVIEW: always thought it was strange a simple screen, carefully read the above is actually only to find some books, the original screen looks like this is a much longer shelf Oh, it’s simple and special design is definitely modern life style expression.
Keywords: Household Products and Furniture Storage Storage Rack bookcase design modern minimalist style

Each study will have a shelf is placed beyond doubt the role of shelves of books, but the original shelves can be folded just as casual as the screen, a type of dual-use, nice!

Free folding, split it easily one of the major characteristics of our study also save a lot of room for it. Perhaps the shelves removed, randomly get some beautiful cloth, you can make a real screen. This design is both a screen shelf, do both.
This eye-catching shelf out of the beautiful appearance and in particular, the materials used it is also quite valuable, it is the Canaletto walnut with oak and made from the surface of the wax to increase the sensory effect is definitely the economy Oh, and durable.

Mobile shelves

Screen looks like the connotation of shelves, books are one manifestation of culture, there was not envisaged such a bookshelf full of books, you will have a feeling of being surrounded by a sea of ​​books it?


Buy Office desk design from cheung king company

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When you strip work down to its fundamental simple features, we can term it as cheung king design. Although the approach you use to style your furniture may be important for you, the appearance should be artistic and should portray simplicity. Cheung king plays a very important role in furniture art and design. It means the general quality that you can find in any type of design structure. Many people have succeeded out of this simplicity and are passionate for more and better.
 Contemporary Office Desk Factory

However,C.K furniture design does not necessarily mean it should be plain. This makes it difficult for a designer to acquire C.K. C.K  furniture design can be best described as quality furniture, which makes you feel good. This is furniture with a good simple design.

 Shaped Office Desk
For you to be able to spend less money on C.K furniture design with an individual taste, it is important that you go for the best designer. The furniture items are attractive but not very overpriced. Many designers work hard to offer good-looking modern C.k furniture designs for mass production and at affordable prices. Your request is matched to the designers’ prices who try their best to serve your needs at a negotiable note. It is therefore important for you to get the price right and to have a purchasing strategy.

 Modern Style Office Desks

Prices for the C.K furniture designers are provided by the designers. You presuppose no accountability for correctness of price information given to you. Therefore, you can give the designer any price that you think can be negotiable and allow you to go home with your furniture. Any pricing discrepancy is observed and the designer is alerted. Taxes on sales are predictable at the zip code rank. Shipping costs are also estimated from the store or sites.
  Office Tables And Chairs

You can get the furniture specifications obtained from third parties, although there are many cases of inaccuracy of product information. Store ratings and artifact reviews are printed and submitted by shoppers online to help you shop well. In many incidences, designers take no blame for the content and reviews submitted by their customers after rating them.For you to have furniture made out of solid wood, it does not make it look more expensive and desirable but it is the modern C.K  furniture design. Instead of going for the costly furniture, there is a lot that you can afford and which are worth it.