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Ergonomic Office Task Chairs

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Generation by Cheungking

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picture 32 Generation by Knoll

The elastic design of Generation offers a new level of comfort and unrestrained movement. Designed in collaboration with research-driven Formway Design, Generation is responsive and easy to use, enabling individual expression and supporting diverse work styles.  Generation’s material and design innovations facilitate its unique FlexBack, Dynamic Suspension and FlexSeat, and this revolutionary product reflects our commitment to environmental sustainability.

[Generation by Knoll]

picture 41 Generation by Knoll
The Idea

Generation is the result of Formway Design’s empirical research on how people sit  throughout the day. This research revealed that sitting is actually an amalgam of an assortment of positions. Recognizing that the basic assumption about office seating-that there is one optimal way to sit-was flawed, Formway and Knoll joined forces to create a chair that adjusts to its user. Generation does not force you to choose between freedom of movement and continuous support, but, instead, provides both, simultaneously.

picture 6 Generation by Knoll

Why Holistic Ergonomics Matters

While international ergonomic guidelines offer a baseline for office chair design, we extend our mandate to include “holistic ergonomics,” the discipline of designing products that encourage free expression, creativity and engagement in the workplace. Holistic ergonomics recognizes that there is not one right way to sit and that a chair should support as many postures as possible.  Generation responds to the way people really sit, utilizing new materials that deliver a new level of support and comfort.

picture 7 Generation by Knoll

Elastic Design Edge

Generation moves as you move. Generation takes the idea of elastic design-where a product rearranges itself in response to its user-to a new level.  Building on the inherent properties of a  material that has been used in a range of consumer and industrial applications, Generation literally flexes as you change position, responding to your movements. This high performance elastomer gives Generation’s FlexBack and Dynamic Suspension control its flexibility-there are no additional parts involved-so it is, essentially upholstery and mechanism, form and function all in one.

picture 8 Generation by Knoll

Material Innovation

Material innovation is at the core of Generation. Until now, high performance elastomer has never been used in this way in office seating, and one of its most common uses-as a hinge on dishwasher doors-gives a good indication of its features: durability and flexibility. This advanced material meets Knoll Design for the Environment Guidelines, which specify design for durability; using minimum, non-toxic recyclable and/or rapidly renewable materials. An alternate version of the Generation material in development  utilizes renewable content derived from corn.


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