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Home office furniture collections with contemporary style from Hulsta

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Create a harmonious atmosphere in your home with contemporary office furniture from Hulsta. The modern home office furniture with stylish design and ergonomic construction is vital for a modern office. Installing modular home office furniture could foster a creative and very personal atmosphere promoting efficiency and productivity. Modern office furniture including office chairs, computer desks, home office desks, executive office, file cabinets and bookcases. Contemporary desk chair makes work more comfortable. These chairs give a home office a modern look and the feel of being in the office without actually being there. Visit Hulsta site.

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Mobile bookshelf established by heart the same screen

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REVIEW: always thought it was strange a simple screen, carefully read the above is actually only to find some books, the original screen looks like this is a much longer shelf Oh, it’s simple and special design is definitely modern life style expression.
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Each study will have a shelf is placed beyond doubt the role of shelves of books, but the original shelves can be folded just as casual as the screen, a type of dual-use, nice!

Free folding, split it easily one of the major characteristics of our study also save a lot of room for it. Perhaps the shelves removed, randomly get some beautiful cloth, you can make a real screen. This design is both a screen shelf, do both.
This eye-catching shelf out of the beautiful appearance and in particular, the materials used it is also quite valuable, it is the Canaletto walnut with oak and made from the surface of the wax to increase the sensory effect is definitely the economy Oh, and durable.

Mobile shelves

Screen looks like the connotation of shelves, books are one manifestation of culture, there was not envisaged such a bookshelf full of books, you will have a feeling of being surrounded by a sea of ​​books it?


Rosie White-Walnut Lounge Chair Design

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This is from club lounge collection for living room, dining room, and kitchen decoration. The best quality can be found in this chair, with a captivating and simple design makes your room look stylish. This lounge chair uses material stainless steel, faux leather seats, and walnut-veneered backrest. Rosie is the white-walnut color combination’s Available in white with red backs. Frame lounge chair is made of stainless steel with synthetic leather-covered foam but still comfortable to use.

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Modern Contemporary Tech Office Desk by Cattelan Italia

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Modern Contemporary Tech Office Desk by Cattelan Italia Modern Contemporary Tech Office Desk by Cattelan Italia

Dimensions(In Inches):
Dimension 1: 47W x 47D x 30H
Dimension 2: 55W x 55D x 30H
Dimension 3: 63W x 63D x 30H
Dimension 4: 71W x 71D x 30H
Material Details :
Top: Wood/Glass
Base: Metal/Aluminum
Shipping time : 10-12 Weeks
Made  : Italy


  • Table with frame in aluminum or matt white or black painted aluminum.
  • Top in white or black matt laminated wood, black painted or extra white tempered glass.
  • The top is laid on the base (8 mm).Top Options:
  • White Laminated
  • Black Laminated
  • Black Painted Glass
  • Extra White GlassBase Options:
  • Matt Black-OP17
  • Matt White-OP71
  • Aluminum
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    Modern Contemporary Executive Office Desk With Modesty Panel by OHF

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     modern-contemporary-executive-office-desk.jpgModern Contemporary Executive Office Desk With Modesty Panel by OHF

    Dimensions(In Inches):
    Entire Composition: 83W x 83D x 28.3H
    Material Details :
    Desk Top: Glass
    Legs: Metal
    Modesty Panel: Leather

    A classy glass top executive desk with distinct style, the Krystal is way ahead in shaping futuristic furniture designs.

    Well-heeled with modern elements, the executive office desk with modesty panel makes a striking entry into contemporary furniture world. The worktop and connecting units in 12-mm crystal glass with sandblasted finish are varnished with aluminum electro-welded support plates.

    The glass desk comes along with an extended table and modesty panel made of bent metal sheet, wrapped in finest black leather. With its ravishing contemporary looks, unhampered leg space and functionality, the desk stands out on its own.


  • The worktop and connecting units are sandblasted and varnished with aluminum electro-welded support plates.
  • The Metal Structure has a 40 mm tubular conic stand.
  • The feet and carter are in ABS, while the varnishing is done with epoxy powder, aluminum finish, RAL 9006.
  • The modesty panel is connected to the central cross-bar of the desk with two supports with epoxy powder, aluminum finish, RAL 9006.
  • Very elegant and comfortable: offers unrestricted leg room.Price mentioned above is for the Desk with Modesty Panel and Left Extension Table.
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