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Minimalist Table And Shelves To Organize A Perfect Work Space

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Strates by Mathieu Lehanneur is an absolutely new look on shelves and how they should look. It’s a n office desk with shelves that can be configured in various combinations to “structure space with its simple but unique graphic presence.” It’s an ideal minimalist concept: simple material, no details, stylish look. “Deeply intuitive and ergonomic, affordable and scalable”, the Strata is easily and quickly assembled by simply nesting the elements.

You can buy it for your home office or for a usual office and using several pieces create the work zone in your office. The complex is available in natural wood color, white and black.creative home office furniture, furniture system, home office furniture, minimalist furniture, minimalist furniture system, wooden bookshelves


Male Office Design with Elegant Style

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Male Office Design with Elegant Style an elegant building with the concept of interior design that features an elegant building. Harmony and the color of the walls of the room is very prominent and well its shape and area which is the theme of this space. Selection of the walls a bright color like white, cream, pastel, etc. with ceramic floors and modern furniture blend that is not too crowded with a selection of quality furniture like tables and chairs with wood fiber that has the elegance of wood fiber is unique. Lighting with its soft lights that light your room look elegant, for its green living you can add a flower pot on your work space so it looks cool and does not saturate to work everyday in the room.

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Air Conditioned Office Design by Modern Concepts

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Air Conditioned Modern Office Design Concept is a concept that uses the office space building space cooling or air conditioning, for those of you office workers fed up with his usual state of a hot office to resolve this issue then you can choose an environmentally friendly air conditioning. Harmony and the color of the walls of the room as the most important element to design your office space, as well as its shape and area which is the theme of this space. Selection of the walls a soft color such as cream, white, and pastel colors with a mix of floor made ​​from wood fiber has its own uniqueness with a modern ceramic floor you can use it so it looks elegant. The selection of quality furniture and accessories that are not too crowded as chairs and tables are black, bright lighting with a modern outboard lamps feature a more modern space.

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Modern dining room furniture with woven dining chair by Accente

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This wonderful dining chair can be matched with many tables. Dining furniture set which contains dining table and dining chairs. The textured finish of woven furniture creates a relaxed, casual look ideal for informal settings, both indoors and out. You can choose from models with or without armrests. The chair backs are woven with genuine white leather that is top grain, along with a white leather seat. Modern woven dining furniture, the Casino range from Accente.

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Minimalist Dining Table Furniture Design by Italian Meridiani

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Modern dining room table and chairs presented for whom livestyle lover an simple stuff. This people usually like with the multi-purposes stuff to supported their small space for their home. Through this modern design they can use this dining room for both as a place for eat and as a place for take a conversation. Since this multipurpose decoration, this fancy furniture was design for a house with minimalist interior decorating concept. Put this minimalist furniture in the place close to the kitchen, so besides minimize the space, it means that we’re didn’t make so much movement for prepare all of needed to eat quickly. This modern Dining Table Furniture Design completed with a couple of chairs. So, we’ve a guest and want to hostingthem in our dining room, just put an additional set of chair and we can start to converse each other. As internal side of esthetic, we can use a blue color for this ultra minimalist modern design.completed with some additional huge botle will make this table as a place for negotiation. This blue color presented that we’re a cool person with humble and friendly person. Another esthetic materials and supported our minimalist concept was by use a stainless steel materials for the table and a comfortable fur velvet. As a complete explanation, let’s hunt this minimalist dining room furniture set!  [Meridiani]

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Divide The Room

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An occasional table or workbench makes a great sideboard/room divider in an open plan kitchen. Norden furniture, Ikea.

Want to make your kitchen earn its keep? Extend the worktop to create a handy breakfast bar for a quick croissant first thing. Glenn bar stools and Utby bar table, Ikea.

A simple white table and chair set will never go out of fashion but make sure you add personality and colour with cushions, lighting and window dressings. Maple Veneer table and chairs, Marks & Spencer.


Define It With Showpiece Furniture

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For the latest in modern dining, a huge solid oak table is a must. Perfect for large families and entertaining, simply add a few benches for maximum seating. Oxymore dining table, Roche Bobois.

There’s no excuse for not having a dining area – even the smallest of spaces can make room for mealtimes. The landing may not be ideal, but by adding a snazzy colour scheme and a sleek set of table and chairs, hey presto! Spring Breeze 4, Red Stallion 5 and Spring Breeze 1 wall paint, Dulux.

Why buy one dining table when two or more make things much more flexible. When the price is right, you can afford to have a few tables that can be used separately for different activities like homework or sewing then simply push together for dinner. Melltorp dining tables, Ikea.


Adirondack Table Plans

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Here is another item to go with an Adirondack group. Use it as your snack tray, for books, magazines, or whatever requires more space than just the arm of a chair alone. The legs are removeable for easy, flat storage. Finished size of this table is 32″ long, 19-1/2″ wide, and 19″ high. Easy for beginners.

All joinery is shown in actual size, curved workpieces are all in full size and you can measure and trace straight from the drawing. A bill of materials doubles as an exact cutting list, there is a detailed exploded diagram, and all hardware requirements are provided. The exploded diagram is so detailed that project specific assembly instructions are not provided. A special booklet entitled Guide to Building Wood Furniture is included with each Furniture Designs, Inc. plan and includes many tips explaining the “component theory” of woodworking.


