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MAKA living room leather modern furniture HD-193

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MAKA living room leather modern furniture HD-193



Quick Details

Type: Living Room Furniture,Set Specific Use: Living Room Sofa General Use: Home Furniture
Genuine Leather,Italian top grain leather
Style: Corner Sofa Regional Style: European Style
Appearance: Modern Inflatable: No Place of Origin: Guangdong China (Mainland)
Brand Name: MAKA Model Number: HD-193 Sofa Combination: A+B+one seat without arm
Leather Combination: half leather Color: A209# A Seat Size: 192*110*78/98cm
B Seat Size: 190*112*78/98cm One Seat without Arm Size: 80*110*78/98cm A Seat Volume: 1.52m³
B Seat Volume: 1.53m³ One Seat without Arm Volume: 0.65m³


modern furniture
1. Italian top grain leather
2. more than 50 colors
3. 10-15 days for production
4. 17 years’ experience


Modular Office Furniture Design Ideas

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Modular office furniture Design Ideas. I think you are searching for some information on modular office furniture design Ideas.  Great, you come to the right place. Here we have picture selection that includes the best modular office furniture  available on the web. There are numerous designs that make you easier to choose the best ones. The modular office furniture   design is the one which has clear details in it.


The detail should include almost all aspects of the modular office furniture. The sizes and the lines by which the modular office furniture is developed consist of the most modern and long lasting materials in order that they are valuable enough to be owned by people who are looking for some cool products. It’s highly suggested that you browse all the pictures and get some benefits of having the most wanted modular office furniture   in the world.

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Informal Office Design with Modern Style

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Informal Style Modern Office Design with a concept of office space that is not so officially for that even though our formal space that is not really choose the materials and accessories to design this space, giving rise to a comfortable working space. Harmony and the color of the walls of the room as the most important element because it is very prominent and are directly aligned with your eye level. The dominant forms and fields will greatly support the creation of the theme of the room. What’s more the color will return to determine the proper aura of the room we want to create. Indeed the selection of colors that we want to use an expression of self-expression and mood. The selection of modern colors like white, blue, green and other pastel colors, floors made ​​from wood fiber has its own uniqueness with other accessories such as sofas are also adding an attractive floral wallpaper. Lighting is bright with modern lanterns or lamps so the room was very modern look. Green living for this room you can be adding a plant flowers in your office.

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Minimalist Colorful Storage Furniture For Home And Office

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Danish manufacturer Montana Møbler created a collection of modern minimalist storage system. The drawers and doors don’t have any handles, they can be opened and shut with a light pressure on the front. The furniture is available in 42 lacquer colors. The advantage is that of this furniture you can create anything you like – you can take any amount of shelves and drawers, partitions, shallow drawers, LED lighting, of any colors. The main unit measures 69.6 x 69.6 cm and all other units are derived from these measurements.

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Swivel Media Stand – swivel TV mount and storage

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The Two Vision swivel media stand from Die Collection is the ultimate in home entertainment essentials for compact city homes and large, open-concept spaces alike. By lifting your Plasma or LCD above the ground, this swivel TV mount saves on valuable floor space while adding a chic, contemporary aesthetic to the room. This space saver also offers integrated media storage for 30 DVDs, and the TV mount hides all your wires. Ideally positioned, this cool innovation lets you view your favorite TV shows and movies from any spot in your home. Simply swivel and point the TV to your hotspot. The modern swivel media stand features a sleek chrome support with a lacquered matt or walnut in two widths: 98 and 118 cm, suited to any-sized space. Check it out at Die Collection.


White house Office Design with Luxury Style

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White House Office Design Style Luxury of a building that is essentially white color and very dominant with an all-white furniture. Harmony and the color of the walls of the room as the most important element because it is very prominent and are directly aligned with your eye level. The dominant forms and fields will greatly support the creation of the theme of the room. What’s more the color will return to determine the proper aura of the room we want to create. Indeed the selection of colors that we want to use an expression of self-expression and mood. For this space and luxurious design that provides comfort for you, because it is a neutral white color, and create a clean atmosphere. Selection of furniture black and gray with its elegant color floor tiles in black, as well as a mix of soft colors like pastel walls, cream, white, etc. for lighting can be used as the medium of his beautiful lantern with a brighter light and softer the more visible space your work is a luxury. The selection of his furniture as good as you consider it all with your room decor.

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Air Conditioned Office Design by Modern Concepts

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Air Conditioned Modern Office Design Concept is a concept that uses the office space building space cooling or air conditioning, for those of you office workers fed up with his usual state of a hot office to resolve this issue then you can choose an environmentally friendly air conditioning. Harmony and the color of the walls of the room as the most important element to design your office space, as well as its shape and area which is the theme of this space. Selection of the walls a soft color such as cream, white, and pastel colors with a mix of floor made ​​from wood fiber has its own uniqueness with a modern ceramic floor you can use it so it looks elegant. The selection of quality furniture and accessories that are not too crowded as chairs and tables are black, bright lighting with a modern outboard lamps feature a more modern space.

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Modern office interior design with futuristic style by Jump Studio

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This is the engine office interior that located in London, designed by Jump Studio. The concepts of contemporary office design need to reflect the client’s personality, have modern, co-ordinated, quality materials, futuristic style, colours and finishes. The designer challenge is how to create a space that would appeal to a board range of tastes while respecting with minimalist style. Elegant and modern, available in different colour combinations, suitable for covering any kind of modern office furniture.

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Contemporary office furniture designs by Jofco

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Modern office furniture and furniture arrangement is an important part of any office environment. Good modern office furniture is a half of a good work. Today it is possible to have a comfortable office interior with contemporary furniture at home and anywhere else. The most common pieces of furniture found in an office include tables of various size, shapes, and height. Chairs are also an integral part of it. Other than that, the workplace is mostly occupied with cabinets to store paperwork and drawers attached to tables for convenience.

Also, pay attention to the color combination between the walls, curtains, lights and the furniture. A healthy balance is required. For this, you may take assistance from a professional decorator. Don’t be afraid to consult with a discount office furniture dealer as today they have wide selections of modern office furniture. They also tend to have experienced office designers on staff to help you without the extra expense of a professional decorator.



Eco-friendly contemporary Desk

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Eco-friendly contemporary Desk by Knu furniture can really add a touch of class to any home or office. Made of FSC certified wood, the desk is available in six different eco-friendly veneer choices and finished with an extremely tough environmentally friendly catalyzed varnish. The legs are custom made stainless steel with a brushed finish. Each leg is equipped with a nickel plated leveler to keep your desk steady. When your ready to replace your furniture or if you are setting up a new office, consider using eco friendly office furniture.

Industrial Woodworking Corporation has launched its own line of eco-friendly contemporary desks & other furniture, visit Knu site.

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