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The stylish Harper leather sectional sofa

posted by Home & Office Furniture Desgin

The Harper sectional is one of the most stylish and chic pieces of furniture I’ve seen lately. This sectional sofa is a modern piece of furniture and it was handcrafted of maple. The frame also features a hand-applied coffee-bean finish. In order to make it even more elegant and also for a chic contrast of colors, the sofa has been upholstered using white leather.

The shape of the sectional is rather simple. It’s the diamond-tufted back that makes this piece stand out. As for the dimensions, the Harper sectional sofa measures 100.5″L x 129″W. the sofa is produced in the USA by Old Hickory Tannery. The company was founded more than 30 years ago and it’s still a family business, owned and operated in Hickory, North Carolina. The company originally focused on fine leather upholstery but with time it started to be equally known for its fabric-covered creations. The Harper sofa is a fine example of leather furniture.

With such a simple and yet such a gracious and stylish design, the Harper sofa would integrate very beautifully into a spacious living room, one with a modern décor but not necessarily. The sectional would look equally good in a more traditional home, as long as it looks good in the décor.


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