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Office modular furniture and office storage cabinets

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Use modular office furniture to furnish your office. Office modular furniture and office storage cabinets are the keys to demanding solutions for office furniture requirements. Modern office furniture includes modular computer desks, assembled bookcases, file cabinets, storage cabinets, and more. Home office furniture is instrumental in creating a collaborative environment with emphasis on efficiency and space management. For more info visit – Furniture home office

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Home office furniture – desk and storage collection

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Modular sets of modern home office furniture usually include a desk, office chair, and some form of storage unit. Add elegance and storage space to your home office with file cabinets from Bernhardt furniture collection. To make home office furniture more attractive and interesting with the use of beautiful wood and other materials and impressive designs that make it much more appealing in the home. The Outline series from Bernhardt offers several options of complete home office setups. There are different choices in wood colors along with choices to be made in the different types of storage furniture that best suit your needs.


Work Unit Quietly Brings Work at Home

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At least once in a while every one of us has to bring some work at home and that’s when an office space would come in handy. But not all homes have enough retail estate to accommodate a real office, which means you’ll have to adapt and make the most of your actual living space. That’s where the Work Unit comes in place and, in case you’ll be working at home more than once, you’ll want to get it yourself. The Work Unit is comprised of a desk, a storage cabinet, a monitor screen and a light source. Once you pin them up on a wall of your choosing you’ll be able to go about your business straight from the coziness of your own home. Would you buy the Work Unit if it were available in stores now?


The Olivia Office Configuration

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Your office or home office has to have the right furniture to make it not only space effective but also make it a more dynamic place to work in. It is important that the Home Office Furniture is chosen with care so that not only does it fulfill the furniture needs but also grant the office looks that will impress anyone who visits you. Presenting the Olivia Office Configuration which is an excellent configuration of a main desk, a side desk, a book case and top cabinets and which is an excellent amalgamation of woodwork that has been inspired from Italian Design Furniture. With smooth functioning glide systems in drawers and greater storage, this is the ultimate office décor solution.



How To Design A Home Office That You’ll Love

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Home office. Two words. By definition this is an office space within your home. For the simplicity of this term it’s amazing how often people simply forget exactly what this means. The process of designing a home office is critical to its overall success. Critical? Yes my friend – the design of your home office can make or break your home office.

Why did you start your own business? The most common answers are financial freedom, better working environment and hating working in a cramped, stuffy office.
How To Design A Home Office That You’ll Love
The most massive mistake most people make in setting up and designing their own home office space is to reproduce the exact same working conditions that used to drive them insane in their old 9 – 5 hellhole-of-a-job. Then you’ll be left wondering why you feel unhappy about working at home.

Your new home office is fitted with a small, cramped desk, an inadequate and uncomfortable chair. The lighting is artificial or just plain old sub-standard. There’s no decoration, no plants, it’s too warm etc etc. This sounds like the exact nightmare that most 9-5 Thank-God-It’s-Friday people fought to get away from. Yet they set up the exact same office space at home? Doesn’t that sound just a little bit crazy? Oddly enough people do that every single day. Read the rest of this entry »


Camilla Office Desk

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Dimensions(In Inches):

Main Table: 120W x 124D x 29.5H

Pedestal: 17W x 20D x 20H

Material Details :

Structure: Wood Veneer over MDF/Frosted Glass

Pedestal/Frame: Metal

Product Description:

Office desk top with wood veneer over MDF/frosted glass
Pedestal/Frame are in metal
Desk available in two different top finishes

Top Finish:


Modern Contemporary Tech Office Desk by Cattelan Italia

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Modern Contemporary Tech Office Desk by Cattelan Italia Modern Contemporary Tech Office Desk by Cattelan Italia

Dimensions(In Inches):
Dimension 1: 47W x 47D x 30H
Dimension 2: 55W x 55D x 30H
Dimension 3: 63W x 63D x 30H
Dimension 4: 71W x 71D x 30H
Material Details :
Top: Wood/Glass
Base: Metal/Aluminum
Shipping time : 10-12 Weeks
Made  : Italy


  • Table with frame in aluminum or matt white or black painted aluminum.
  • Top in white or black matt laminated wood, black painted or extra white tempered glass.
  • The top is laid on the base (8 mm).Top Options:
  • White Laminated
  • Black Laminated
  • Black Painted Glass
  • Extra White GlassBase Options:
  • Matt Black-OP17
  • Matt White-OP71
  • Aluminum
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    Office Cabinets

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    The Finest European designed wood veneer excutive cabinets for your office or home office. Your excutive cabinets should reflect your personality and taste. Enjoy the comfort, unique style and distiction of our selection of commercial grade real wood veneer excutive office cabinets.


    Office Furniture – Executive Office Cabinet  ,Please look at the following image!