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New Closet Organizing Biz Solves Wardrobe Malfunction

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File this under brilliant business ideas that should be spread across the world: No Wire Hangers has opened its doors to help you declutter your closet and make a difference in the world.

Professional organizers come into your home and help you sort your wardrobe into five piles: Donate, Sell, Keep, Fix, or Recycle. Pretty self-explanatory. They then use their connections to help you figure out how to make the most of what you’re keeping and find good homes for the rest.

They also provide advice about how to reduce junk mail, incorporate recycled products into your daily routine, and sign up for green power if that’s your thing.

Their services are currently available to Los Angeles customers only, but if anyone is looking for a good business opportunity, this has easy franchise potential! For more information, contact Julie Naylon at:officehomefurnitures@gmail.com


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