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How to renovate old wooden doors

posted by Home & Office Furniture Desgin

To renovate old wooden doors you will need
1. Sandpaper of various grits
2. Sanding machines
• round or orbital
• palm sander
• detail sander for those hard to get places
• belt sander if it is a major job
3. an assortment of scrapers; tungsten scrapers are very good for removing paint.
4. a heat gun for paint removal
5. a plane would also be a helpful tool in this situation
6. try a few different strippers if you have to remove paint
7. mask and gloves
8. A good strong glue – Aliphatic wood glues are excellent!
9. clamps – sash clamps in particular
10. fillers for any holes – (tip: you can make your own filler with saw dust mixed with glue)

There are positives and negatives involved when you renovate old wooden doors. One negative is that they may not seal as well as some modern materials. Another is that there is a regime of maintenance necessary. They can swell in moist temperatures and become difficult to shut. The positives in my opinion outweigh the negatives. To renovate old wooden doors  adds a personal touch especially when you have  fixtures of your choice…brass fittings and embellishments, or special glass will enhance the character and add warmth.
  Five levered locks  are the best for outside as they more secure. 
Knowledge is the key to success if you wish to get it right the first time. If you purchase to renovate old wooden doors , then check for rot before buying. Tap them and check for a change in sound. If there is a variation this could indicate rot. Second hand  are rarely perfect. Holes for handles and hinges may be in wrong places but these can be fixed up!
If your project is to renovate old wooden doors, then you need to know that outside ones are generally heavier and thicker than inside ones.

Protect and renovate old, wooden doors:
Varnishes are great in oil or water-based but they do break down in the sunlight so oils may be a good, alternative option. Ask at a paint shop for their recommendation. Use Danish oil, tung oil or a stain to create the desired look. If you’re painting to renovate old wooden doors, preparation is essential. A primer and two top coats of enamel paint, (oil or water-based), should be used. If you want a professional finish get someone to spray the doors.

If you want to renovate old wooden doors to get the ‘natural look,’ patience is needed. A good paint stripper can save time. Steel wool is terrific for getting into hard-to-scrape places. It varies in roughness. Start with the course and finish with the fine. To remove any old paint from the frame, use a tungsten scraper, a light plane with an electric planer or a heat gun. Also belt sanders will remove a lot of paint in a short time. However, be very careful as they can leave marks. Do your finishing sanding by hand. To enhance your renovated, old, wooden doors, oil for warmth and grain emphasis, can be put on with a brush and wiped down with a cloth afterwards. A fine steel wool can also be used for a smooth finish. Varnishes always require an expensive paint brush as do enamel paints. Don’t save on brushes. You will never regret having a superior quality paint brush. If looked after it will last a long time.
On completion you will be able to say, “I love to renovate old, wooden door