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Type: Living Room Furniture,One Seat Specific Use: Living Room Sofa General Use: Home Furniture
Material: High-strength PE Style: Sectional Sofa Regional Style: American Style
Appearance: Modern Inflatable: No Place of Origin: Guangdong China (Mainland)
Brand Name: Coolqing Model Number: CQC103 Home Furniture Importers:
Home Furniture Importers
Size: H40cm to 150cm etc IP Rating: IP65 Control Method: Remote Control
Battery Type: Li-On Rechargeble Battery Battery Standby Time: 7 Months Certificates: CE,ROHS
DMX: Can be Customised Application Area:
Hotel,Bar, Coffee,Garden,Supermarket, House



Home Furniture Importers
1,IP65 with Rechargeable Driver
2,Standby time more than 7 month
3,CE,ROHS Approval


IKEA Workspace Organization Ideas 2013

posted by Home & Office Furniture Desgin

IKEA’s catalogue 2013 is out and you already can check it out online. Although we want to show you some room design inspirations from it separately. For example here are some workspace organization ideas for this year. They feature as old as new products, so you probably could find some ideas on how upgrade your existing workspace. Those of you who are lazy enough to search through the whole catalog, Enjoy!

p.s. You can also check out IKEA’s workspace organization ideas 2011 and workspace organization ideas 2012 because they also are great.

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DIY Home Office Furniture

posted by Home & Office Furniture Desgin
When setting up your home office, you need four standard pieces of furniture: desk, office chair, file cabinet and bookshelves. If you’re on a budget, search for used office furniture at the thrift shop, at yard sales or in the classified section of the newspaper or Internet. Discount stores also sell new office furniture that will typically need to be assembled.

Be Creative

  • Think outside of the box when looking for office furniture. If you can’t find the ideal desk, it is possible to create a large office desk that is both attractive and functional. Begin by looking for a two-drawer file cabinet. If you can find two that match, buy both. Now you have the bottom half of a desk.


  • The next step is finding a top for your desk. Use a door, or have a countertop made. Some home improvement stores sell sections of pre-cut countertops for a reasonable price. Or look for something at the thrift stores or yard sales that might work.

Assembling the Desk

  • To assemble the desk, lay the desktop on the two file cabinets, with a cabinet under each end. The top should be long enough so that a chair will fit in the center. If you only have one file cabinet, attach the end of the tabletop (without a file cabinet) to a wall. Do this by nailing a horizontal strip of wood on the wall, the same height as the file cabinet. Before laying the end of the tabletop on the strip of wood, apply an adhesive, like Liquid Nails.

Custom Look

  • If you found attractive two-drawer file cabinets, in a wood you like, consider customizing the desktop, by having similar wood trim added to the edge of the counter when you order it from the cabinet shop. The final product will look like a custom desk, for a fraction of a cost.


  • There are many ways to add bookshelves to your home office. Individual shelves can be hung directly on the wall, using brackets. You can use the technique employed by decades of college students — stacks of cinderblock (positioned under opposing ends of the shelf) with shelving sandwiched between each layer of cinderblock ends. You might also find the ideal free-standing bookshelf.

Desk Chair

  • If you plan to be spending a lot of time at the desk, take special care when choosing the desk chair. Inexpensive and comfortable new chairs can be found at discount department or warehouse stores, if you are unable to find a suitable used chair. If necessary, spend a little more to buy a comfortable chair.

archive from: DIY Home Office Furniture | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/way_5767588_diy-home-office-furniture.html#ixzz1sXb0OfTM


How to Design a Small Home Office

posted by Home & Office Furniture Desgin
Working from home has become common, spurring the need for many homeowners and renters to set up an office in their residence. When designing a small home office it is important to first identify how the office will be used. Considerations when deciding on a location include the hours that will be spent in the office and whether it will be strictly for private use.
  • 1

    Make a list of the office equipment you plan to install, and consider how you can consolidate different pieces of equipment to conserve space. For example, if you need a printer, fax and scanner, it is possible to get one piece of equipment to do all three tasks.

  • 2

    Consider wireless computer equipment. With wireless hardware you can avoid mapping out the wires and connections from one piece of equipment to another.

  • 3

    Map out the approximate area needed to contain the office equipment and furniture you would like to install. This is to give you a general idea of the size of desk or cabinets that will be required to house the equipment.

  • 4

    Take an inventory of the type of office furniture you would like. Typical office furniture include a desk, computer desk, file cabinet and bookshelves.

  • 5

    Locate the area where you will place the home office. Choose a space that has good ventilation and lighting; adequate heating and cooling; sufficient electrical outlets; and privacy. If you need phone lines, consider the cost of running lines if none are available.

  • 6

    Look for a view. If you plan to spend many hours in the home office, look for an area that has a window with a view. If you only need a very small area, and don’t plan to spend much time in the home office, a large closet or utility room might be adequate.

  • 7

    Assign your furniture double duty. If you are forced to install the home office in a guest room, and don’t want to give up the guest room, consider installing a Murphy bed, hide-a-bed couch or futon. But be advised, if you intend to write off the space as an income tax deduction, there may be restrictions on how you can use the area. Check with your tax advisor.

  • 8

    Draw a floor plan of the room to scale, using grid paper. Arrange, on paper, the positioning of the office equipment and furniture. Consider the location of electrical outlets and available light.

archive from: How to Design a Small Home Office | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/how_5021513_design-small-home-office.html#ixzz1sXW9Go4Y


Effective Office Design

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Whether looking to design an in-home office for one, or an on-site office for 100, effective office design takes into account factors that affect the safety, physical and psychological well-being of its employees. Creating an office design that promotes productivity and ultimately, profitability for you, requires thought and planning prior to implement.



