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Male Office Design with Elegant Style

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Male Office Design with Elegant Style an elegant building with the concept of interior design that features an elegant building. Harmony and the color of the walls of the room is very prominent and well its shape and area which is the theme of this space. Selection of the walls a bright color like white, cream, pastel, etc. with ceramic floors and modern furniture blend that is not too crowded with a selection of quality furniture like tables and chairs with wood fiber that has the elegance of wood fiber is unique. Lighting with its soft lights that light your room look elegant, for its green living you can add a flower pot on your work space so it looks cool and does not saturate to work everyday in the room.

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Matthew’s Sculptural Home Office for the Perfect Workspace Contest 2011

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The image on view here is of Matthew’s sculptural home office who happens to hail from Washington, DC. For Matthew , his very home is his workplace and his aim was to make the workstation 100% comfortable so that he can work, connect with friends, listen to some music, all in a very cozy manner.  He believes that it is important to have a streamlined workspace and as that can make spending time more productive and enjoyable as well.

He has brought into use a notebook and trendy looking headphones amongst other things so that these pieces can add to the sculptural value of the workspace. For me, this entry deserves to be the winner of the contest as I also love the color palette he has used.


Boomerang-Shaped Office Desk Made of Plastic

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Initially, the French sculptor Maurice Calka famous Boomerang desk different issue. A table that is unique and sexy shape has been produced in a limited edition of 35 pieces, originally created by Leleu-Deshays. French President Georges Pompidou (1911-1974) was the owner of a white version at the Elysee palace. Now the tables have been allowed to re-issue the original Boomerang. Manufactured by Singaporean furniture company Office Planner.

This iconic desk has been first introduced to the international market at the international furniture fair in singapore 2010 IFFS. Each piece is individually marked and identified, produced on demand by a team of fiberglass sculptors.

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Beautiful Offices of LEGO

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Chatting breeds creative ideas or thats what it looks like if one walks into the LEGO offices. Designed by architectural firm Bosch & Fjord, the place looks and feels vibrant.

If you think that they may have one meeting room too many there, here is their explanation: The idea of having 13 meeting rooms (yes, 13!) is based on the thought process that majority of the ideas are realized while people are moving around and indulging into conversations. Observe the workspaces and you will see a sense of freedom which transcends across the office making it one cool place to hatch ideas.

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The Olivia Office Configuration

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Your office or home office has to have the right furniture to make it not only space effective but also make it a more dynamic place to work in. It is important that the Home Office Furniture is chosen with care so that not only does it fulfill the furniture needs but also grant the office looks that will impress anyone who visits you. Presenting the Olivia Office Configuration which is an excellent configuration of a main desk, a side desk, a book case and top cabinets and which is an excellent amalgamation of woodwork that has been inspired from Italian Design Furniture. With smooth functioning glide systems in drawers and greater storage, this is the ultimate office décor solution.



Setup Your Home Office The Right Way – First Time

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Are you setting up a business at home? You’re going to need a proper home office. Why? Simply because you’re going to be spending a lot of your day there and it’s really important to plan your working environment and design a home office that works for you and with you. There ain’t nothing worse than working in an office that you hate. You probably had to work in a crummy office in your 9 – 5 but why put yourself through it when you can design your own perfect work space? Your home office space should be truly all about YOU. It can be whatever you can imagine.officesetup.jpg

Simply putting a desk and a chair in the corner of a room and planting yourself in front of a computer isn’t any way to work. If you’re going to take your own business seriously then you need to take your home office seriously too – especially if you might have clients visiting your office at any stage.
There are several really important ingredients for the ideal home office and this site is dedicated to providing you with the information, services and tips you need to successfully create a useful and comfortable office at home. You’ll also find information on the latest technology, gadgets and supplies that are either essential or may just come in handy in your working day. Read the rest of this entry »


Modern Contemporary Tech Office Desk by Cattelan Italia

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Modern Contemporary Tech Office Desk by Cattelan Italia Modern Contemporary Tech Office Desk by Cattelan Italia

Dimensions(In Inches):
Dimension 1: 47W x 47D x 30H
Dimension 2: 55W x 55D x 30H
Dimension 3: 63W x 63D x 30H
Dimension 4: 71W x 71D x 30H
Material Details :
Top: Wood/Glass
Base: Metal/Aluminum
Shipping time : 10-12 Weeks
Made  : Italy


  • Table with frame in aluminum or matt white or black painted aluminum.
  • Top in white or black matt laminated wood, black painted or extra white tempered glass.
  • The top is laid on the base (8 mm).Top Options:
  • White Laminated
  • Black Laminated
  • Black Painted Glass
  • Extra White GlassBase Options:
  • Matt Black-OP17
  • Matt White-OP71
  • Aluminum
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    The Philippe Starck fashion Desks

    posted by Home & Office Furniture Desgin

    The french designer Philippe Starck is well known for his impressive interior designs and mass produced consumer goods. This time he has created the ultimate designer desk. The office desk is made of a one piece polyethylene body with an additional writing surface. It incorporates cable management and storage and is available in light yellow, light grey, red, aqua and lime green. If you would like to work at this sculptural element it will set you back almost £2000. You can buy the desk from Foshan Cheung king furnitures company.



    Office Furniture Progressive Design

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    This office furniture system has innovative and progressive, and revolutionary design ideas. Because this furniture can change the way people to do task, and can create multifunctional working environment. This office furniture can create zones in workspaces. It can enhance the productivity and the well-being of a company’s employees by facilitating various ways of working. There are lots of activities that can be supported by this furniture system. This modern workspace furniture system can be reconfiguring. It also supports latest technology for comfortable work. Called as parcs, this workspace system manufactured by bene.

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    Home Office Furniture for Small Space from King Furniture

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    While you decide to work from home, you need to create comfortable office space as you can. Here’s some office furniture for small and medium space from Coalesse, these are the good choice to create modern office in your home that may feel more “commercial” in nature. This office furniture could accommodate two people in simple and innovative concept. There’s a flexible, space-saving modern office layout with customized adjustability to meet individual worker needs. More information about this product visit  website here.