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Wooden desks – home office furniture from Team 7

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When you are furnishing a workspace for your house, you want it to be a stylish and comfortable place to work. Solid wood furniture creates an elegant yet warm and welcoming atmosphere in any room of the home. Their desks are great for home offices when natural warmth of solid hardwood and contemporary design are things which motivates you to do your work better. Cubus and Atelier desks are usual desks with mobile pedestal, although Atelier has a nice feature which could be suitable for a lot of people. For more info visit  Team 7 site for their other wooden furniture products.


The Olivia Office Configuration

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Your office or home office has to have the right furniture to make it not only space effective but also make it a more dynamic place to work in. It is important that the Home Office Furniture is chosen with care so that not only does it fulfill the furniture needs but also grant the office looks that will impress anyone who visits you. Presenting the Olivia Office Configuration which is an excellent configuration of a main desk, a side desk, a book case and top cabinets and which is an excellent amalgamation of woodwork that has been inspired from Italian Design Furniture. With smooth functioning glide systems in drawers and greater storage, this is the ultimate office décor solution.



Home Decor

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svelto 01 pYFuB

A handset taking up the shape of a headphone is what I just mentioned, but how about a headphone lighting up your home. There is a wide range of uniquely shaped lamps, but Irfan Kachwalla’s inspiration has given a new direction to the whole genre of..

porcini lamps 01 uc4vj

An outstanding creation by memake, “Porcini Lamps”, is a live example of elegance incorporated in craft. The whole range of Porcini is an innovation that explores variety of organic shapes and forms creating fragile mushroom like artistic piece…

the origin washstand  02 davHr

Drawing inspiration from the ‘flowing water of a stream,’ Jin-woog Koo and Jae-han Song have come up with a unique washbasin dubbed “Origin” that allegorically emulates the source of a stream and the manner it flows into a lake or a sea….

light oclock 02 rFlAs

Lighting and wall clocks (individually) have always been an integral part of home decoration. Blending lights with a wall clock, designer Alex. Onoiu has devised an innovative timepiece that replaces the classic hands with the light beams to display…

twirltable sLbHQ

Redefining the home furniture, designer Anders Huus has originated a new table known as “Twirltable,” that abides the floor and gives a modish look to your home adornment. Made from carbon fiber and extended polypropylene, ensuring durability and…

time shelf 3ayxf

Combining the functions of a clock with the utility of storage or shelf, designer Dzmitry Samal has come up with an innovative furniture unit named “Time Shelf” that other that providing ample space for storing different objects, otherwise lying…

gorge coffee table s6aMC

Furniture being an essential part of your home decor is designed to give an aesthetic look to your space. Giving a new dimension to home furniture, designer Ramei Keum has come up with the unique and stylish “Gorge Coffee Table.” As the name…

tentsofa2 sOLpL

To meet the users’ diverse needs and to make the most out of the least available space in modern city apartments, London-based designer Philippe Malouin has designed an amusing piece of furniture dubbed “Tent sofa” for the Italian brand…

koishi audio 5 yK2A6

Drawing inspiration from stacked pebbles in a Japanese garden, framed in a laminated wood box, the “Koishi Audio” from Speed Studio Design is a compact digital home audio system, which not just blasts your place with surround sound but also gives…

maitre 1 Pur49

Mirrors will now no more remain as bathroom