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How to Design a Small Home Office

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Working from home has become common, spurring the need for many homeowners and renters to set up an office in their residence. When designing a small home office it is important to first identify how the office will be used. Considerations when deciding on a location include the hours that will be spent in the office and whether it will be strictly for private use.
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    Make a list of the office equipment you plan to install, and consider how you can consolidate different pieces of equipment to conserve space. For example, if you need a printer, fax and scanner, it is possible to get one piece of equipment to do all three tasks.

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    Consider wireless computer equipment. With wireless hardware you can avoid mapping out the wires and connections from one piece of equipment to another.

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    Map out the approximate area needed to contain the office equipment and furniture you would like to install. This is to give you a general idea of the size of desk or cabinets that will be required to house the equipment.

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    Take an inventory of the type of office furniture you would like. Typical office furniture include a desk, computer desk, file cabinet and bookshelves.

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    Locate the area where you will place the home office. Choose a space that has good ventilation and lighting; adequate heating and cooling; sufficient electrical outlets; and privacy. If you need phone lines, consider the cost of running lines if none are available.

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    Look for a view. If you plan to spend many hours in the home office, look for an area that has a window with a view. If you only need a very small area, and don’t plan to spend much time in the home office, a large closet or utility room might be adequate.

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    Assign your furniture double duty. If you are forced to install the home office in a guest room, and don’t want to give up the guest room, consider installing a Murphy bed, hide-a-bed couch or futon. But be advised, if you intend to write off the space as an income tax deduction, there may be restrictions on how you can use the area. Check with your tax advisor.

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    Draw a floor plan of the room to scale, using grid paper. Arrange, on paper, the positioning of the office equipment and furniture. Consider the location of electrical outlets and available light.

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How to Get the Perfect Design for Your Home Office

posted by Home & Office Furniture Desgin

How to Get the Perfect Design for Your Home Office? This here are some important tips about choosing the right interior design for your home office. That’s why more and more professionals and businesses are hiring interior designers to create an impressing, effective home design for their office. And the results have been proven to be effective. Using a professional impressing office interior design for your office will make a special look to your business and company. Because just like the cover of a book, the design of your office says a lot of things to your clients and customers.

The design for either will be very different from the other. So you want to take that into consideration too. So you or your interior designer, should first ask yourself what the nature of your business is and what message you want to communicate with your design: seriousness, impressive, luxury, friendliness.

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How To Design A Home Office That You’ll Love

posted by Home & Office Furniture Desgin

Home office. Two words. By definition this is an office space within your home. For the simplicity of this term it’s amazing how often people simply forget exactly what this means. The process of designing a home office is critical to its overall success. Critical? Yes my friend – the design of your home office can make or break your home office.

Why did you start your own business? The most common answers are financial freedom, better working environment and hating working in a cramped, stuffy office.
How To Design A Home Office That You’ll Love
The most massive mistake most people make in setting up and designing their own home office space is to reproduce the exact same working conditions that used to drive them insane in their old 9 – 5 hellhole-of-a-job. Then you’ll be left wondering why you feel unhappy about working at home.

Your new home office is fitted with a small, cramped desk, an inadequate and uncomfortable chair. The lighting is artificial or just plain old sub-standard. There’s no decoration, no plants, it’s too warm etc etc. This sounds like the exact nightmare that most 9-5 Thank-God-It’s-Friday people fought to get away from. Yet they set up the exact same office space at home? Doesn’t that sound just a little bit crazy? Oddly enough people do that every single day. Read the rest of this entry »


How to design bedroom furniture

posted by Home & Office Furniture Desgin

The brief design style, the clean facile outward appearance modelling, is a board style furniture big characteristic.But looks over the domestic and foreign furniture market, walks this style route enterprise it may be said innumerably, therefore how rushes out in the more and more homogenization competition belongs to own world to come, has become the question which each big brand business needs to ponder positively.

Here has one to come from the furniture to produce big province Guangdong, also quite has the oral traditions furniture brand, by its origination shallow walnut series product, lets the consumer feel belongs to their characteristic and the superiority.Today will search for the room to hand down imperial power from generation to generation evaluates special commissioner to lie to their set of shallow Hu series the home, will do the evaluation news, will be interested the consumer might as well will have a look.
Take builds comfortable comfortable lives at home the space as the design and the production driving force, achieves the balance between the selection and the design, delays the adaptation the style, builds Gao Duan for the customer the life quality.The lead original design, develops the shallow walnut series furniture, by the rigorous craft quality coordination fashion innovation design, the product outshines others, eagerly anticipates the domestic and foreign markets.Bedroom furniture, walked is the Italy modernistic, the line is succinct, is sprightly, has manifested the pragmatism.When design considered the line and the functionality unification, savors with the individuality union, with ease created one kind happy natural to live at home the environment.

Selects the furniture a cardinal principle is first must determine the style, estimated must choose that kind of style the product.The Hu series bedroom furniture, the style brief fashion, is quite capable to build the modern feeling the home environment.Perhaps is in the color relations in, the entire wrap product looks like collects has -odd, lively insufficient

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