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Eco-friendly contemporary Desk

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Eco-friendly contemporary Desk by Knu furniture can really add a touch of class to any home or office. Made of FSC certified wood, the desk is available in six different eco-friendly veneer choices and finished with an extremely tough environmentally friendly catalyzed varnish. The legs are custom made stainless steel with a brushed finish. Each leg is equipped with a nickel plated leveler to keep your desk steady. When your ready to replace your furniture or if you are setting up a new office, consider using eco friendly office furniture.

Industrial Woodworking Corporation has launched its own line of eco-friendly contemporary desks & other furniture, visit Knu site.

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Office furniture collection as you need or desire

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The modern office furniture solutions for all kinds of businesses. Organisational culture, employee training, team work – these are some of the most common ways through which businesses have maximised their worker productivity.Before you choose office furniture you should consider environmental factors in mind. You have to think of employee’s comfort and health factor before choosing furniture. It is important while purchasing furniture to think about the small but most important factors like size, shape, comfort and material of furniture. Getting the right office furniture is a challenge for you. Right office furniture is essential to maintain the health and comfort of employees. The office furniture ranges from chairs and desks to filing cabinets and cupboards.

Using office furniture to enhance comfort, aesthetics, and the utility of any work space can be one of the easiest ways to support worker performance. Here are the top tips to making easy adjustments in any workplace to enhance productivity.

* Desks – appropriate office desks will provide employees with sufficient work surface and space for the computer. Desks should accommodate stationery, files, or paperwork that need to be readily accessed.
* Chairsoffice chairs should reflect the employee’s frame and allow for height adjustment and back and arm support.
* Other Furniture ­– nothing in the office should be set out so that any employee is required to strain or risk themselves to access it. Make sure there’s plenty of room for anyone to access the communal printer or the water cooler. Conference rooms, tables, and chairs should be well spaced and matched to cater for everyone.
* Peripherals and Accessories – encourage employees to personalise their work space by providing ergonomic mice and keyboards, footrests, or anti-glare screens. This reduces workplace injuries and strain.
* List of Tips – remind employees to re-adjust their chairs and get up periodically for a walk around the office to avoid repetitive strain injury or carpel tunnel syndrome.
* Enlist a Professional – You may want to bring in an ergonomic professional to check your employee’s workspaces and make recommendations.

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The benefits of modular office furniture

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Modular office furniture is usually more useful and effective than a building that consists of many chambers, modular offices are usually composed of a large work area for a group of people working together, with modular office furniture you can create a variety of work environments of smaller, modular office furniture offers a benefit opposed to creating the perfect solution if you want to join a small group of employees into a work group.

Ergonomic office furniture is an important consideration, with modular office furniture you can provide the perfect working environment for every employee.


Boomerang-Shaped Office Desk Made of Plastic

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Initially, the French sculptor Maurice Calka famous Boomerang desk different issue. A table that is unique and sexy shape has been produced in a limited edition of 35 pieces, originally created by Leleu-Deshays. French President Georges Pompidou (1911-1974) was the owner of a white version at the Elysee palace. Now the tables have been allowed to re-issue the original Boomerang. Manufactured by Singaporean furniture company Office Planner.

This iconic desk has been first introduced to the international market at the international furniture fair in singapore 2010 IFFS. Each piece is individually marked and identified, produced on demand by a team of fiberglass sculptors.

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Modern Modular Office Conference Table Designs by Kinzo

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The futuristic conference table decor by Kinzo was designed for the modern office. The design included with the layout design of this table was show off the futuristic style of an office furniture. We will see the complete layouts of this table trough the whole decoration of this furniture. The white clean conference table layouts in this furniture series was show off the different design of an office furniture. Clearly we will see the awesome design in this table furniture series. The combination of the stylish and the functional side still thought in this furniture. Actually, the main shape of these hexagonal office furniture ideas was hexagonal. We can see the whole design of hexagonal trough the whole decoration and the complete performance of this table. Completely, we were invited to catch up these minimalist office conference table designs from both design and the supporting decoration. Now, we can try to see these modern office furniture designs first.


Level T Desk Setup Might Be Too Modern For Home Offices

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AG Land 14 is the maker of this Level T senior-management desk. The whole office desk has simple but firm and modern lines ready to make a statement about the manager in you. The Level T office desk comes with plenty of storage and it’s definitely going to impress your business partners with its overall style aura. The Level T desk might not be the home office desk you’re looking for but you and your fellow executives will certainly appreciate it at work. And in case you’re looking for similar desk solutions for your employees, you’ll find them all at AG Land 14. All you need to do is browse!

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Modern Office Desks and Seating by Four Designs

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You can tell the Four Design collection was designed by architects especially when you see their stacking chairs and how elegantly they fit together. In today’s commercial office environment confidence is often a result of the visual appeal of the surroundings and the first impression that is made. Architects Christina Strand and Niels Hvass run Four Design of Denmark that focuses on crisp clean designs comprised of minimal elements, and “to the point” functional office tables, chairs, desks, and storage units. The Four Design series of Moventi and Four Cant products mesh well in a variety of eye pleasing finishes and metal accents that create a harmonious office environment.


Modular Workstation Is an Office Desk Hiding Plenty of Secret Features

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Modular Workstation Is an Office Desk Hiding Plenty of Secret Features

The Modular Workstation featured in the pictures below is an interesting design of an office desk. Besides being very pleasant to the eye, this Workstation hides plenty of other uses and it’s very easy to manage. Depending on your needs, the Modular Workstation can act as a regular home office but can be turned into a simple table too. Not to mention all the storage space it can offer thanks to the included shelves, plain supports, document holder or writing utensil caddy. It can even be a solution for small businesses as it can turn crowded offices into more pleasant working areas for their employees. The Modular Workstation is a Sean Cathey design but we have no pricing details for you at this time. Via Coroflot.


Beautiful Offices of LEGO

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Chatting breeds creative ideas or thats what it looks like if one walks into the LEGO offices. Designed by architectural firm Bosch & Fjord, the place looks and feels vibrant.

If you think that they may have one meeting room too many there, here is their explanation: The idea of having 13 meeting rooms (yes, 13!) is based on the thought process that majority of the ideas are realized while people are moving around and indulging into conversations. Observe the workspaces and you will see a sense of freedom which transcends across the office making it one cool place to hatch ideas.

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The Olivia Office Configuration

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Your office or home office has to have the right furniture to make it not only space effective but also make it a more dynamic place to work in. It is important that the Home Office Furniture is chosen with care so that not only does it fulfill the furniture needs but also grant the office looks that will impress anyone who visits you. Presenting the Olivia Office Configuration which is an excellent configuration of a main desk, a side desk, a book case and top cabinets and which is an excellent amalgamation of woodwork that has been inspired from Italian Design Furniture. With smooth functioning glide systems in drawers and greater storage, this is the ultimate office décor solution.