  • Because effective office design focuses on a bigger, long-term picture, current needs must also take into account long-term business goals. A thorough understanding of the company mission, current business position and future growth plans are necessary. In addition, it is important to understand that a cost-driven approach to office design is not necessarily the best approach. While you must consider cost, making it the only factor leads to an office design plan that may fail in long-term vision.


  • The analysis stage consists of documenting, defining and beginning the development of a conceptual floor plan. First, create a flowchart that documents the current office layout. Next, define activities and the relationships between activities performed within the current layout. Analyze the current office design, processes and workflows and compare these against future growth plans to allow for an estimation of square footage requirements.

  • Planning activities consists of completing the conceptual floor plan and includes both work zone and office equipment layouts. During this stage, variables such as safety regulations, workplace psychology and other environmental factors come into play. The cost factor weighs in more heavily during this stage, as budgeting is a necessary part of the planning process. Planning evaluates all these factors and results in a two-to-five-year plan defining strategic long-term goals that in turn determine short-term priorities and plans.

Take Action

  • Action involves implementation and continual monitoring. Action also involves modification if business conditions or market conditions change. An effective office design plan should be fluid enough to accommodate the unexpected while moving forward with the planned. Functionality is of the utmost importance and is often a determining factor in action modification. During the action stage, continued documentation serves as an important tool to ensure the success of both current and future design goals.


  • While general principles of effective office design can provide a starting point, every business is different. An effective office design plan based on specifics rather than generalities will create a design that is right for your business. Take into account your people, your facilities and the tools at your disposal to create a safe and productive work environment. Using a process of understanding, analyzing, planning and finally taking action is the best way to create an effective office design.

archive from: About Effective Office Design | eHow.com http://www.ehow.com/about_6137220_effective-office-design.html#ixzz1sXSj3Yfj


Cool Home Office Furniture With Stylish Prints

posted by Home & Office Furniture Desgin

Nowadays many people choose to work at home; a home office is a special placewhich should make you think of work but be not so official as a usual office and stick to the interior and atmosphere. Philippe Coudray workshop presents a collection called Home Office in pop-art style. All the pieces of the collection are practical, they stick to the style of the home office but they are not very strict. Especially interesting are the armchairs with the pictures of the lion, horse and tiger in business suits: a little bit of humor and kind of motivation – hard-working like a horse or with business grip reminding a tiger’s bite – isn’t that great? You can also enjoy seats and desks in contemporary style. Various bright prints look amazing and it’s a fantastic variant for a home office.


Minimalist Table And Shelves To Organize A Perfect Work Space

posted by Home & Office Furniture Desgin

Strates by Mathieu Lehanneur is an absolutely new look on shelves and how they should look. It’s a n office desk with shelves that can be configured in various combinations to “structure space with its simple but unique graphic presence.” It’s an ideal minimalist concept: simple material, no details, stylish look. “Deeply intuitive and ergonomic, affordable and scalable”, the Strata is easily and quickly assembled by simply nesting the elements.

You can buy it for your home office or for a usual office and using several pieces create the work zone in your office. The complex is available in natural wood color, white and black.creative home office furniture, furniture system, home office furniture, minimalist furniture, minimalist furniture system, wooden bookshelves


Minimalist Colorful Storage Furniture For Home And Office

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Danish manufacturer Montana Møbler created a collection of modern minimalist storage system. The drawers and doors don’t have any handles, they can be opened and shut with a light pressure on the front. The furniture is available in 42 lacquer colors. The advantage is that of this furniture you can create anything you like – you can take any amount of shelves and drawers, partitions, shallow drawers, LED lighting, of any colors. The main unit measures 69.6 x 69.6 cm and all other units are derived from these measurements.

It’s truly modern furniture for your home and office.bright furniture, colorful furniture, creative home office furniture, furniture system, home office furniture, minimalist furniture, minimalist furniture system



Female Office Design with Elegant Style

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Female Office Style Elegant Design with a concept of an elegant building with an interior design that features an elegant building. Harmony and the color of the walls of the room as the most important element because it is very prominent and are directly aligned with your eye level. The dominant forms and fields will greatly support the creation of the theme of the room. What’s more the color will return to determine the proper aura of the room we want to create. Indeed the selection of colors that we want to use an expression of self-expression and mood. Selection of the walls a bright color like white, cream, pink, pastels, etc. with ceramic floors and modern furniture blend that is not too crowded with a selection of quality furniture like tables and chairs with wood fiber that has the elegance of wood fiber is unique. Lighting with its soft lights that light your room look elegant, for its green living you can add a flower pot on your work space so it looks cool and does not saturate to work everyday in the room.

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White house Office Design with Luxury Style

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White House Office Design Style Luxury of a building that is essentially white color and very dominant with an all-white furniture. Harmony and the color of the walls of the room as the most important element because it is very prominent and are directly aligned with your eye level. The dominant forms and fields will greatly support the creation of the theme of the room. What’s more the color will return to determine the proper aura of the room we want to create. Indeed the selection of colors that we want to use an expression of self-expression and mood. For this space and luxurious design that provides comfort for you, because it is a neutral white color, and create a clean atmosphere. Selection of furniture black and gray with its elegant color floor tiles in black, as well as a mix of soft colors like pastel walls, cream, white, etc. for lighting can be used as the medium of his beautiful lantern with a brighter light and softer the more visible space your work is a luxury. The selection of his furniture as good as you consider it all with your room decor.

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