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Bye Bye Wind Table For Meals Outdoors

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Eating outdoors is especially pleasant in spring and summer: great weather, sunshine and a light breeze make a meal wonderful. Bye Bye Wind table by designers Marco and Paola Olivia Marotto makes eating outdoors a new experience. This is a multifunctional piece with plate-size dips in the table to prevent problems with wind force or dust flying in the air, so that wind can’t move your plastic plates and can’t fill them with dust, either. In the corners there are comfortable planters for your favorite plants to make you closer to nature.

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Air Conditioned Office Design by Modern Concepts

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Air Conditioned Modern Office Design Concept is a concept that uses the office space building space cooling or air conditioning, for those of you office workers fed up with his usual state of a hot office to resolve this issue then you can choose an environmentally friendly air conditioning. Harmony and the color of the walls of the room as the most important element to design your office space, as well as its shape and area which is the theme of this space. Selection of the walls a soft color such as cream, white, and pastel colors with a mix of floor made ​​from wood fiber has its own uniqueness with a modern ceramic floor you can use it so it looks elegant. The selection of quality furniture and accessories that are not too crowded as chairs and tables are black, bright lighting with a modern outboard lamps feature a more modern space.

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Modern dining room furniture with woven dining chair by Accente

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This wonderful dining chair can be matched with many tables. Dining furniture set which contains dining table and dining chairs. The textured finish of woven furniture creates a relaxed, casual look ideal for informal settings, both indoors and out. You can choose from models with or without armrests. The chair backs are woven with genuine white leather that is top grain, along with a white leather seat. Modern woven dining furniture, the Casino range from Accente.

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