5 Fresh Dining Room Layout Ideas (1-2)

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Dining Room Layout Ideas 

Close your eyes and picture a Norman Rockwell Thanksgiving: Grandpa carving the turkey at one end of the long wooden table, Grandma at the other end, seated on one of 10 matching chairs. For a long time, that set-up was synonymous with “dining room.” But the American family has changed since Rockwell last put down his paintbrush — and American dining rooms are changing, too. “People are entertaining in a much more informal and creative way today,” says San Francisco-based designer April Sheldon. “They’re mixing different patterns in their dishes and putting branches and shells on their dining tables. The traditional mahogany table just isn’t working with that lifestyle.”

So, what is working in today’s dining rooms? Mixable, matchable furniture in unusual materials and unexpected finishes, making a style statement by breaking all the rules.

Like many busy people today, designer Raji Radhakrishnan and her family usually eat dinner in the kitchen. “I almost never use my dining room for sit-down meals,” says Radhakrishnan, owner of Raji RM Design  in Brambleton, Virginia. “We’re much more likely to use our dining room for high tea or cocktail parties, so I have set the space up for that. The table is fairly small, and has a sofa behind it, with two antique Bergeres with caned seats facing it. There are some small end tables and I bring in other small tables when I want to.”

While wooden tables are still the most readily available, tables in more unusual materials are increasingly popular — and can really set the tone for a dramatic dining space. For this dining room in Woodstock, New York, designer April Sheldon  set a round Calacatta Oro marble tabletop on a base of bleached, rift-cut white oak. The table is surrounded by clear, modern chairs by Philippe Starck — for a look that’s fresh and sexy.

“The key to this kind of look,” says Sheldon, “is to start with a great table and then find the chairs that play off the material or attitude of the table.” And once you’ve spent the time to select a table in an unusual material, be sure to show it off: “There are so many beautiful place mats available today,” Sheldon says. “And you can also place the dishes right down on the table. There’s no reason to cover a beautiful table with a tablecloth.”


Good idea design of china cheung king furniture co.,ltd

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Incredible Room in a Box Furniture Set

Why is transforming furniture so alluring? Does it appeal to our sense that innovation is progress, the fact that fewer materials for more uses is sustainable or simply a return to the childhood love of things that we can actively change and shape as we wish? Whatever the reason, these designs range from humorous and impractical to jaw-droppingly cool. Be sure to scroll all the way down: the best (pictured briefly above) has been saved for last and check here for more unusual urban furniture.

Cool Transforming Sofa Chair Design

This comfy number is not one nor two but three pieces of furniture in one: a sofa, lounger and a chair. A good deal of transforming furniture looks or feels better in one configuration or another, but this three-in-one by Roel Verhagen-Kaptein is appealing in each of its transformations.

 Awesome Japanese Folding Chair Design

Normally we think of convertible furniture as transforming from one useful thing into something else with a practical function. These simply elegant folding chairs by Studio Dror collapse into something you might actually want to use simply for wall decoration: a simpler refined furniture solution than sticking cheap folding chairs back into the closet.

Creative Collapsible Dining Room Table Set

Next time you go on a picnic with some friends you may want to grab a second basket, the so-called Mealbox by Igland Design. Fourteen puzzle pieces slip out of this simple container and assemble into a table and chairs that seat six – a humorous variation on fast food.

Ecological Bench Chair Furniture Design

Compact, clever and portable, the Fence Chair by Alain Berteau is a simple blend of traditional picket fence vernacular and sustainable modularity. The repeated use of a single simple form allows for compact shipping and the seats can be split or joined as needed.

Extendable Sleek Modern Shelving System

A storable box or subtle side table by all appearances, this articulated shelving system by Bertrand Pinceman folds out into a rather nice bookcase. It is designed to work both on its side and upright.

Extending Dining Table and Chairs Design

Marta Antoszkeiwicz’s design is not like most transforming furniture that relies on clever bends, twists and hidden tricks to work. This simple table and chairs set relies only on sliding pieces under and out from under one another. The result, though, is impressive: chairs that go well with the table in either configuration and don’t look like extra elements.

Kitchenette with FoldOut Chairs and Counter

Similar in principle to a Murphy bed (which folds down from the wall when needed) this W dining room set has everything one needs to sit down to a comfortable meal and then slides back into place. Neat as this complete furniture solution sounds, though, it isn’t clear how much space is needed behind-the-scenes to make it work.

Sofa Bed Table Chair Combined Furniture

Yellow might not be the best color, but you have to appreciate this simply brilliant Tetris-based Chairs + Table design. Aside from the sofa, bed, and chairs-and-tables configuration these also pack up nicely to be stored. The material is designed to be soft enough to be comfortable but resilient enough to work as an eating or work surface. Also, one could imagine that, with sufficient pieces, other creative furniture constructions would be possible.

Transformer Bed Sofa Combination Furniture

We’re all familiar with beds that fold out from sofas, but few do so as easily and elegantly as this one by Flou. In Modernist tradition, the form of the bed is also partly visible in the form of the couch with each fold-out layer articulated individually.

Transforming Furniture Chair to Kitchenette

Now this one is particularly strange: a stove and kitchen workspace that doubles as a comfortable chair? An odd combination to be sure, but it is a step in an interesting direction. This kind of out-of-the-box thinking could result in furniture that not only serves a similar function to its counterpart but that would have different purposes in various rooms around a house.

0 Modular Bedroom Furniture Design.

2 Modular Bedroom Furniture Set

3 Modular Bedroom Furniture Set

4 Modular Bedroom Furniture Set

Would you believe that everything shown in the above image can be fit into a box that is less than 3 feet by 4 feet? The creative furniture within can be carried, unpacked and rapidly assembled by just two people. It probably goes without saying but: the box itself is also reused in the final results. Check out the video below to see the boxed room in action and go here to see more awesome urban furniture!