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IKEA Storage Organization Ideas 2013

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IKEA’s catalogue 2013 is out and you already can check it out online. Although we want to show you some room design inspirations from it separately.

For example here are some storage organization ideas for this year.They feature as old as new products, so you probably could find some ideas on how upgrade your existing storage. Those of you who are lazy enough to search through the whole catalog, Enjoy!

p.s. You can also check out IKEA’s storage organization ideas 2012 because they also are great. ikea, ikea 2013ikea catalog, ikea catalog 2013, ikea hacks, ikea storage, ikea storage solutions, ikea storage systems, IKEA Storage Organization Ideas 2013


Minimalist Colorful Storage Furniture For Home And Office

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Danish manufacturer Montana Møbler created a collection of modern minimalist storage system. The drawers and doors don’t have any handles, they can be opened and shut with a light pressure on the front. The furniture is available in 42 lacquer colors. The advantage is that of this furniture you can create anything you like – you can take any amount of shelves and drawers, partitions, shallow drawers, LED lighting, of any colors. The main unit measures 69.6 x 69.6 cm and all other units are derived from these measurements.

It’s truly modern furniture for your home and office.bright furniture, colorful furniture, creative home office furniture, furniture system, home office furniture, minimalist furniture, minimalist furniture system



Office modular furniture and office storage cabinets

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Use modular office furniture to furnish your office. Office modular furniture and office storage cabinets are the keys to demanding solutions for office furniture requirements. Modern office furniture includes modular computer desks, assembled bookcases, file cabinets, storage cabinets, and more. Home office furniture is instrumental in creating a collaborative environment with emphasis on efficiency and space management. For more info visit – Furniture home office

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Mobile bookshelf established by heart the same screen

posted by Home & Office Furniture Desgin

REVIEW: always thought it was strange a simple screen, carefully read the above is actually only to find some books, the original screen looks like this is a much longer shelf Oh, it’s simple and special design is definitely modern life style expression.
Keywords: Household Products and Furniture Storage Storage Rack bookcase design modern minimalist style

Each study will have a shelf is placed beyond doubt the role of shelves of books, but the original shelves can be folded just as casual as the screen, a type of dual-use, nice!

Free folding, split it easily one of the major characteristics of our study also save a lot of room for it. Perhaps the shelves removed, randomly get some beautiful cloth, you can make a real screen. This design is both a screen shelf, do both.
This eye-catching shelf out of the beautiful appearance and in particular, the materials used it is also quite valuable, it is the Canaletto walnut with oak and made from the surface of the wax to increase the sensory effect is definitely the economy Oh, and durable.

Mobile shelves

Screen looks like the connotation of shelves, books are one manifestation of culture, there was not envisaged such a bookshelf full of books, you will have a feeling of being surrounded by a sea of ​​books it?


Economic and Ergonomic Qualities Office Furniture

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This Economic and Ergonomic Qualities Office Furniture is available with universal armrests or with ring-shaped armrests, logistic offers the same technical and ergonomic features. With its fresh, clear lines is suitable for use in a number of different environments and automatically adapts to each user, thus encouraging them to sit in a better, more dynamic position. The synchronised mechanism and forward tilt ensure the user is always correctly supported. The height, width and angle of the armrests is adjustable, giving continuous support to the lower arm – particularly useful for computer workstations. The backrest height is easily adjusted for optimal support. The range of movement within a large reclining angle can be locked into any position with the Stop-and-Go mechanism. Backrest resistance can be fine-tuned according to individual preference.

This office furniture features a clearly visible mechanism – an aesthetic feature with ecological advantages: all parts are either screwed or pushed together and can be easily dismantled, replaced and, in many cases, recycled. All functions and settings are clear and easy to understand. Backrest and seat shells are available in light or dark plastic (warmgrey and basic dark). Choose between two upholstery fabrics in various shades. The basis: a table with careful detailing in the rounded edges and the ducts for cables and accessories, such as lamps.

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Modern and Comtemporary Storage Furniture

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This beautiful piece of modern and contemporary storage furniture is designed and manufactured in Germany by Mueller. Made of 1 to 3mm thick Steel this is a very strong, well made product not to mention unique. For comparison, sheet steel for cars is 0.8mm thick. For painting, the manufactured uses acrylic paint specific to the car industry including metallic and pearl finishes. The advantage: the surfaces are particularly hard wearing, non-sensitive and easy-care. This piece looks good, and I feel that pieces of furniture that combine wood and white plastic or steel will be the future of furniture. They look good and are very strong. – Via

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