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Simple and Easy Garden Chair and Armchair Design

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The exterior of the house that need to be considered one of them is the garden. Garden is a sight that can beautify the home, other than that the garden can create natural and healthful atmosphere.

Simple and Easy garden chair design shows how garden styles that can be selected for a place to relax in the garden. Not only beauty but also comfort needed for that.

Aluminum furniture collection of Go Modern can be an alternative. The material is taken from a high-quality and also interesting in terms of creativity. A stack able lawn chairs without arms, or by hand may be placed in the garden. The design is simple enough and easy, suitable as a place to drink tea with your family or gather with friends.

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Amber Garden Chair and Armchair Design

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Amber garden armchair is sought and a set of garden furniture to complement that special. It’s becomes special because this chair include in an attractive design detail and the quality of material is the best.

Amber Garden chair and armchair are made of exclusive synthetic rattan. All were framed in an aluminum frame, waterproof and can not even destroy. Hand-woven from the East is producing a very valuable design. Amber Garden chair and armchair becomes an elegant, contemporary design.

It’s environmentally friendly materials, resistant to dirt and dust as well as biodegradable. Not only is the material which is the best quality. But viewed from the Amber Garden chair design is very stylish and armchair. Various colors that vary also provided. Available in white & natural, with cushions covered in beautiful weatherproof dralon fabric.



Archipod, a Small Office Design in the Garden

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Sometimes we need a place in the privacy of the home to conduct activities that we want. To get the comfort of privacy, the design of office buildings Archipod is a specially designed garden with an efficient, ergonomic, and unusual. As a small hall that can be used to isolate the intended room function space, can be used as home offices, artist studios, a guest house, children’s play room or an adult, this cold warehouse provides a lot of peace and privacy.

This Archipod can be placed discreetly tucked in a corner of an existing home or property as a separate independent structure, such as an isolated measure the diameter of the ball three yards. By using a wooden mold structure smart, can expand the home’s living space without going through the expense and inconvenience of the house additions and renovations. Ball-shaped design dressed in rural Western Red Cedar wood shingles, thus reflecting the Aesthetics of Architecture. Door hinges open like gull wings, resembling a spaceship truly ultra-modern design. Size Archipod showing the internal diameter of 2.9 meters with a ready to fill with work and play is important.

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Garden Home Office Cabin by Piet Hein Eek

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Garden Home Office Cabin is located in Hilversum, the Netherlands, including the music-entertainer Hans Liberg and Designed by Piet Hein Eek. A comfortable place with an unusual atmosphere altogether. The facade of the Garden Home Office Cabin includes plastics and steel frame. Also Cabin Garden Home Office has the wheels to be transported and transferred. Interior room in the dark and gloomy is not As We imagine, but it smart and contemporary, so the wheel functions as a small recording studio office.

[Photos from Thomas Mayer website].

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This Week in Home and Garden Blogs

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Time to round up all the great savings and discount deals featured this week:

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