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Pedestal black dining table

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This round dining table i not something that most people would consider having as a dining table in their homes. That’s mostly because it just doesn’t look practical. It’s so much easier to choose the usual rectangular dining table. But that’s not the only option.

Pedestal tables are primarily elegant and graceful. And they could very well make a perfectly functional dining table. They actually create a more intimate atmosphere because the users are forced to interact with each other. It’s a simple way of bringing the family members close together, even if it’s just during the dinner.

The dimensions of this table are Ø 48” x h 28.5” . It was especially designed to be included in the kitchen by there’s no rule that forces you to do that. And because of the versatile shape it can be used in a variety of different ways and for all sort of purposes. You could even use it as a larger coffee table version. Just try to be careful because the top can be easily deteriorated.Available for 1195$.


Transforming Trey Office Chair

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The Trey is a multifunction chair that has a detachable base, so it basically transforms from a desk chair into a rocker with an extra surface for use as a foot stool, desk, side table, or anything else you can think of. It actually seems like a great chair for use in dorms or apartments. Although back when I was in college we didn’t use chairs. We used saw dust. And we walked uphill both ways in ten feet of snow to get to school. Yeah, it was pretty tough back then.