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Wooden desks – home office furniture from Team 7

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When you are furnishing a workspace for your house, you want it to be a stylish and comfortable place to work. Solid wood furniture creates an elegant yet warm and welcoming atmosphere in any room of the home. Their desks are great for home offices when natural warmth of solid hardwood and contemporary design are things which motivates you to do your work better. Cubus and Atelier desks are usual desks with mobile pedestal, although Atelier has a nice feature which could be suitable for a lot of people. For more info visit  Team 7 site for their other wooden furniture products.


Functional dining table with supplementary tabletops

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You never know when extra guests might show up for dinner at your house. In that case you would have to find a dining table large enough for everybody. You wouldn’t want to feel embarrassed by not having one, so the best solution is to always be prepared for this kind of unpredicted situations.

So here’s the perfect table for you. Designed by Morten Georgsen, this normal size dining table has a nice surprise for you. It can be extended in order to provide extra space for extra guests. It takes less than a minute and voilà! A brand new table. It is extremely functional, not to mention that when you’re not using it you can save a lot of space. And it looks good too.

It has a lacquer coating for a longer-lasting finish and the lacquer is water-based in order to diminish the impact on the environment. A surprising piece of furniture that allows you to be ready for any situation that involves food.This functional dining table it’s available for 2395$.


Paramount Fold Away Office Is Portable And Perfect

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Bid adieu to your boring old home office furniture and say hello to the uber sleek Paramount Fold Away Office. Highlighting an innovative approach to the structure of design, the all-in-one unit boasts of fully integrated seating, shelves, and electrical outlet points.You can wheel it away wherever your heart desires on any given day and the security lock ensures no one invades your private sanctum. Designed by Japanese architect Toshihiko Suzuki, the Fold Away Home Office is available in shades of silver, Black, or Red and can be ordered from here.


Natural Wood Coffee Tables – rustic table collection from Chista

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Incredibly, these natural wood coffee tables from Chista manage to be both rustic and ultra modern. Their massive wood construction accentuates the primitive beauty inherent within the wood itself. Yet the sophisticated construction makes the coffee tables suitable for even the sleekest contemporary interior. Landscape, shown above, is a table with a rugged surface remarkable for the natural knots and fascinating imperfections. The solid teak table rests on top of a classy chrome frame. On the other hand, Bell coffee table is made entirely from Jackfruit wood, and shows off with an elegantly polished finish. With a range of stunning coffee tables in natural wood, Chista are interior experts situated in New York.



Kitchen Cabinet Styles

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Kitchen cabinets come in a variety of styles, from traditional to Old World to contemporary and turn any kitchen into a professional chef’s dream kitchen. Any of these Kitchen Cabinet Styles will be the family hub for gathering and entertaining. Please take a look for some design picture below to find the style that suits your kitchen best.

Traditional Kitchen Cabinet Styles Design by C.K


The custom white cabinets and ornate vent hood establish this kitchen’s Old World charm, while modern stools and stainless steel appliances keep the space from looking stodgy.

Old World Kitchen Cabinet Styles Design by C.K


In this kitchen, the finish on the birch cabinets appears handpainted, which allows a hint of the natural wood grain to peek through the soft gray tone. Intricate moldings and corbels give the cabinets a high-end furniture look.

Arts and Crafts Kitchen Cabinet Styles Design by C.K


The simple door details, rustic hardware and open shelves give this kitchen an updated Craftsman feel. Two-toned doors in burgundy and gray have the quality of individual furniture pieces, another feature of the Arts and Crafts period.

Romantic Kitchen Cabinet Styles Design by C.K


Bring romance into the kitchen with white or richly stained cabinets adorned with decorative accents like ornamental molding. The floral accent along the bottom of the raised cabinet and the crown molding at the top of the ceiling-height hutch typify romantic style. Romantic style is ultra-feminine, so don’t be afraid to make your kitchen a Valentine to the style. Go for beautiful, rich pinks on the walls, add dramatic curtains and bring in refined features from the garden, like the topiaries in the windowsill.

Modern Kitchen Cabinet Styles Design by C.K

Modern style is a warmed-up version of contemporary, which keeps the clean lines, but pulls in more color and texture and uses softer materials. The cabinets in this kitchen, with their unadorned doors, chrome hardware and flush setting, show their contemporary parentage. But the glossy gray color is all modern.

Southwestern Kitchen Cabinet Styles Design by C.K


This Mexican-style kitchen features blue ceramic pulls on some of the painted cream cabinets. They pick up the tile color, while the decorative ceramic pulls on others add authentic detail.

Country Kitchen Cabinet Styles Design by C.K

Country kitchens are casual, comfortable spaces with colors inspired by nature. The cabinets in this kitchen pick up on that style with their light-but-earthy color and easy-going open shelves. The toile fabric curtain replacing the under-sink cabinets gives the room the feel of an English country cottage. Got a cramped kitchen? Remove cabinet doors so items are easily accessible. Make sure to keep dishes, teas and glasses organized so the kitchen looks orderly.

Simply Spanish Kitchen Cabinet Styles Design by C.K


In a Tuscan kitchen, cabinets anchor the space with their sun-warmed tones. This style tends toward traditional lines with ornate embellishments. In this kitchen, the curves in the hardware, barstools and chandelier enhance traditional lines of the cabinets.

Contemporary Kitchen Cabinet Styles Design by C.K


This small, galley-style kitchen epitomizes the sleek, chic contemporary look. The custom flush cabinets, with minimalist doors on top and simple oversize, chrome pulls on bottom are hallmarks of contemporary style. Paint cabinets a neutral color to match the walls; this makes a small kitchen feel bigger.

Transitional Kitchen Cabinet Styles


Transitional kitchens blend the best of traditional and modern to create comfortable, livable spaces. The color and the style of the cabinets give a nod to traditional flair, while the sleek appearance of the built-in appliances gives the room a seamless, contemporary look.