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Simple thick discretion luxurious 09 furniture new product

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Simple thick discretion luxurious 09 furniture new product (March 23, 2009-2060)

In 2009-2060 spring the Guangzhou international furniture exposition officially pulls open the curtain on March 18 in the Guangzhou international conference center.As if has not received the financial crisis the influence, this session of families abundant can continue two sessions of styles, the display product nearly all are each brand best-selling designs, the well-known brand has new product going on the market slightly, by the technical content, the environmental protection material quality and rarely has the design style win, middle also braved many newborn brands, in order to modelling and usability blooming

In the recent two years, the European land classical style furniture, the neoclassicism furniture, the Chinese type furniture, the cane skill furniture and so on quite gains some high end consumer's popularity, at this session of family abundant meeting, the board style furniture still is a lead who unfolds the meeting, but the software sofa exhibition region also is the sounds of people is bubbling like a caldron, the display product in the color, the cotton material, the usability and the crowd was suitable in the type all to have more choices, the software sofa mostly walked the high end route, hit extravagant Huafeng greatly, either revealed thickly by the upscale lignin, either revealed the noble gas by the velvet, either revealed the atmosphere by the leather, moreover revealed nobly by the piano paint title page,Thus it can be seen, the modern people more and more pay great attention to family's of dream savoring, but this kind of personal status realization is the money stack by no means, but has the discretion luxury, refers is Ħ°for is not luxurious and is luxuriousĦħ, but is magnificent entrusts with a product more substantial value, for example: Durable, harmless, material genuine goods at reasonable prices and so on.Therefore the environmental protection furniture also holds the small space in among.

Certainly, the quotation influence, the display furniture mostly walks the land color department, the classical black white never falls behind, continues popularly, the warm color is flooding luxurious one school, golden yellow especially conspicuous.But rarely has deeply purple, the dark green these noble gases raises work eye.
ĦĦUnfolds in this session can also discover this kind of phenomenon: The furniture manufacturer production product class tends to gradually omni-directionally, originally only makes the board style furniture the start march software sofa, the neoclassicism furniture also starts the conformity classically, the modernism style sofa promotes together.
ĦĦĦĦOverall, this session of families abundant can display the furniture in aspects and so on style, face bar, color both persevere and innovate, simple thick, lets the human think has plants familiar, comfortable, the frustrated feeling.

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