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Ideas on How to Design Your Guest Room

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       While hospitality and housewarming is usually thought of in terms of guests, the tradition of having actual rooms designated as guest rooms has gone by the wayside, and rightly so.  With the advent of speedy transportation, planes, trains and automobiles, the tradition of inviting friends and family to stay for a week or so because you never get a chance to see them the rest of the year has become non-existent.  Except, of course, by the people who truly know how to live.  Families that have held onto the tradition of guest rooms (either by necessity or default, meaning kids moved out of the house and now they have an extra room) are legendary.  The parties become less of one night bing-bang bashes and more of an extended, relaxing siesta.  The house designed by architect Ellen Cassilly and her husband Frank Konhaus, featured in the New York Times Home & Garden section, finds the perfect mix of natural tranquility and guest room hospitality.

How can you design a guest room?  Well first, you have to have the space to designate a guest room in the first place.  A dining room converted to a bedroom space has great potential, I think, because it is usually on the first or second floor of the house and a bit more removed from the regular family’s quarters, so they feel like there is a little more privacy/intimacy.  Also, they are close to the kitchen for the morning.  In terms of outfitting a guest room, you want it to be simple and uncluttered.  I suggest investing in some nice Ikea bedroom furniture, a chest of drawers, and a chairCurtains and rugs really do wonders to pull the place togethe


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